Battle Frenzy
250 Chapter 250 – What the Hell is a City Defense Weapon?
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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250 Chapter 250 – What the Hell is a City Defense Weapon?

Chapter 250 – What the Hell is a City Defense Weapon?

One stone creates a thousand ripples. The entire discussion forum and viewing gallery burst like boiling oil. Motionless from the start, Ruo Zhi smoothly pulled the carpet out from under everyone. He quickly made All-Mouthy King’s supporters feel as though they were being served on the chopping block.

“This… doesn’t that seem a bit illogical, Brother Ruo Zhi?” Chen Yu’er was still subconsciously on All-Mouthy King’s side. What kind of logic was this?

When he heard her words, a mysterious smile appeared on Ruo Zhi’s face. “Perhaps, and perhaps now. What I can say is that, up until this very moment, All-Mouthy King’s luck has been pretty good. Perhaps we can say his luck in his first year was poor, or his character hadn’t been tempered enough, but this streak won’t continue. It’s not that I don’t recognize him for the expert he is, just that I don’t like his method of occupying such benefits.”

Students within the OP viewing halls of the various academies were currently discussing the comments Ruo Zhi made. There was some sense to his words, and the rational stumped them. From the first fight until now, with each random weapon he obtained, All-Mouthy King seemed to always come out on top. Even when he got no weapons it wasn’t that big of a problem as he was still faced against a close-combat soldier. On the other hand, his use of randomization created a kind of pressure that made a definite impact on their minds and tactics.

Although this wasn’t that big of a deal in the heroic division, it was a completely different story in the elite division. This even had, to some effect, been an aspect of his fight with Divian. From beginning to end Divian seemed embarrassed to show all of her might and was, in the end, sent flying by All-Mouthy King’s crosswheels.

Now, it was like those people already unhappy with All-Mouthy King had discovered a whole new world. Intense flames burned in their hearts when they realized everyone had been too obsessed recently with All-Mouthy King!

Although Casio lacked an elite bloodline like Divian, he was still one of the famous figures of the OP world two whole years ago. He was also a person who managed to maintain a terrifying win-rate of over 80 percent in three hundred matches. If he were to start off seriously and treat the match like real combat, then All-Mouthy King’s chances of victory would definitely be hard-fought.

“Brother King! Crosswheels!” Several people started to shout this from within the crowd of fans. They didn’t wish to see All-Mouthy King sink down. Others simply wanted another glance at his crosswheels.

“Fuck! Aren’t you guys too shameless!? How can you all lose confidence in All-Mouthy King simply by hearing a few words by that stupid Ruo!?”

“It’s just a worn-out elite! The reason he won those last eleven victories was just cause he didn’t bump into a true expert like All-Mouthy King!”

“Random is more than enough to beat him until his mom isn’t able to recognize him!”

“Random! Random! Random!”

Under the watch of everyone, Wang Zhong finally opened his eyes as he left his pondering session. He had just now been slightly entranced by his thoughts. The ever-changing soul power waveband frequency wasn’t as difficult an idea as he had thought. Nevertheless, actually commanding it to form required concentration.

While he had comprehended it earlier, he had no choice but to halt his efforts due to exhaustion. Just now he had still been a bit worried he wouldn’t be able to control the changes to his soul power waveband frequencies, but after trying it out it actually went extremely smoothly. Perhaps I am just bit unproficient in it. Still, there shouldn’t be a problem if it’s just controlling.

Before Wang Zhong could choose, the crowd had already started to cheer loudly.

But this wasn’t for All-Mouthy King. It was for his opponent, Casio!

Random weapon! Random battlefield!

When he saw his opponent was All-Mouthy King, Casio unexpectedly chose the same selection as his opponent.

Everyone was dumbfounded and stupefied by Casio’s choices. The first to respond was Ruo Zhi who laughed heartily before saying, “I’d like to make a comment—Nice Job! This is basically slapping All-Mouthy King’s face! I like it! Regardless of who wins or loses, this is the style an expert should have!”

Staring blankly at her screen, Chen Yu’er said, “It seems Senior Casio is serious about this. From my perspective, this wasn’t a casual decision. What will All-Mouthy King choose after this?”

