Battle Frenzy
259 Chapter 259 – Sacrificing Sex Appeal for Ma Dong
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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259 Chapter 259 – Sacrificing Sex Appeal for Ma Dong

Chapter 259 – Sacrificing Sex Appeal for Ma Dong

Editors: Snow

This was tacit understanding and cooperation, however, it may be possible that there was a secret behind the two girls. This made Arnold want to consult the pair from Tianjing’s backline, especially since they were great beauties, which gave him all the more reason to do so.

“Of course!” Wang Zhong promised without hesitation. Being able to hold an exchange with an expert from Copperfield would definitely benefit the Tianjing squadron.

Admittedly, the other squadron captains were not as friendly as Laura. Their gazes had already changed from having a superior attitude, to regarding Tianjing as on same level as themselves.

The quality of Tianjing’s performance in the group match had indeed shocked and astonished the audience. Complete coordination within the squad, especially their backline, had bedazzled the spectators. Most of the ordinary viewers might have cast their gazes at the giant move Grai had unleashed against two opponents at once. In the eyes of Leo and the rest, however, if it were not for the instantaneous destruction of the Saxon’s assassin duo, the second half of the match would definitely have ended differently. It can be said that Scarlet and Milami were the key to Tianjing’s victory and the real reason of interest in other major squadrons.

After all, Grai was only one man no matter how strong he was. There was nothing to be learnt from him even if an exchange was set up. However, the tacit understanding and coordination between Scarlet and Milami as well as Tianjing’s complete understanding of formation were pieces of information that other squadrons could learn. They could achieve this through mutual exchanges where both sides increased their knowledge.

While other people were hardening their expressions and changing their attitudes, Laura had a natural advantage over everyone as she was the host. Strangely, she had already been paying special attention to this team from the beginning.

In Wang Zhong’s eyes, the current Tianjing squadron was akin to a new warship undergoing its test phase. It appeared fanciful and was of a sufficient size, yet it was unable to cause large waves. If they wanted to brave the winds and storms, they would need to gain experience from veterans. Only by doing this continuously would they be able to reach such a level.

This would be an appropriate background for a genuinely strong squadron. After the match ended, there was urgent business to attend to. There was no need to worry about Barran’s injuries as Hymin didn’t even need to expend her Soul Power for treatment. Nevertheless, she still expended energy in her treatment as she was exceedingly anxious. Everyone was happy and elated, having completely relieved the pent up tension built up from the past few days. Perhaps Barran might be able to recover before returning to Tianjing.

After using his brain all day, Wang Zhong returned to his room and finally managed to take a break after much difficulty. It had been a extremely exhausting day, especially in the afternoon during a discussion with Old Potter about the lives of runic patterns. That kind of research was considerably taxing on his mental power and concentration. Having tasted this bitter fruit before and endured, he had sufficient energy to continue otherwise he would have long collapsed.

Just as he lied down to stretch on the bed, his Skylink rang, “Di Di Di.” He flipped it open to take a look.

“Hi Hi!”

Ma Dong’s face appeared in the Skylink, his expression extremely excited. “Ha! What is this bro? You didn’t even tell me beforehand that you were having a match in the OP! I almost missed such a spectacular match! Fuck! What’s the name of that last axe strike? The OP forums are exploding! God knows what else has popped up about it in the Brother King Corps! Though I know all of them are definitely unreliable.”

“There’s no name. I created that end move myself over a bit of insight,” replied Wang Zhong with a smile.

Upon hearing his reply, Ma Dong rolled his eyes. “This is your so called bit of insight? Cough Cough. I really shouldn’t discuss this with you!”

“Truthfully speaking, you can work harder on this aspect,” Wang Zhong quipped back in a ridiculing manner.

“Stop it. With my talent, I worry that I’ll become the CHF champion if I try. That won’t be good.” Ma Dong joked then quickly changed the topic. “I heard from my Mimi that you’ve also shone a light on the famous Saxon today? And you didn’t even participate in the match! Fuck! Is the third place of the eastern area that weak?”

“They aren’t weak, they just underestimated us a little.” replied Wang Zhong with a smile. “Besides, don’t tell me you don’t know about your Milami. As long as she teams up with Scarlet, they will fight like ferocious sharks that have tasted blood. With them on the backline, it doesn’t matter if I participate or not.”

“Tsk Tsk.” Envy appeared on Ma Dong’s face. “Speaking of which, I really envy you bro. You’re having such a rich and wonderful time. If you’re willing, can you invite the goddess Laura over for the next month or so? If you let me lean on that chest for a while, I’ll willingly pay the price with my valuable youth.”

Hearing this, Wang Zhong didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. “Scram off, your youth’s not worth a single penny. Anyway, how’s your auction going?”

“There’s good and bad.” Since the last time Ma Dong had discussed family matters with Wang Zhong, he felt no need to hold back in saying whatever he wanted. As the stress had built up recently, he needed someone to share his load.

“For the sake of the matter between Teslan and I, the clan conducted investigations in Tianjing. They seemed to have discovered something interesting, a place they want to develop, so there’s been a slight change in the rules of the competition between Teslan and I. The auction will be held in Tianjing, which is good since my old man’s being doing business there for a few decades. This means I have homeground advantage from the terrain. Unfortunately, the two groups of adventurers my dad employed have not contacted us for three days so it’s unlikely we’ll get anything from them. Also, I have solid evidence that Teslan’s side has hired several genuine aristocrats. Before, I assumed that my fifth uncle wouldn’t make a move but turns out he’s quite generous when it comes to contacts. Speaking of which, my father and I are at the end of our roads in flattering people. Oh right, Mimi said the Explosive Bear Goddess is very interested in you,” Ma Dong grinned. “Why not invite her over? With her being the leader of the younger generation, there would be enough people following… Fuck!”

Ma Dong had been joking when a certain thought seemed to flash in his mind as he furiously beat his forehead. “That’s right! How did I forget about those big celebrities! We should invite Sharmie! If Laura comes too, the two great ball queens of the south and east would be there! Fuck, just the thought of it is enough to make me salute a year! Furthermore, their families won’t lose in reputation and status to those my fifth uncle invited. Bro! Bro Zhong! Boss! You definitely need to help me on this!” ”

Confused by Ma Dong’s rant, Wang Zhong replied, “How’s that possible? I’m not very close to her.”

“Big bro, one has to thicken their skin when doing business, intentionally or otherwise. By the off chance that it might be possible, please sacrifice a bit for the sake of your bro!”

Wang Zhong helplessly stared at the hoodlum Ma Dong. Sex appeal… letting Grai go would be more or less the same.

For the Potter Family… it’s possible, there’s one person.

Old Potter!

As the vice headmaster of the Federation’s institute of sciences, headmaster of Copperfield Academy and elder of the Potter Family, his status was indeed high. Although Wang Zhong was unsure how much influence he had in the business circle, he knew it would still be extremely beneficial to Ma Dong’s showdown.

Despite this, Wang Zhong felt that he wasn’t too reliable as he thought about Old Potter in the afternoon when he was searching for money, people and equipment in a crazed manner. Perhaps Old Potter would do him a favor and go, however, if this had any negative effect on his research, the elder was unlikely to accept. Unless, his research was complete or close to being so.

Forget it, it’s best for nature to take its course.
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