Battle Frenzy
261 Chapter 261 – Clever boy
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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261 Chapter 261 – Clever boy

Chapter 261 – Clever

After consideration, Wang Zhong replied, “Truthfully speaking, there isn’t a perfect and unflawed combat technique. The Bear Rules the World is already incredibly powerful. Moreover, there’s extraordinary creativity in its development which results in an extremely perfect technique. Utilization would be key to this and I believe you understand this better than I do.”

Wang Zhong replied earnestly to Laura’s question. Indeed, one would need to combine judgement and speed to evade the Bear Rules the World which was not an easy feat. Despite this, Wang Zhong understood what Laura was implying. Regardless of her successively even attacks being done by “a single person”, it gave her a slight setback. After all, she would be bringing this technique to the CHF.

“I feel that it’s a question of range as the controllable range where the soul bear can appear is still too small. Pity that the special ability I’ve awakened is a wind attribute. Pyrogenesis would be much better,” Laura spoke with regret. It wasn’t much of a big secret since she had showcased it a long time ago during matches. Besides, one’s special ability had to be trained and tempered in order for the user to be comfortable with it.


“After pondering, Wang Zhong replied, “Have you thought of it another way? The instant the soul bear breaks through space, it changes the air pressure and forms a sort of suppression. In fact, it affects the air currents so if your special ability is of the wind attribute, it might strengthen or add some kind of effect to your skill. Wouldn’t it allow the range of Bear Rules the World and the area of pressure to increase?”

Laura turned her head and stared unblinkingly at Wang Zhong. Feeling slightly embarrassed, he said, “I’m just blabbering.”

“No, how do you know about my Bear Rules the World?” Laura’s chest started heaving as she trained her gaze on Wang Zhong.

Wang Zhong and Laura chatting amicably together appeared normal, however, in Milami’s eyes, it seemed slightly abstruse. After starting a relationship with Ma Dong, she felt as though she had developed a seventh sense which allowed her to notice abnormal relationships between males and females!

Isn’t it common knowledge that there was nothing prohibited to married women? It seemed like falling in love before was a different phase compared to not having experienced love before.

Unable to bear it any longer, she gently pinched Scarlet’s arm and muttered, “Why’s that Laura hogging Wang Zhong all day? Does she have a crush on our captain?”

Hearing this, Scarlet smiled before replying, “She isn’t Wang Zhong’s type, right?”

“That’s why I said you’re too innocent!” Milami shot a look at Scarlet. If you like someone then you must chase them! Scarlet was good in all aspects, except that she was too pure. It’s too easy to guess what men think. “Look at her chest! If Ma Dong was here, his eyeballs would have already fallen out.”

“Wang Zhong’s not like that. What’s more, how can you say that about your boyfriend!” Scarlet laughed. “Ma Dong just likes using flattery but he isn’t that frivolous, and besides, you’re here.”

Milami’s mood instantly changed, causing her to snort. “That’s true. If he dares to stare at other girls in front of me I’ll dig his eyeballs out!”

On the other side, Wang Zhong stared blankly at Laura. “Just a guess from the videos.”

Brother’s really too quick-witted!

That night, Wang Zhong went back to his dormitory and started to arrange his belongings until the time arrived to meet with Mu Zi and Aioros in the pyramid.

The dimensional pouch was extremely useful as he was able to just barely fit in the cola and ham sausage after he increased practice in using it. He still needed to test whether this would really work, however, as it was something Wang Zhong greatly anticipated. If he could increase storage capacity of the pouch, he could bring other things the two might not have tasted before, such as liquor and beer.

On the topic of living runes, Wang Zhong was becoming more absorbed the deeper he researched them mainly due to Old Potter giving him new data and information during their discussions. Even though this increased his knowledge, it also led to more questions that he wanted answers to. Most importantly, Wang Zhong possessed two pathways of thoughts that could mutually verify each other. In actual fact, the directions of research conducted by the Federation and empires were slightly different, however, they fit with one another at just the right places when brought together. The only problem with this method was the strong personal bias within the perceived thoughts.

Placing the cola and ham sausage on the table, Wang Zhong slowly emitted his soul power. A Soul Power array began to appear as lines extended into the air, forming into surfaces which wrapped up the cola and ham sausage. Gradually, the space started to merge together and became a drawstring pouch before finally disappearing. Being the owner, Wang Zhong could clearly feel the pouch with his Soul Power being the coordinates for the existence of the objects inside.

When he first started using it, the feeling was very new and Wang Zhong had found it difficult to adapt, although by now he was already used to it.

This time, Wang Zhong was adequately prepared. He took a deep breath and laid down on his bed. As he sent his consciousness towards the Fate Stone, his soul power made gentle contact which initiated the conforming summon of the higher dimensions and caused him to jump subconsciously.

Within his consciousness, the Fate Stone lit up like a lighthouse and the energy unique to the higher dimensions immediately encased Wang Zhong’s consciousness, causing his spiritual body to fly “upwards”. This time, Wang Zhong felt a new experience. He wasn’t actually flying up as it was more of a leap, or “levitation” in the words of the old era.

Once again, the spiritual perception of the hyperdimensional world started to radiate within his consciousness. This time, having better preparation and understanding, Wang Zhong quickly sensed the auras of Mu Zi and Aioros in the fog.

Recognising them, Wang Zhong’s consciousness shot furiously down. The sensation of his body returned while the images of Mu Zi and Aioros started to turn clear. This feeling is truly wonderful!

Simba had already appeared. Clearly, he too enjoyed this refreshing feeling after sleeping in the hyperdimension. “Wang Zhong! Wang Zhong! We’re back! Baldy! How are you? We meet again!”

“How are you, pet,” replied Mu Zi with a faint smile.

Wang Zhong rubbed his head and said, “Landing this time is better.”

“Ha ha, it’s like that at first. Let’s chat while walking.” Aioros nodded slightly at Wang Zhong and began to lead the way towards the pyramid.

Having previous experience, it was much easier to travel on the path. For an expert of such caliber, the seals and locks were useless as they quickly discovered a way to break them. Naturally, Mu Zi and Simba continued bantering as they quickly reached the floating Door of Life that halted them in their tracks.

Hazy runic patterns radiated from the passage at its base, with more ancient runes rippling across the glossy, water-like mirror surfaces of the three doors, sending an enticing invitation towards the group.

Despite that, none of them cared this time. Both Aioros and Mu Zi had prepared well. For experts at their level, if they weren’t able to breakthrough this challenge after experiencing it once before, they might have long died within the hyperdimension.

As they entered, they were greeted with the same jet black world while the Doors of Life disappeared behind them. Simba grasped Wang Zhong’s ear tightly and said, “Wang Zhong! Be careful! I can feel something coming! There’s more than last time. Huh?”

Simba’s nervous voice changed into one of shock!

Having been prepared to simply enjoy his surroundings, Wang Zhong was not ready to release the mental energy needed to deal with those dimensional mayflies. When they noticed him, however, they chose to retreat!

Not a single one remained as all of them flew away, the swarm disappearing into the wilderness of the dark night.

It “felt” just like mice that had seen a cat or rabbits that saw an eagle.

In fact, Wang Zhong felt obvious signs of dread emanating from the glossy bodies of the dimensional mayflies… could it be that they possess intelligence?
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