Battle Frenzy
249 Chapter 249 – All-Mouthy King’s Weakness
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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249 Chapter 249 – All-Mouthy King’s Weakness

Chapter 249 – All-Mouthy King’s Weakness

There really weren’t many commentators who could leave a deep impression in their audience. Ruo Zhi didn’t view such comments as mockery or sarcasm. Instead, he grinned and said, “This gentleman, you’re far too naughty! How can I use barbeque, this hillbilly phrase. to describe an Idol-grade competitor like All-Mouthy King? Any random phrase would’ve been better than that. Like sweet doughnuts, right? I feel that’s quite the nice fit. Countless flying and dancing sweet doughnuts, bewildering and confusing Divian into running around in circles!”

“Sweet my ass! Go and die, Ruo Zhi!”

“If you dare to insult a single great move of my idol, then you better not leave your house for the next month! Ruo Zhi, remember that I know where you live!”

“Search for his actual body!”

“St. Mongul City’s Xia Yuan Road, 35th lane, Fu Yuan district, #108!”

Chen Yu’er felt slightly depressed as it had been officially arranged for her to do the whole analysis. But on the aspects of commentaries, having an angel and devil would make the match more pleasurable to watch and critique. Furthermore, Ruo Zhi’s specialist level standard and eyesight would mean avoiding her previous situation of getting shocked and flustered by the fight’s awe-inspiring atmosphere. It had been embarrassing for her during the match between All-Mouthy King and Divian. She had been completely blinded by the fight’s splendour and was only able to spout a few sentences during the entire course of the fight.

He was indeed worthy of being a senior brother, but did he have to sow so many seeds of hatred? This was the complete opposite of her where basically no one tried to respond when she commentated on the fight between All-Mouthy King and Divian.

At this moment, in Copperfield City. Within the quarters of the Wild Beast Squadron…

The prestige held by All-Mouthy King was on the level of a nuclear warhead. Toward Laura and her fellow squad members, he was like a life-threatening lure. Fortunately, the Wild Beast Squadron grounds had its own small-scale OP training room. It even had a large broadcasting screen installed. The large group of elites from the various squadrons had stopped their training and were currently crowding around the large screen to watch the live broadcast.

Leo, Paul, and the others were part of the elite division within the OP and were all too familiar with Ruo Zhi. In fact, everyone had at one time or another been mocked or sneered at by him. It was all quite infuriating in the beginning, but after calming down they realized this was just his way of making a living. Furthermore, those seemingly brainless mocking and ridicule actually held a bit of intelligence to them. If he didn’t have something to back up his words, else he wouldn’t have survived up till today. Nevertheless, witnessing him being scolded and ‘shredded’ apart by All-Mouthy King fans was still extremely amusing.

“Ruo’s big mouth is still pulling in strings of hatred,” Leo said with a smile. He was also a half-fan of All-Mouthy King. In the Federation, worship was given to the strong, without differentiating between young or old, male or female.

“Haha. This fella’s always the same,” said Paul. With a faint smile, he continued, “The number of people wanting to find his real body could line up and make a trail from the base of Copperfield Mountain to its peak. Even so, he really is getting more and more popular.”

“Being popular does rely mostly on numbers. Nevertheless, it is still best if one judges their target before acting.” Captain Calen pushed up the center of his gold-rimmed spectacles as he continued, “With All-Mouthy King’s current influence, it’s best if he shows some caution before acting out.”

“Haha. Due to work needs, I don’t really have much of a fixed residence at the moment. Sorry about that. If you guys do head there, please help me check if the door’s locked. Thank you very much.” Inside his commentator post, Ruo Zhi didn’t give a single care about this real body search. Compared to Chen Yu’ers display of freshness and elegance, he was one who had witnessed too many big matches and had long achieved perfection in controlling an audience’s fervor. “Alright, it seems All-Mouthy King’s opponent has appeared. Everyone, let’s all see which expert has been matched with All-Mouthy King.”

Ruo Zhi’s most important aspect was his genuinely deep understanding of information and the art of commentaries within the OP, along with his ability to control the audience. To him, the contestant was just a contestant. They wouldn’t be able to affect him, nevermind make him worship them. Nevertheless, the OP was admittedly a keystone node within important training facilities of the Federation while also being a place of joy for the new generation.

