Battle Frenzy
252 Chapter 252 – Please Throw Away that Broken Piece of Metal, Uncle
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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252 Chapter 252 – Please Throw Away that Broken Piece of Metal, Uncle

Chapter 252 – Please Throw Away that Broken Piece of Metal, Uncle

Combat techniques that eliminated the target with certainty would need ample time to set up and a good grasp of timing for the technique to be successfully unleashed.

Though he was sorely tempted to carry out such a technique, Casio forced himself to avoid using such a technique that would bring him glory in a single strike!

“If he doesn’t toss away the giant axe in his hand, All Mouthy King defeat would be inevitable.” Leo remarked, his attention focused on the live broadcast of the match. When Casio had become famous in the OP, Leo was still in the Hero Division. Due to that, he always held a deep admiration towards this Elite Division expert who had dominated the OP. “Casio’s not taking any chances. He doesn’t want to leave even a sliver of an opportunity for All Mouthy King to counterattack.”

“That weapon’s simply not meant to be used by humans. I have no idea what All Mouthy King has planned, but if this continues on for that much longer, he won’t have any chance of victory even if he tosses the battle axe away.” Paul said while nodding his head. “Battling while armed with a battle axe that weighed over 360 kilograms…to launch a fast and lethal strike using such a weapon would require not just high levels of soul power, but also years of experience.”

Galen, on the other hand, disagreed and shook his head. “All Mouthy King would not tossed away the axe at all,” Galen concluded. “Based on his character, he would have tossed it long ago if that were the case. I have a feeling that he’s using this giant axe to test some new technique…:”

“New move? The Molok’s battle axe isn’t a simple weapon to combat against humans. Who would use it to test our a new move, especially on the battlefield?” Sully felt that such an explanation was infeasible and utter nonsense.

“Wait. Could he be polishing his second drive by waving the battle axe around? Regardless of how capable he is, that just isn’t possible.”

Galen had sensed something while watching the match but was unable to place it into words. The only thing he could do was to shake his head in response.

Laura did not say a single word, placing all of her attention on the match. Truthfully, she was biased towards Galen’s interpretation of All Mouthy King’s actions thus far. All Mouthy King’s actions cannot be understood by looking at it from the typical perspective. He definitely has a plan in mind.

At this point in time, Casio seemed to have completely dominated the match.

His nimble movements along with his speedy remnant shades and with his dazzling blade skills resulted in the entire arena to be filled with Casio’s figures. On the flip side, All Mouthy King’s attitude had made him appear weak and useless against such a strong opponent. From the start, it was clear that All Mouthy King’s soul power was increasing, and managed to hit a level of approximately a hundred grassos. However, in such a match, it was useless. Even if he had two hundred grassos, waiting to handle the Molok’s Battle Axe normally would require him to store his soul power for numerous seconds. In a battle like this, he would be reincarnated over and over again in that span of time. Not to mention that that amount is just to use the Molok’s Battle Axe at its typical attack speed…

There isn’t any martial art that is invincible under the heavens!

That was how Casio felt. This opponent of his was truly frightening. Being able to make such astonishing movements and changing his movement frequency by using ghostly steps while lugging such a big heavy object that he had not used before…Casio was unable to imagine how terrifying All Mouthy King would be if he was to fight with his bare hands. However, despite the one-sidedness of the match, he felt that All Mouthy King genuinely wanted to win this match.

What a foolish notion!

An intense sense of danger borne from his instincts immediately weighed down Casio’s heart. This intuition that Casio had developed over the years was something he was extremely proud of. His dean had once said that such an acute combat intuition could only be attained by soldiers that possessed true talent. Based on his instincts, he felt that All Mouthy King definitely possessed a killing move, and would not simply fire it off aimlessly. If not, he would have thrown away the battle axe long ago to attain victory.

In combat, lucky flukes did not exist!

Casio remained cautious and vigilant, his expression becomingmore impudent.

“Which part of your body should I remove from you now?”

“Alright, your left arm it is!”

With a taunting voice, Casio announced his next target location. The words had barely left his mouth when a new injury appeared on All Mouthy King’s left arm.

