Battle Frenzy
246 Chapter 246 – Coerce and Bribe
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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246 Chapter 246 – Coerce and Bribe

Chapter 246 – Coerce and Bribe

“Transmission array? What does it transmit?” Old Potter asked as he gawked in surprise.

Smiling, Wang Zhong answered, “Since there are pyramids in both Earth and the hyperdimension, then regardless of what it transmits it probably acts as a pathway between the two worlds.”

“Right! Speaking of pathways!” Old Potter suddenly exclaimed whilst patting his thigh. His thoughts finally managed to spread out with Wang Zhong’s lead. “Since we are looking at the pyramids, I remembered that a historian from the Federation’s Institute of Science who specializes in Ancient Egyptian pharaohs once said those very pharaohs hadn’t actually built the pyramids in the past as a tomb. Instead, the information taken from a few murals on the surface of the pyramids, as well as some ancient legends, said the pharaohs were instead searching for a way to live forever.

“Accordingly, from some of the known principles of the hyperdimension, a spiritual body there cannot age or grow old. Perhaps those pharaohs wanted to try and enter the hyperdimension and gain eternal life. If we factor in their decision to preserve their fleshly bodies through mummification, then maybe they even had ideas of returning from the world of spirits in the future!”

This idea made Old Potter filled to the brim with ecstasy.

Those pyramids, ancient constructs, and the supposed living rune patterns within had all become valuable research data. The most important thing that had happened was that they had found their direction of research. Whether it was a transmission array that connected both worlds, or a method of condensing one’s spirit, it was still data that stated those patterns weren’t just decorations! In fact, they were even able to brazenly guess that mankind had been in contact with the hyperdimension as early as ten-thousand years ago!

Don’t just look down at these guesses because they were without any immediate use, or that it would take too long to make something practical from them. Instead, treat this path as one concerning the future of mankind! Such thoughts were what scientists cared about the most!

Old Potter, without a doubt, wished to become an existence as mighty as the likes of Glen Grasso, who had achievements that earned him eternal glory!

After confirming their results the third time, Old Potter couldn’t hold himself back any longer and quickly started to ring up skylink numbers in rapid succession.

They needed money, people, and preparation!

Doing research wasn’t like kids playing house. And only Old Potter can so quickly set up a large-scale research project.

The most powerful energy frequency manipulator, the most advanced consciousness body observational equipment, and a vast amount of dimensional crystals. It seemed Old Potter already planned to go all-out into this thesis!

As Old Potter continued to roar into his skylink, Wang Zhong went and flipped through more of the precious data provided by Old Potter.

Those living rune patterns on the surface of the pyramids were just the tip of the iceberg contained within the data Old Potter had brought. While analyzing exactly what to bring over, Old Potter had chosen anything with the slightest bit of relation to their theory of living rune patterns. Fortunately, Wang Zhong’s extremely fast-paced reading meant he was able to get a rough understanding of the lot with just two hours.

Large quantities of information pertaining to the hyperdimension filled Wang Zhong’s mind.

Two to three hundred years ago, the Federation had already begun their trek into the hyperdimension. But since that moment, their understanding of the world had stagnated until just a few decades ago.

It was as though an enormous, invisible hand had prevented the Federation from continuous expansion of their territories. And since it was the same for their exploration of the place, which was undeniably less difficult than proper expansion, Wang Zhong felt the issue to be peculiar.

“Exploration? Haha. I also wish I could do it, but it’s too hard for an old man like me.” After Old Potter finally finished his arrangements, he burst into laughter from hearing of Wang Zhong’s doubts. “Those unknown areas of the hyperdimension are far too dangerous. Dimensional lifeforms of Level 6 and above freely roam about in those parts, so one would need to pay an extremely high price to explore them.

“The Federation had attempted one such expedition in the past and the only result was the death of many with zero achievements. This included the exploration of various so-called secret realms. Therefore, it led to a temporary halt on any expansion attempts. After all, the Federation could already hunt some weaker beings in the hyperdimension and harvest precious material and resources from them. That was enough to satiate them at the time.

“But with regards to those secret realms, it seems those of the empires had actually accomplished a better job than we. The individual strength of those from the empire is extremely high, leading to them being more suited for exploration-type tasks.

“In response, we’ve constructed an adventurer-styled system at the frontlines that encourages experts and even foreigners from the empires to explore the hyperdimension. Regardless of what information or resources is brought back, they would be able to exchange such with the Federation from time to time at those bases. This was fine in the past as those from the empires would arrive with stuff they found and exchange at the bases. It’s a pity that such a situation is rare nowadays.”

“Why?” Wang Zhong felt extremely curious about this.

“Hmph! It’s because a rotten apple spoils the basket! Those that had been in control of those exchange centers on the frontlines weren’t members of parliament but those of the large clans of the Federation. Simply put, a bunch of merchants. Sigh. All businessmen are evil and scared the living shit of those empire folk. After all, how could simply-minded people from the empire go head-to-head with a bastard merchant from the Federation, right?

“To make matters worse, it wasn’t just those from the empire either. They even scared away our own Federation people. Now no one comes to exchange stuff anymore. Although the parliament has imposed greater sanctions in this aspect, the results haven’t been satisfactory.” As he spoke about this topic, Old Potter seemed equal parts amused and angry. Nevertheless, he was powerless to change this and could only speak a few discontent words. On a deeper note, wasn’t he also a part of those ‘bastard merchant clans’?

Wang Zhong understood it all in a flash. That was why he felt some displeasure in Aioros when he was chatting with him and Mu Zi about the hyperdimension and those people from the Federation. It seems Federation citizens weren’t looked up favourably in the eyes of the empires.

“In any case, our breakthrough topic has already been decided. Let me do the concrete work.” Old Potter finally made his decision.” But you cannot be idle while I’m working. You’re currently the only existence who can observe those living rune patterns. You have to be on-site in order to compare the observations with what the machine finds at all times possible! I have already cancelled the afternoon lessons for the elite class. In the future you will have to come to the library every afternoon. That should be enough.”

Lessons cancelled?

This was a special training class specially arranged by the Eastern Area for the century’s CHF celebration. Old Potter was truly unruly…

“Can that really be done?”

“For the grand sake of the advancement of science, everything must give way.” Old Potter discontentedly replied. He spread his hands out and, with a helpless expression, continued, “Naturally, with the difference in age, I won’t bully you. Your contribution to this experiment result is already a lot, so I still owe you a favour!”

Old Potter really went all out on his threats and promises. With just a single statement, Wang Zhong had no choice but to help Old Potter finish his thesis on living rune patterns.

Once he started helping, he wouldn’t have the mind to attend any of the lessons. To Old Potter, this bunch of so-called elites only knew how to fight and kill. Nevermind stopping the lessons, if Old Potter wanted to he could simply dismiss the elite class itself and send them all back to their cities.

What CHF? What training? That was all just a pile of crap! Whomsoever stand between mine and Wang Zhong’s research, I will definitely wipe them off the face of the Earth!

Scratching his head, Wang Zhong simply said, “No need to be so excessive. I’m truly interested in this thesis too…”
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