Battle Frenzy
240 Chapter 240 – Children Playing on the Side
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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240 Chapter 240 – Children Playing on the Side

Chapter 240 – Children Playing on the Side

Laura’s heart suddenly went ‘badump’. She was all too clear of her grandfather’s temperament. Once he became serious there was no one that could tell him to do otherwise.

Currently, the atmosphere within the large hall turned a bit weird. Laura hastily asked, “Grandfather, is there some kind of misunderstanding here?”

Hearing her reply, Old Potter’s eyes instantly narrowed before he turned to gaze at the crowd of people behind Laura. “So that means he’s here, right?”

That gaze…

It was too sharp and penetrating!

Like a sharp sword, everyone instantly gave way before such a gaze, and Sir Captain Wang just happened to stand right in their sights.

Wang Zhong was currently unable to make heads or tails of the current situation. Ever since he entered Copperfield he had always been well-behaved. He didn’t offend anyone, right?

Looking at this fellow sporting that naive expression, everyone looked as though a dead man was before them.

Was this fellow an idiot? Can he not notice the great trouble about to befall him?

Not saying a single word, Old Potter stormed through the crowd and headed in Wang Zhong’s direction. His gaze was resolute as it locked upon Wang Zhong, and he began to size up the latter from head to toe.


Laura followed hastily, but before she could complete her sentence she was shocked by Old Potter’s actions.

Having sized Wang Zhong up for a moment, Old Potter suddenly extended his old, weathered hands and grasped Wang Zhong’s hands tightly. “Are you the one who wrote that thing on the little black board in the library?”

Everyone present was instantly petrified…

He had previously assumed it would be something big, but after hearing the question Wang Zhong simply gawked as he said, “Are you talking about that library? Ah, sorry about that? When I was there I just felt your questions were very interesting so I casually wrote my thoughts about them.”

“You casual thoughts?” Old Potter’s eyes seemed about to fall off, and the stern expression on his face instantly blossomed into a smile. This was a true genius before him! “Don’t say anything now! Come, come, come! Little brother, let’s have a nice chat!”

Even as Old Potter continued to spew out those words, he had already hauled Wang Zhong off into the facility with incomparable intimacy.

Little brother? Nice chat?

Sounds of jaws dropping rang out across the area as everyone had the same thought in mind. What the fuck was this situation? One lording about in heaven, the other crawling underground. The two were so distant from one another that there shouldn’t be a single line connecting them. And yet…

That wasn’t right! From the looks of it, Headmaster Schoffel seemed to treat Wang Zhong with high regard! Wasn’t this fellow a waste?

Suppressing the shock in his heart, a large smile appeared on Calderon’s face as he walked forward and said, “Headmaster Schoffel, this Student Wang Zhong is…”

“Grandfather, what little black board in the library?” Laura was also extremely curious. Could it be that grandfather knows his identity? Even though he might appear to be All-Mouthy King, her grandfather wouldn’t show much interest in that. He focused more on higher level rune pattern theories and principles, not personal combat prowess.

But Old Potter simply waved his hand. Screw Calderon or Laura, he didn’t have time for them! He immediately gave an impatient reply, “Shoo! You little brats can go play somewhere else! As if you guys will know what we are talking about. Don’t participate in stuff blindly!”

Everyone around them were close to turning into rocks. This is so embarrassing…

Although Laura didn’t think too much of it, Calderon and Socrates were around forty years of age. Yet, in the end, they had been addressed as little brats.

Old Potter didn’t bother to entertain anyone else, yet he continued to show an exceeding friendly stance toward Wang Zhong. It was as though he were pulling along his grandson-in-law, one that appeared particularly pleasing to his eyes. He directly pulled Wang Zhong to the sofa Calderon and the others had previously sat on.

Calderon, Socrates, and the rest hastily followed, bellies brimming with curiosity as they wanted to know the exact situation. But Old Potter started to chase them away more actively. “You little kids go off and play elsewhere. Don’t come here and disturb us. Little Laura, is there any more of that can of ‘Clouds and Mist’ grandfather told you to put away last time?”

