Battle Frenzy
253 Chapter 253 – To Fell All Trees With a Single Stroke!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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253 Chapter 253 – To Fell All Trees With a Single Stroke!

Chapter 253 – To Fell All Trees With a Single Stroke!

With a maximum time of 0.1 seconds for wriggle room, Casio seemed to notice All Mouthy King’s shoulder twitch, instantly making him feel an incomparably intense feeling of danger. In that moment, Casio acted in a way that caused everyone watching to become dumbfounded. Soul power frantically gushed out of him, instantly reaching his peak at two hundred grassos,…

Immediately bringing out the two moon blades, he used them to resist against his forward momentum before rapidly dodging to the left at lightning speed…

A second later, the thousands upon thousands of audience members watching from the viewing gallery were completely stunned by what they saw.

A ray of white light flashed past, shattering the two moon blades upon contact before transforming Casio, who appeared to have retreated far away, into shattered pieces….

Victory, All Mouthy King!

The system voice rang out as All Mouthy King’s giant battle axe was inserted diagonally into the ground.

In that moment, the entire world toppled over!

Simply put, there wasn’t a single person who was able to clearly see what had happened in the second before. Not mentioning ordinary people in the audience; even first class experts like Leo, Laura, Sharmie, and even brother Ruo Zhi, who was known as the piercing eyes in analysis, all felt as though their eyes had gone blind.

This was a complete reversal to everyone’s guess!

All Mouthy King had truly used the Molok’s City Defense Battle Axe…and used his hands to…

Regardless of whether it was the viewing gallery or the Skylink, every one of the countless people watching the match displayed expressions of complete disbelief. That’s impossible.

That’s impossible, right?

Is it truly impossible?

No! All Mouthy King told us that it could be done!

A second later, clamoring noises rang out from those of various great heroic soul academies, with countless soldiers roaring and cheering out, all due to this inconceivable victory. That’s right, if one were to do a survey at all of the heroic soul academies, neither the strongest heavy soldiers nor the soldiers who had excellent strength could even utilize the Molok’s Battle Axe in such a fashion.

It was as though the one using the battle axe wasn’t human, but a war god, a god!

A single axe had cleaved the sky and split the earth!

Before this, crazed ravings were only said in the discussion forums. This time however, the people in the viewing gallery and the various OP training grounds had all gone batshit crazy, with all sorts of inconceivable roars ringing out left, right and centre. All Mouthy King’s axe blow caused every doubtful individual to shut their traps again.

That’s right! The invincible infinite cross wheel rotational slashes were a crazy killing blow that couldn’t be defended against. They were extremely unpredictable and peculiar, while possessing extremely powerful force behind their blows. However, when a person was able to drive the Molok’s Battle Axe at lightning speed, in that very second, what everyone had seen was something that had transcended the meaning of a human being.

Ruo Zhi wanted to speak, but was simply unable to utter a single word due to the deafening roars of exuberance and cheering that rang around him. At the moment, the only thing he could do was remove his earphones, nothing more than that!

Aside from him, even those observers from the Elite division and the various great academies were simply unable to believe their eyes. That speed wasn’t something that a human could unleash with their soul power and strength! Making the city defense battle axe travel faster than an assasin’s dagger, that’s simply a…


This was definitely not strength! Such a method had already transcended the threshold of strength!

Looking at the cool and calm All Mouthy King, someone who they had thought they clearly saw through and understood, he once again become someone that they were completely unable to understand or comprehend.

Chen Yuer waved her hands around like a happy kid, she never imagined that All Mouthy King would truly win, and in such an inconceivable manner.

After more than ten minutes of cheering and jubilation, the audience finally regained slight control over their rampaging emotions. After coughing dryly a few times, Ruo Zhi announced, “The last moment of this match was truly too hard to comprehend. One wouldn’t be able to see what had happened with the naked eye at all…let us see it again in slow motion!”

The system started to to play back the final few seconds of the match, everyone stretched their eyes open as wide as possible.

Every second was now sixty times slower, allowing the audience to sort of see what had happened in that instant.

