Battle Frenzy
243 Chapter 243 – Settling Laura
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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243 Chapter 243 – Settling Laura

Chapter 243 – Settling Laura

“That was merely due to you showing mercy toward me,” Wang Zhong smoothly replied with a smile.

His words had been said in a relax manner, but the words themselves would’ve made ghosts roar with laughter. Laura knew in her heart that because she lost her head due to the shock and embarrassment, she hadn’t restrained one bit of her full might when she attacked him. With her full strength the difficulty behind dodging her attack increased by many times that of actual combat due to limitations on one’s concentration and the need to keep hidden some of one’s might. That had definitely been pure skill displayed.

If Wang Zhong were to show the slightest bit of self-satisfaction, then he would’ve been considered a normal person in Laura’s eyes. Rather, his act of being modest and attitude of always finding excuses reversed his intentions and seemed to confirm the secret guesses Laura had.

But this fellow really seemed intent on not admitting it. Sending a spurious gaze toward Wang Zhong, she suddenly said, “That’s right. Have you ever seen me before? For example, in the OP?”

“Definitely not.” Wang Zhong gave an abnormally straightforward reply.

In fact, Student Wang Zhong had already guessed about eight to nine parts what Laura was thinking of. He had seen the same gaze coming from Sharmie whenever she had the same thoughts. His excuses and dodging wasn’t due to a problem with his sexual orientation, but because he was a person who already had a girlfriend.

Furthermore, this was Copperfield City, so the previous matter of him ‘peeking’ at Laura had already made him plenty of enemies. If his identity were to circulate then who knows if he would suddenly be bludgeoned to death when walking home at night.

All-Mouthy King had fought with Laura in the past, and she was aiming for this exact thing. Thus, he would definitely not admit to seeing her in the OP before.

Grinning, Laura asked, “Then how did you know I was Laura at the time?”

“Eh? What do you mean? When did I know you were Laura at what time?”

“Naturally you did,” Laura replied as she extended a jade finger to tap on the table. “At the time you addressed me as ‘Student Laura’.”

“Ah, so it seems I did address you in such a way…” Wang Zhong replied, scratching his head. His opponent was acting in an extremely cunning manner… it would have been very useful to have Ma Dong Dong by his side at the moment. In this situation taking the path of jesting and buffoonery would definitely be best. Being serious had its losses. “Then it isn’t strange at all. If you take a look at yourself, you’ll only see a beauty with a wonderful physique. Since there is only one person with such traits, it can only be you!”

“Oh really?”

“Please examine how genuine I’m being using my eyes. This is nothing but the truth, Student Laura!” As he refuted her, Wang Zhong’s eyes shone with sincerity and genuineness.

After staring at him for over ten seconds, a sudden ‘pfft’ sounded before a peal of laughter rang from Laura.

Such clumsy acting!

The more he talked, the more Laura didn’t believe in a word he said. Furthermore, did this fellow intend to take such liberties with her? But when she thought about what happened that day, and then considered this fellow’s words about her beauty and physique, her face turned slightly red with embarrassment while her emotions tinged with amusement.

Haha! Does he think he’ll be able to deceive me like that? He’s too naive! This was totally provoking her intelligence!

Student Laura’s fighting spirit soared as she prepared to once more rebuff this Sir Captain Wang. But at this moment, the two suddenly heard someone walking over hastily before shouting behind the door, “Ah! Wang Zhong! Hurry over and help me carry these!”

The two turned their heads and saw Old Potter carrying two large stacks of materials over, his face hidden by the documents. This Federation Master Craftsman of the science of rune patterns didn’t have good physical attributes and was also an old person at that. Wang Zhong quickly walked over and took the two stacks from him and casually weighed them in his hands. To an ordinary person this wouldn’t have been light. Clicking his tongue, Wang Zhong said, “Why didn’t you find someone to help you, headmaster?”