“Next attack would be…on your right leg?”

Like a poisonous viper striking out, attacks flew out wherever he indicated. In the fraction of a second, a dozen small and big slashes had already appeared on All Mouthy King’s body.

The last time anyone had seen All Mouthy King in such a bloodsoaked state was during the match with Brooks. Added to this was the fact that he was in such a state at the beginning of the match while being completely suppressed had left the audience stunned into deadly silence.

Such agony!

“This is called causing trouble for oneself,” Ruo Zhi commented with a laugh. “The outcome of the match is obvious for all to see. Well, All Mouthy King being able to hoist that colossally heavy Molok’s Battle Axe had astonished everyone but it is taking him too much effort to do so. From the looks of it, he doesn’t have the intention of tossing aside the battle axe to use his bare fists instead. For that show of courage, he can be considered as man, one that would rather die than to bow down and live! However, that is a really stupid move on his part. He does not have the adaptability required to engage in randomized weapons! Such a person that gets too easily caught up by rules and lack flexibility would not last long.”

“Shut up, stupid Ruo Zhi! Do you really not believe that I will not throw you out of your house for those words you have uttered?!”

“However, what he said isn’t wrong. Brother King’s being a little too stubborn about this. Just toss that battle axe away! How can you fight someone while lugging around a battleaxe that weighs over 360 kilograms? Furthermore, it’s against an all-rounded closed ranged fighter that’s nimble and agile.”

“Damn that shameless bastard! What the hell is this, Casio! Let me see you act in such a lofty manner when Brother King switches weapons!”


Fresh blood sprayed out as yet another wound appeared on the body of All Mouthy King, eliciting shouts and screams from the audience. This time, it was his right shoulder that was targeted. The giant axe wasn’t able to defend against his opponent’s attack in time, resulting in blood to flow out from the wound on his right shoulder.

With a flash, Casio appeared less than five metres away from All Mouthy King.

“You really only have the same tricks up your sleeve.” Casio taunted with a faint smile, his Crescent Moon Blade dripping with blood as he spoke. “Alright then. Although I respect for your stubbornness, a fight’s still a fight. There can only be victory or death.”

The Crescent Moon Blades were adjusted into a downwards direction.

“This is the final bout.” Casio said in an indifferent tone. “I wish to end the match now. This time, my target’s your heart!”

There was simply no limits to his arrogance! Unable to endure any longer, the viewing gallery, which had been silent for over half of the match, finally exploded into a catatropony of voices.

“Brother, I beg of you to toss away that axe, please!”

“My esteemed lord king. That broken thing was truly not meant to be used by humans! Please don’t be so serious against him! I beg of you, please just toss it away!”


Countless fans across the viewing gallery started crying out and begging. All of them truly didn’t want to see All Mouthy King lose due to his stubbornness. As people racketed and clamored about, Laura and the other elites had their eyes opened wide. Those who had crossed hands with All Mouthy King before would know how peculiar he was. At the final instant where victory would appeared to be guaranteed, one absolutely should not let down one’s guard. Without the slightest doubt, Casio did not let up. Although he was spouting gibberish that sounded arrogant and obnoxious, throughout the battle, each and everyone of his attacks was done with sufficient strength and at such a distance that would allow him to retreat should he ever had the need to. He definitely wasn’t playing with his life. It was extremely clearly that he still had suspicions that All Mouthy King was hiding some kind of killing move.

However, how would he be able to unleash any killing move while lugging around such a gigantic object?

While the roars and clamoring noises filled the viewing gallery, a laugh rang out from Casio, and a sparkle twinkled in his eyes. “Die!”

Piercing forward furiously at high speed and at a distance lesser than five metres away, there wasn’t even time to blink as the two moon blades lunged towards All Mouthy King. One towards his throat, the other towards his heart. Unleashing such a high speed attack, Casio had absolute belief that his attack would break All Mouthy King’s defense apart. Would his opponent still be able to counter his move???

Could it be that he truly did not possess any killing move
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    《Battle Frenzy》