Battle Frenzy
260 Chapter 260 – The Difference Between Two Males and Two Males
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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260 Chapter 260 – The Difference Between Two Males and Two Males

Chapter 260 – The Difference Between Two Males and Two Males

TheEditors: Argos Yesu

The next morning’s group training was cold and quiet. Not only was the entire Saxon side absent, but quite a few squadrons had also requested for a leave of absence. Among them was Leon Academy, Troy Academy, and even Lennon Academy. These squadrons had contacted Copperfield Academy in order to secure some time to themselves. Taking this leave, they would assist one another with mutual exchanges and lessons. Since the goal of the group training was to provide benefits to the elite, this was a scene the academy was more than willing to accomodate and assist with.

After the end of the morning classes, the core lineup from Copperfield Academy immediately headed over to where the Tianjing Squadron was stationed.

Other than the familiar faces of Laura, Arnold Teuton, and Anlor, the final two members of Copperfield’s core lineup left a deep impression in Wang Zhong’s mind.

The celebrity effect was indeed only present in the media. When one mentioned Copeprfield, the first thing to came to mind after Laura was just Arnold Teuton and Anlor. Furthermore, most would assume these two to be the strongest experts of Copperfield Academy, placed right behind Laura. The truth of the matter, however, differed from the rumours.

Arnold was indeed very strong, a specialist at anything involving ranged attacks. His position in the squadron was ranged control, and what he used was a Gauss Rifle which possessed extraordinary stats in both penetration and firepower. When ranked in the entire Copperfield Squadron, however, he was merely the third strongest.

The genuine second strongest expert was actually Valence, an extremely quiet and ordinary-looking male. His position was the core assassin. During the group trainings and exchanges conducted that day, he revealed his extraordinary skills. With his rather quiet nature and low profile, coupled with his ordinary appearance, he was gently pushed out of the spotlight by that fellow, Arnold Teuton.

In addition to him, the other fellow, Kamusi, was also overlooked and neglected. He was a fellow third year student and was their long-ranged cannoneer, the ‘other half’ of the ranged teamwork that included Arnold. It was said his cannon hadn’t left his side since he was twelve years old and that he even hugged it to sleep.

His skill with the heavy cannon had even caused his peer-in-arms, Sharmie, to gasp in admiration. While he didn’t have Sharmie’s theoretical knowledge and practical training gained during childhood, he was still a master at maintaining distance, striking at one’s vital points, and timing his attacks and frequency of shots, thus surpassing her by a notch. On top of his natural talent was his hard-working, diligent nature. He was ranked fourth in the Copperfield Squadron and was actually classified as stronger than the Vice-captain of Adolf Academy, Simon.

Finally, there was Anlor. In the eyes of the majority, Anlor’s fame and reputation pushed him above Valence and Kamusi, but that relied more on his character than anything else.

When he first came over he gave off the feeling of being extremely noble and heroic. His interactions, however, were flavoured with a pseudo maturity and he continuously landed in the ditches Arnold had dug for him. After a while his image to the Tianjing crowd changed from a heroic guy to a bumbling clown.

Still, he did leave behind an overall good impression on everyone as there were no complicated thoughts and schemes hidden behind his gaze. The only thing for him was to become stronger, which was something Wang Zhong could see eye-to-eye with. Furthermore, this berserk personality of his was very compatible with Laura’s Explosive Bear. His position was to Laura’s left where he would act as her death squad and rush anywhere she called.

It seemed Laura was exceptionally happy today. She even mentioned an embarrassing story from Anlor’s past to the Tianjing Squadron.

“Do any of you remember the first person in the OP who gave our All-Mouthy King his confidence?” Even as she spoke those words, Laura didn’t forget to give Wang Zhong an ambiguous smile.

Emily, as Brother King’s staunch supporter, heard those words and immediately shouted, “Future Gun King1! He was Brother King’s first victory! But, what does that have to do with Anlor?”

“Naturally there’s a connection!” Arnold Teuton gave a hearty chuckle as he finished, “Future Gun King is a smurf of Anlor’s2! He’s the very first fellow stepped on by Brother King in the OP. When Chen Yu’er made that King’s Journey video, Anlor was his miraculous turnaround. I feel he’s the most awesome of them all for using his alluring body to ‘create’ an All-Mouthy King. If it had been me then I would definitely show off and soak in the fame for three straight years!”

Show off your sister! If this happened to you then I bet you definitely wouldn’t stomach it.

Hearing his words, Anlor’s face turned completely black. This was equivalent to ‘the stone having landed at the bottom of the well3’. Anlor was without a doubt the champion in this. But since Laura was the one to bring it up, he didn’t feel he had enough guts to stand up for himself. Being stripped of face before so many people by his captain, simply made the face lost so much greater.

Anlor sunk into extreme depression while Arnold burst into a joyful fit of laughter.

The first time the Tianjing Squadron met with Arnold, Wang Zhong had still been shaded by his ‘peeping’ incident. Therefore, he always felt the former had a long face and not a bit of friendliness toward himself. It was only after the hatchet had been buried that the aristocratic members like Arnold Teuton gained a good impression of him. Such interactions were definitely more happy and refreshing. Arnold himself was very skilled at keeping his style of speech and jokes within limits and kept the conversation from turning too cold.

With the addition of the silly and amusing Anlor, Laura didn’t need to play any more big cards with Tianjing, even if there were two slightly depressing fellows put in. Grai’s gentleness, yes gentleness, Barran’s warmth, Emily’s liveliness, and the combo of Scarlet and Milami of the student council made it so that the two squadrons unexpectedly found the other to be quite amiable and suited to their own characteristics. It was as if they were long-lost lovers, or fishes in the same sea as they continued to interact with each other.

What Copperfield was most interested in was Scarlet and Milami, the squadron’s tag team backline. Their ability to multiply their strength made Arnold incredibly jealous.

After yesterday’s match, Arnold made a detailed analysis and dissection of the footage in an attempt at finding the signs they made to each other between shots. The results were extremely depressing, however, as there hadn’t seemed to be any similarity or duplicate motions made during the cooperation. It actually appeared to be a subconscious response by the two, one that directly hit the jackpot. Similar to the feeling when one reached the ‘Dao’, it wasn’t something that was fair to all as it couldn’t be quantified nor duplicated.

Today’s exchange simply allowed Arnold Teuton to further confirm his findings. Scarlet and Milami had known each other for over two years and were bosom friends who had no need to communicate. This left him depressed. Could such tacit understanding and rapport only be built and nurtured by sleeping in the same bed?

Thinking this, Arnold couldn’t help but look toward the incomparably clumsy Kamusi. The other’s response was a look as though he wanted to vomit.

Alright, for this rapport… best to temporarily avoid the thought.

As for Laura, she spent the majority of her time with Wang Zhong, continuously probing him and the true identity of All-Mouthy King. Nevertheless, the results were too insignificant, making her feel extremely unwilling to admit defeat. This fellow was simply watertight with his words, nothing less for the brainiac who could help her grandfather.

“Wang Zhong, those movements you made when you evaded my attack gave me a lot of enlightenment.” Laura decided to divert the topic. “Most absolute killing techniques could be easily countered once revealed, just like my Bear Rules The World. Do you have any tips on which aspect I should change, or whether I should simply treat it as a common combat technique? To tell the truth, this is worrying me a bit.”

1. All the way back in chapter 7.
2. Yes, Anlor is the berserk Wang Zhong fought later on. This means Anlor fought Wang Zhong twice.
3. The idiom being watching as someone falls down the well, then instead of helping them up, you start tossing stones after him. Basically similar to ‘hitting a person while he’s down’.
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