Casio Saiba!

“That name’s quite familiar.”

“Pity it isn’t a gold-colored name! I thought he’d have to fight another person from the sanctuary division!” Although they all knew the chances that All-Mouthy King would stumble upon another sanctuary division elite was low, they still felt anticipation while waiting.

“You’re thinking too much about it. Wanting to reach the sanctuary division is impossible just based off strength. It also depends on your bloodline and background. All the same, there’s no lack of experts in the elite division. All-Mouthy King simply won his previous match on a fluke. If he hadn’t gotten crosswheels from the randomization, then he wouldn’t have been able to win.”

Currently, All-Mouthy King could either be matched up with a sanctuary division member, or an extremely high-performing elite division ranger. Either way, they were the few at the very peak.

One could call every match a confrontation between kings!

Examining the dense and numerous discussion posts displayed before him, a sliver of a smile appeared on the corner of Ruo Zhi’s mouth. If he were to be frank, he loved this feeling of being in complete control over everything around him.

“It’s unexpectedly Casio! Perhaps most of the audience aren’t familiar with this contestant. Haha. Little Yu’er also knows him, so why not give our watching friends an introduction?”

Chen Yu’er had, at that moment, been dwelling upon her awkwardness of trying to put in a word with such a brother beside her. When she heard his prompt, she quickly calmed her mind down. “Haha. To start, Senior Casio has been a figure of the OP system for approximately 2-3 years, so some of the audience may know of him. He is also the captain of Caliban Academy’s squadron which is located in the western region of the Federation. As an all-rounded soldier, he became a publicly recognized expert of the OP’s elite division for the past two years. His win rate is currently over 80 percent and he has a record of over three hundred matches. He had previously been seen as one of the Great Gods that ruled over the OP.”

Smiling faintly, Ruo Zhi took over after her and said, “That’s right. Don’t be too obsessed with the sanctuary division. To get into that division requires too many factors. On the other hand, Casio is the type of person that represents the Federation Academy’s first class standards. He is balanced and has a maturity tempered by time and experience. I just checked up on him and found his most recent eleven fights had all been with elite division members! Also, he had won all eleven of them!”

There wasn’t any fault in his words. Ruo Zhi had naturally also checked the relevant data behind All-Mouthy King’s entire OP career records, from when he was a trash to him rising to prominence. While he is the embodiment of mystery, his flaws however are equally obvious.

“From what Brother Ruo Zhi’s tone is saying, you’re favouring Casio to win, right?” Chen Yu’er wasn’t dumb and could sense the underlying hint in Ruo Zhi’s words. Flowing with Ruo Zhi’s commentary would be one of the turning points in her career. After her initial nervousness had cooled, she radiated with the natural splendor of a girl.

Still sporting that faint smile, Ruo Zhi replied, “You can’t say it like that. They each have a possibility of winning. As for who has the great winning advantage, it would have to depend on their choice of weapon. Don’t you guys feel the system is extremely biased toward our beloved All-Mouthy King? If he doesn’t get the crosswheels through randomization, how would you all feel his chances of victory would be?”

In the eyes of others, All-Mouthy King appeared void of any weak points. Yet, in Ruo Zhi’s eyes he was actually full of weaknesses.

“Everyone shouldn’t get bedazzled by All-Mouthy King’s randomization combat tactic. In actuality, the number of soldiers that are similarly all-rounded aren’t small. An example of this is the previous rumour about Casio being All-Mouthy King.

“This tactic’s greatest effect is changing the mentality of one’s opponent. Before the fight even starts it would have created a kind of mental advantage. All-Mouthy King gives off the atmosphere of one who is practicing and training rather than fighting to the death, which lowers his opponents’ desire to land a killing blow. Due to this, he slowly and unhurriedly gains the upper hand as his opponent loses the best opportunity to take him down.”

Ruo Zhi had clearly come prepared. With this string of sentences he had dumbfounded Chen Yu’er. So it turns out that randomized weapons was actually a combat tactic!?
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