Battle Frenzy
248 Chapter 248 – The Joyful World of Dreams
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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248 Chapter 248 – The Joyful World of Dreams

Chapter 248 – The Joyful World of Dreams

Fuck! This old lady has been waiting an entire month for this!

Chen Yu’er instantly felt as though her springtime had arrived a second time. Her current typing speed broke past human limits as she smashed her OP login ID into her skylink.

In fact, it wasn’t just Little Yu’er who had done this. The entire OP was set abuzz by this bright and clear online reminder!

“Brother King! I’ve already long worn out my eyes staring at your login ID! You’ve finally come online you old fella!”

All of his fans instantly spread the news, exhilarated as they were by his presence.

Two students who were simply traveling to school, were currently blocked by one school bully. Suddenly, the shivering bodies of the two stopped and they jumped up with extreme shock while roaring, “Brother, you go first while I’ll block this guy! Faster, to the OP training room! Snatch two rows of training seats, two of them! One can only learn from Brother King’s fights while watching in the viewing gallery!”

Short clips of similar events were on full display in various parts of the Federation. It seemed all of the OP training rooms in the various great academies had suddenly been snatched up. In the short span of three to five minutes, the viewing gallery that could fit 100,000 people was completely jammed tight with a dense crowd. The number of people watching via skylink surged up and hit 200,000!

One could call such speed miraculous.

But this was simply the statistics for the people currently watching online. The actual amount had quickly reached 300,000 viewers. This brand prestige and influence that Brother King had made even someone like Chen Yu’er, who was already used to huge crowds, feel a bit giddy from the numbers.

The origin of this terrifying popularity was mainly due to his previous fight!

Before he defeated Divian, All-Mouthy King was at most an internet sensation. His influence was limited quite a small batch of people.

After his victory, however, his terrifying strength, mysterious background, and astonishing infinite rotating slashes had, along with a deliberate propaganda campaign launched by the OP system with Federation education agencies, propelled All-Mouthy King into become an idol of the citizens.

Even Divian, with her status as a member of the sanctuary division, didn’t possess such fame and brand to her name. After all, she was part of a group who were considered heaven-favoured sons and daughters since birth. To them, they possessed the inevitable right of obtaining all. Only All-Mouthy King, who could reverse fortune and was known as a mysterious expert and all-rounded fighter, was able to pierce through and reach their level. Regardless of how calm and collected one was, one would feel the heavens themselves wouldn’t be able to contain such a person if he didn’t rightfully become popular.

His shrieking fan club had already been promoted from low-level cannon fodder and had members from both the heroic and elite divisions now. There were far too many normal experts that had joined the Brother King Corps. While they didn’t have the blind worship exhibited by those fanboys and girls of the cannon fodder division, their lack craziness was instead supplemented by their loyalty and devotion!

The audience within the viewing gallery had already begun to create a huge racket as they chatted with anticipation.

“After practicing the crosswheels for a month, I’ve cut my hands eight times. If this goes on, my doctor says my hands will become disabled!” One heroic division expert cried out with teary eyes. “I just want to get close and see Brother King one more time! Finally, the heavens have eyes!”

“Stop talking about that, brother! I’ll start crying if you keep going! Your brother here has been cut thirteen times while practicing the crosswheels. I’ve already firmly decided to stop practicing it! Damn it, we don’t know shit about the gods of this world!”

‘Beating up elites, showing the way for those of the sanctuary! All-Mouthy King is invisible under the heavens!’

‘Beating up elites, showing the way for those of the sanctuary! All-Mouthy King is invisible under the heavens!’

– Brother King Corps ~ Newbie Little Dog

‘Beating up elites, showing the way for those of the sanctuary! All-Mouthy King is invisible under the heavens!’

– Brother King Corps ~ Willowy as the Wind

… this OP world was still like that of the past, a joyful and ideal place for students.

Quickly, the viewing gallery was dominated by this chant. Tossing the auction guest list aside, Ma Dong Dong dashed out of his father’s office like his butt was on fire and connected his skylink up to the monitor. Naturally, he had done this in his own office.

Ma Dong had actually always been a member of Brother King Corps. Although he hadn’t been the creator, he was one of the most active in it and was considered a leader in the corps. After knowing Wang Zhong’s alternate identity, he became even more engaged and arranged for successive fan activities in Tianjing for Brother King Corps members. This started his fame and reputation as a ‘frivolous and scatterbrained’ person.

After throwing large sums of money at it, he was immediately elected Corps Commander of Brother King Corps by this ragtag bunch of fans. Those chants just now had originated from Great Corps Commander Ma’s group.

When a fight happens, what was needed was ample prestige!

Who cared if Wang Zhong didn’t give a damn about this. It didn’t mean his opponent would feel as nonchalant. For Ma Dong, this was a kind of pressure, a pressure that would press down upon the opponent regardless of which clan or family they were from!

I wonder who Wang Zhong will meet this time, thought Ma Dong. He was very excited, extreme nervousness brimming within him. After chatting with Wang Zhong about his fight with Divian, he mentioned the odds of him winning in a rematch was actually only 50/50. If he did bump into her again, then Great President Ma might suffer from a heart attack. There were times when Ma Dong wasn’t able to keep up with Wang Zhong’s thoughts. Why did he seem to grow more excited the stronger his opponent was?

Could he really not be afraid of losing?

No one liked to lose. What was most important, however, was looking past the results and into the future. Although Ma Dong knew this, it wasn’t easy to stick by it.

Even as he thought this, he himself found he could at least endure and wait patiently as the family test grew closer. All he had to do was proceed with his plans and strategies. The results would be left up to fate. Looking at it from a different angle, and regardless of victory or defeat he wouldn’t suffer any losses. From the start he was just there as a quick replacement. Even so, he planned to give this opportunity his all!

“Dear beloved ladies and gentlemen. I am Chen Yu’er.” This radiant-looking girl appeared exceptionally beautiful today.

“Dear respected ladies and gentlemen. I am Ruo Zhi. Zhi of Intelligent (Zhihua).” A pleasurable-sounding male voice quickly followed after Chen Yu’er’s introduction. “Today, Little Yu’er and I will be commenting All-Mouthy King’s match on behalf of everyone.”

Ruo Zhi was an unconditional star of the OP commentator world. He was known as the number one bro in commentating and had rich experience, good background, and a humorous style of commentating that included a complex manipulation of language to form puns and jokes. Although he lacked some seriousness, his personality and character was undoubtedly at the top.

If this had just been another ordinary match, then a single sentence from Brother Ruo Zhi would’ve stolen half the limelight away from the two competitors and turn his commentating into the main show.

One important matter about Brother Ruo Zhi was his infamous Black Mouth in the OP forums. He regularly badmouthed anyone who tried to flame him, not caring in the slightest the other’s background. This was one reason he was received with immense welcome. The citizens needed a person that ‘dared’ to speak out. With his bratty character, if he could refrain from speaking even one insinuating remark about an extremely famous person like All-Mouthy King, then that would be the day the sun rose from the west.

“Haha! How are ya, Brother Ruo Zhi! Good to have you here!”

“How can they let Ruo Zhi commentate!? Brother King’s match should be taken more seriously! Just leave it to Little Yu’er!”

“That’s right! With this fellow’s bad mouth, I fear he’ll stain our Brother King!”

“Fuck! I can already imagine him roasting Brother King’s Infinite Rotation Slashes by calling them Barbeque Hot Wheels!”
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