“Ah?” Laura was now really on the point of losing her rational thinking.

From a single glance, Old Potter could tell there was some left. “Oi, foolish lass. What’s the matter? Hurry up and boil a pot for grandfather and Wang Zhong.”

Laura instantly turned a bit dizzy. That can of ‘Clouds and Mist’ was a precious treasure of Old Potter. He was even afraid his old tea drinking buddies would find out about it, so he specially had her store it in her private garden. But he was actually willing to take it out and serve it to Wang Zhong? Exactly what demonic art did this guy cast on Old Potter?

Everyone was now in a statue-like state, especially Student Sully and the other sir vice-captains. Their brains were close to exploding. What the fuck was all this about!?

Being the fastest to snap out of his petrified state, Calderon smiled as he said, “Headmaster Schoffel definitely came here to find Wang Zhong for some matter. Let us give the two some space. I heard Miss Laura invited the best grill chefs in Copperfield over for tonight. Haha. I’m really getting hungry now!”

After he spoke, he and Socrates took the lead and walked straight out. No matter how curious they were of these two, this one old, one young duo, it wouldn’t do them any good to continue staying there. Moments later, the entire large hall was completely emptied out and vacated.

Old Potter couldn’t care less about all of these. The only thing that could catch his attention was the youth sitting right in front of him.

As for Wang Zhong, his impression of Schoffel was that of a straightforward, outspoken old man with just a few twists and turns in his emotions. When Old Potter opened his mouth, he immediately asked about the two questions on the little black board in the library. He didn’t spare a single praise for Wang Zhong’s high level perception and understanding.

“You praise me too much, sir headmaster. That was just an odd flash of divine light, that’s all,” said Wang Zhong. He was completely overwhelmed by the shame of being overly praised. He had previously assumed those questions had been casually written by some random student of Copperfield Academy.

Old Potter slapped his thigh and exclaimed, “Just call me Old Potter. Your flash of divine light is definitely extraordinary. I already developed a rational conclusion based off your answer and feel I can form a small-sized spatial partition. The only thing lacking is the theory behind how that comes into existence as a system of the rune pattern system. Accurately speaking, this should be called life rune patterns.”

Wang Zhong’s verifications of his question made Old Potter exceeding excited. This was opening a brand new world for him. Although it was but a window, it was still completely different from the previously blurry scene he had been observing through in the past.

Nodding, Wang Zhong said, “That’s right. This rune pattern design is brimming with vitality. In fact, with just a certain degree of self-adjustment it still possesses much differences from our own rune pattern art. What I feel, however, is that each system as their own unique trait. I feel this life rune pattern is actually closer to dimensional essence.”

When he heard Wang Zhong’s explanation, Old Potter turned a bit dazed before he started to size Wang Zhong up. “You good brat. I truly underestimated that Moore fellow. If Tianjing’s rune pattern system is already at this level, then us Copperfield guys can simply shut our operations down. We two happen to hold the same view, which is that dimensional energy gives us many hints. It’s just that the influence of science is too great. From the looks of it, we had tossed away a watermelon in order to enjoy the sesame seed.”

Smiling, Wang Zhong replied, “Perhaps you’re right. But at the very least, rune pattern techniques have helped our Federation endure the previous Dark Era. Life rune patterns don’t seem to have any conflict with the current techniques used, so anyone interested is free to dig deeper.”

As the ‘creator’, Wang Zhong could naturally feel the convenience of that ‘miniature temporary spatial pouch’. Even so, the current level of rune patterns possessed by the Federation made it so that creating such a life rune pattern array required sufficient control over one’s soul power. Simply speaking, it required someone who was able to entire the hyperdimension with simply their spiritual soul. This was like a paper covering a window. If one knew, then one knew. If one didn’t know, then one wouldn’t ever know.
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