In the playback, Casio dashed forward rapidly, appearing as though he had everything under complete control. However, all of a sudden, Casio appeared to have received some kind of shock. His original plan of launching a close ranged attack suddenly turned into him tossing out his moon blades whilst also rapidly evading sideways. His reaction seemed completely astonishing, before…the next second, where his body appeared to be shattered by a white ray of light.

All anyone could see was that All Mouthy King’s right arm had shot forward explosively in a suspicious manner, erupting with soul power. However, everyone could feel that the soul power erupting out wasn’t something astonishing or world shattering. Instead, the battle axe made an freakish attack, appearing as though the gigantic battle axe was so fast it vanished.

After watching the entire playback, two matters could be concluded. First, All Mouthy King had been festering some kind of attack the whole time. Second, the power and speed of that battle axe insta-kill appeared as though Casio, who had already evaded so he was out of attack range, had instantly been killed by the gales that slashed through the air. Even Casio’s soul defense, which had gone above level 170 grassos, was completely unable to offer the slightest bit of resistance to that attack.

From beginning to end, Casio hadn’t revealed a single, tiny ounce of a flaw, appearing incomparably cautious and prudent. Even in the very last instant, his reaction could be classified as exceedingly astonishing. In a situation where there wasn’t the slightest warning present, he could still detect the impending danger before making the most decisive response.

However, despite doing all of that, he was still unable to resist that single attack from All Mouthy King.

At this moment, there was only one thought going through everyone’s mind. The Elite Division couldn’t match up to All Mouthy King at all anymore.

In that slow-mo playback, there was still no one that could capture the instant where All Mouthy King had unleashed his attack. That most likely meant that there was a new kind of soul power method used, or some kind of combat technique.

At the very least, no one was able to decipher exactly what kind of strength was used to unleash that kind of attack in that instant.

This accurately best represented the phrase, “To fell all trees with a single stroke!” To be utterly raped by force!

“All Mouthy King has once again offered us a match that defies all imagination. Frankly speaking…there’s something that I can’t comprehend. Nevertheless, I’m extremely happy that this miracle is still going on. What’s your view on this, brother Ruo Zhi?”

Coughing dryly a few times, Ruo Zhi replied, “As for this, I feel that All Mouthy King is very…formidable. However, victory and defeat is commonplace in the OP.”

Hearing his reply, hisses spread and rang out in the viewing gallery. However, this time, no one that paid attention to him anymore.

Everytime, he would cause our hearts to jump! Everytime, he would insta-kill his opponents in the most critical moment! That was our brother King! Being the fans of brother King was truly too blissful!

“Look! Do you see that! What did I say!” Sharmie cried out with a satisfied roar of laughter, her voluptuous chest heaving up and down as she did so, aptly displayed her nickname of demoness to full effect. “I said that All Mouthy King would use a big move, right?! And you guys just did’t believe me. Just now, you’ve seemed to have some doubts towards me being the captain, right, Mario? About the intuition of a woman?”

“Ah? I’ve never, ever said anything like that!” Mario hastily replied, his eyes on the verge of tears. What did I say earlier? When he had felt the fury within his captain, he was too scared to even utter a single word!

With a grin Sharmie said, “Oh, that’s right. Does everyone feel the same way too?”

In an instant, the other squad members immediately stood behind Sharmie while replying, “Boss, Mario doubted you just now! It’s definitely due to that waste wanting to rise in rank!”

“Yes! We’ve insisted on standing by captain’s side, we’ll listen to your words and walk forwards with you!”

The group of squad members started to successively proclaim their loyalty, causing the pitiful Mario to cry to the point where he had no more tears left.

As his tears slowed down to a trickle, Mario suddenly said, “Ah! You’ve forgotten about something, captain! You should give that person a call on Skylink now! Aren’t you going to see what he’s doing?”

Only Mario knew about Sharmie’s suspicions. After looking through it, Mario felt it was completely improbable. However, there wasn’t much he could lose at the moment as there was no such thing as dead paths, just dead people.
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    《Battle Frenzy》