“Help? How can I let some random person help me carry these!? The only one who’s allowed can only be you,” Old Potter said, patting Wang Zhong’s shoulders as he dragged him excitedly to the top floor. He completely ignored the dumbfounded Laura sitting in front of him. “Haha. I bet you’re unable to guess what is in these two stacks. Come, come, come. Let me show you something interesting. These are all top-secret information that I took three whole days to compile! Let me tell you, this will definitely be an eye-opener for you…”

Laura was now starting to feel a bit embarrassed. Was this still that Old Potter who loved her the most? She was even sitting right in front of his nose yet treated as someone invisible.

“Grandfather!” Mustering her courage, Laura shouted out which made Old Potter gawk as he finally discovered her existence.

“Little Laura is also here?” Even though he finally noticed her, Old Potter simply continued to pull Wang Zhong up the flight of stairs. It seemed he had no intention of stopping as he simply said, “What’s the matter? Go have fun by yourself. Your grandfather here has some proper business with Wang Zhong and can’t accompany you.”

“Ah? Eh… o, okay.”

Hearing their conversation, Wang Zhong felt truly amused. This grandfather and granddaughter duo were truly something, popping out one after another with impeccable timing.

Wang Zhong grinned at Laura as he said, “It’s been a pleasure chatting with you, Student Laura. Let’s chat some other time!”

“Let, let’s chat again…”

It was only after that old and young pair disappeared up the stairs that Laura finally snapped out of her long-drawn daze and closed her mouth.

Was she really Old Potter’s genuine granddaughter?

Unable to hold it in anymore, Laura stuck out her little tongue before feeling the situation to be extremely laughable.

Wang Zhong… whether or not he was All-Mouthy King, he was indeed an interesting fellow!

Raising her head to take in a breath of air, Laura suddenly felt her mood lightening. Haha, there’s still some time left. I’ll make sure to properly evaluate that fella next time!

There were a total of five levels in the Copperfield Library, and the top floor was designated as Old Potter’s personal area. It was usually used to conduct a bit of research, its primary function being its convenient location right next to the information within the library.

The two large stacks were placed atop an incomparably large table. Old Potter had already handed over the top-most documents over and said, “Take a look. This is all information on ancient rune patterns related to the hyperdimensional world! Oh yea, that’s right. I still have to tell you not to circulate this stuff. This can all be considered Grade A Federation secrets. Revealing these in any way will result in being court-martialled by the Federation’s military. Naturally you don’t have to worry about reading it yourself. You can be considered my helper! Just don’t tell anyone and everything will be fine.”

Toward everything Old Potter said, Wang Zhong nodded earnestly in response before flipping through the documents with impatience. Seeing this, Old Potter started grinning like an old fox. Learning something new in the morning, one can die contently in the evening1. To those that possess the drive to figure out the mysteries contained within the dimensions, there was nothing more enticing than access to such information!

Wang Zhong had only come into contact with the hyperdimension recently. Regardless of how Aioros spoke of the opportunity and danger filling the secret realms, or his explosive breakthrough past 100 grassos of soul power his previous visits, everything was completely linked to this mysterious hyperdimension. It was just a pity that his understanding of it was far too little. Now that he had the chance to increase his knowledge of it, it was obvious he would be excited.

Naturally, not everything Old Potter brought was about the hyperdimension.

Some of the information processed by Old Potter stemmed from ‘projections’ of ancient constructs displayed in the hyperdimension. These ancient constructs had once been historically famed on Earth, so a good portion of these precious documents and information was on the previous era.

The records could be divided into details of those ‘lost’ cultural miracles, or detailed precious information gleamed from the hyperdimension itself. Of those, the latter was probably take from soldiers on the Frontlines.

“Take note of these two rune pathway constructs. They are simply too spectacular!” said Old Potter. “These are collections from the Frontlines that I’d told you about. All of this is extremely precious, and the cost of collecting then was paid with an extremely high price by those soldiers.”

1. Something closer would be ‘as one learns of the ‘truth’ in the morning, it is fine for them to die at night.
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