Battle Frenzy
245 Chapter 245 – The Genius in the Eye of the Old Man
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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245 Chapter 245 – The Genius in the Eye of the Old Man

Chapter 245 – The Genius in the Eye of the Old Man

Every human’s soul power frequency was seemingly unique. Like the idea of a fingerprint, it formed a clear method of identification for the person. For places like the OP or the hyperdimension, the Federation had even tested some methods to create a kind of ‘identification’ based on an individual’s unique soul power frequency waveband.

Wang Zhong hadn’t noticed his ability in this field in the past. Such a thing had only been induced and brought to light due to his exposure to the sensations of these living rune patterns.

As he followed his subconscious intent and changed his perception of rune patterns by viewing them from different angles, the frequency of his soul power waveband followed along and changed accordingly!


Such a special talent!

Soul power with ever-changing frequencies flowed from Wang Zhong’s consciousness and adhered to the three-dimensional model in front of him. As this so happened, it was like the key that opened Pandora’s Box.

The lifeless pyramid models began to radiate with light!

Infused in a golden light, those seemingly dead lines began to move across the surface of the pyramids like golden snakes slithering about. When all of the little snakes had awakened, the entire pyramid seemed to thrive with life.

As all of this happened, the observing Old Potter watched the spectacle before him play out, stupefied by what he witnessed. His excitement peaked as, with his certain level of understanding toward the foundations of the ‘living traits’ of rune patterns, he was extremely clear as to what this scene before him meant! He knew exactly what Wang Zhong had done!

“No wonder! No wonder!” Old Potter was so emotional that he began to mutter to himself.

He was able to spot the ever-changing frequencies of the soul power emitting from Wang Zhong, and was also able to see the appropriate responses given by the pyramids in turn.

These were the true living rune patterns!

Mankind’s skill in rune patterns had only just scratched the surface. They possessed only a superficial understanding of this area of study. Thus, what was currently known as rune pattern circuitry relied mainly on dense layers of arrangements in order to properly function. As for living rune patterns, it relied on an entirely new system. Rune pattern pathways were just the surface and it was the insides that mattered.

Simply speaking, a single bending and winding rune pattern pathway may contain tens of hundreds of ‘energy commands’ making up its structure. If the Federation’s technology was two-dimensional, then living rune patterns were three-dimensional!

That was why nobody within the entire Federation could discover the existence of living rune patterns! Even with such detailed data and information placed before their eyes, they would never start to consider them from such a perspective!

Someone with bold, imaginative thoughts and creativity like Old Potter might only be able to sense tiny hints from rune patterns. Unfortunately, those hints won’t be able to convince him to change from following the rules and theories of examining the object as though it were dead.

Now a completely new world was opened for Old Potter. Mankind had suddenly uncovered the tip of an iceberg that was the hyperdimension; the essence of living rune patterns!

Wang Zhong really was a genius!

Unable to hold it in any long, Old Potter roared a crazed laugh.

Although he wasn’t able to understand what the patterns formed by those little golden snakes of rune patterns meant, although he wasn’t able to understand what kind of formation Wang Zhong had perceived from the living rune patterns, although he couldn’t understand it, he still knew something!

Yes. This was the first genuine step towards unlocking the mystery behind those living rune patterns. It was also the most important one!

Wang Zhong had maintained his state of perception for half an hour before, exhausted, he came to a stop.

He only noticed the time afterward. Old Potter stood beside him, not having moved an inch as he waited. Although he didn’t know what Wang Zhong had experienced, the joy and elation within his heart was no different from what Wang Zhong felt.

“What observations have you made about them? What you saw shouldn’t have been as simple as what I saw on the surface, right?” Old Potter gave in to his desires and unleashed a barrage of questions with impatience. “What language is those living rune patterns written in? Is there any special meaning to them? Or could they be formations? What use do they have?”

Facing such an overwhelming barrage of questions, Wang Zhong felt completely stupefied and didn’t know where to start. The two age-opposite pair stared at each other for a few seconds before bursting into laughter.

“Haha. Don’t rush it, don’t rush it. Those formations were made by me using data from both the old era and the hyperdimension, so there may be some places that are imperfect,” said Old Potter.

Wang Zhong had naturally observed a lot, and experienced even more. He hadn’t just observed the ‘living traits’ of rune patterns, but also used ten minutes of his half-hour of observation to selfishly inspect the sensational feedback of his soul power frequency changes.

Manipulating his soul power waveband frequency was an extremely wonderful experience. It was because everyone had their own particular soul power wavelength.

Like how there were some who had better physical strength and others who had more skill working their brains. Soul power followed the same principles as that, with everyone possessing different strong points. Specifically toward combat, which was what Wang Zhong was most interested in, there were some who had soul power with a high-frequency waveband. Such a thing was suited for being on the offensive and allowed them to use their soul power to naturally erupt with powerful might!


Other possessed talent in soul power defenses. Their soul power waveband was lower in frequency which resulted in a smoother, more balanced all-rounded output, making them invulnerable!

The instant his own soul power waveband frequency changed, Wang Zhong felt as though he were riding a roller coaster. From time to time he would feel as though he were filled with inexhaustible power and could destroy a rampaging bull with a single punch. Other times he felt his soul power to be calm and tranquil as a still lake, appearing far and distant and extremely enduring.

As a combat maniac, Wang Zhong felt incomparable happiness. If he could use such a method of altering his soul power waveband during combat, then he could freely increase or decrease the frequency at any time. His change between offense and defense would then become extremely easy!

Furthermore, his own soul power wavelength was situated quite close to the middle. This meant he was usually rather equal in offense and defense. But if he could now change his soul power frequency? He would be able to change into an extremely offensive move when attacking, or an extremely defensive mode when guarding. As long as he could adapt and control his soul power waveband frequency, he would be able to erupt with two-three times as much might than his current offensive and defensive strength.


Unable to hold it in anymore, Wang Zhong burst out with silly laughter.

He truly didn’t give a damn about the research. The only reason he studied was in order to boost his efficiency in combat! The ability to change his soul power waveband was the greatest harvest gained from this matter!

“Wang Zhong? Wang Zhong?” Old Potter was still burning with extreme impatience, and Wang Zhong still had yet to reply to him after such a long time. Just looking at that silly smile on the latter’s face made him raise a hand to start waving it in front of his face.

Recovering from his thoughts, Wang Zhong started to chuckle heartily. Old Potter was his saviour. Without his models as a starting point, Wang Zhong didn’t know how long he would need to discover his ability of changing his soul power waveband, nevermind controlling it.

He shouldn’t let Old Potter stay so impatient.

Arranging his thoughts, he finally answered Old Potter’s question. “The state of origin of those living rune patterns is a composition of dots. It’s a bit hard to give a concrete description of them as just saying they’re ‘made of dots’ is rather abstract. It’s best to use more standardized tests and observations to form a concrete way of describing them.”

Such methods definitely couldn’t be skimped. One needed to deal with science with an extremely strict scientific attitude. If he casually spewed out descriptions, then he could had led Old Potter down the wrong path.

“As for the underlying meaning behind those lines on the surface of the pyramids?” Wang Zhong spread his hands out helplessly. “Truthfully speaking, I’m not quite sure. I feel, however, that it should be some kind of transmission design, or perhaps a transmission array!”
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