“Senior Casio hasn’t appeared on an OP broadcast in a very long time, so many have forgotten his style,” Ruo Zhi said with a smile. “He is an all-rounder like All-Mouthy King—no, he’s an even more all-rounded and truly competent soldier. There have been many examples of him choosing random weapons during high-level matches in the past. Regardless of whether it were high firepowered ranged weapons or simpler close-ranged cold weapons, he was able to wield them with a very high degree of proficiency! Furthermore, he’s balanced in various abilities and other aspects.

“Compared to him, All-Mouthy King simply has skill in the crosswheels. He’s on the shorter end of the straw here! If he does randomize and doesn’t get his crosswheels, then I would personally favour Casio!”

Without a doubt there was still lingering fear and trepidation in everyone’s heart when they thought about those crosswheels that had defeated Divian. But this was also a problem in-and-of itself. If All-Mouthy King chooses the crosswheels, then it would mean the system had finally recognized his heights. After all, it had been key in his victory over Divian. But if he chooses randomization, then the possibility of him getting the crosswheels again would be close to zero.

Nevertheless, All-Mouthy King continued to remain oblivious to the outside world, once more choosing randomization as he had done in all of his previous matches. The audience quickly felt a pang of regret as they knew miracles never came in twos.

And as expected, those anticipated crosswheels didn’t appear. Instead, a giant battle axe close to three meters long popped up before All-Mouthy King.

Molok’s Battle Axe!

He actually got this weapon through randomization! Many of his fans in the viewing gallery couldn’t help but clench their buttholes. This was simply the shittiest weapon to get in this case! Shittiest times two!

Was Molok’s Battle Axe a ferocious weapon? Yes, it was absolutely ferocious! Not only was it ferocious, it was ferocious to the point of being unequal! It was a specially created weapon designed by the Federation to massacre giant-sized mutated beasts. It possessed astonishing might and power behind it!

Its ultra-large axe head was sharp to the point of being able to cleave through rock and stone, and was also able to withstand a terrifying pressure of thousands of grassos along its edge. Even experts at the Heavenly Soul stage wouldn’t be able to break it apart. That was because this thing simply wasn’t created to fight these small humans!

It was a city-scale defensive rune weapon that was specially hung atop the gigantic walls of border cities, suspended by an array of chains!

Just the axe head was close to half the size of a grown adult. It was made with a forged alloy suited to maintaining its powerful edge. The downside? This thing weighed close to 360 kg. A heroic soul soldier can maybe lift it and carry it around without much pressure, but to actually wield it?

Are you shitting yourself!?

Even if this thing were to be stored in the OP’s weapons storage for another 10,000 years, no one would ever choose it! There had been no official instance of it being used in an official OP match. Nevermind official matches, people wouldn’t even try to fool around with it in regular matches! Only those with nothing to do would oppress themselves with this 360 kg axe! Even strength-based tanky soldiers of the elite division would find their movements and flexibility seriously hampered by such a weight, nevermind everyone else.

No one doubted the tyrannical resilience and strength dwelling in All-Mouthy King’s fleshly body. But there wasn’t any need to bother with that. Just seeing him stand beside the axe head was enough to make everyone feel he was being bullied.

As for his opponent, Casio, the man had actually managed to get a simple dual crescent-moon blades through randomization.

Crescent-moon blades; high-speed slashing weapons. Unlike the limited range of daggers, these possessed sufficient slashing speed with good length. It was a simple evolution of cold weapons from the Old Era.

These blades were standard weapons located between two of the three aspects of weapons, that being offense, defense, and speed. It was also a standard-issue weapon used by the Federation’s military and the heroic soul academy, the latter of which was a mandatory study for those of the soldier department. With its popularity and mass-production, these blades could be found in the hands of everyone, from newbies to experts.

Casio was clearly an expert in handling them. Just a wave of his hands and the two crescent-moon blades spun a few times before landing in his palm with incomparable accuracy.

Battlefield: Arena.

Casio smiled.
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    《Battle Frenzy》