Battle Frenzy
262 Chapter 262 – Various Kinds of Divine Methods
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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262 Chapter 262 – Various Kinds of Divine Methods

Chapter 262 – Various Kinds of Divine Methods

Simba was acting quite smug, as though he were a little beast patrolling its territory. He flew up and circled around Wang Zhong’s head a few times, crying out, “Haha. These inferior lifeforms definitely fear this mighty Fate Trickster!”

Wang Zhong had in fact received no obstructions as he passed through. Not a single dimension mayfly dared to come close to him. If you simply looked at it from another angle, it seemed the mayflies didn’t even notice he was there. Now, it could’ve been that they really didn’t care about his presence, or maybe it was instinctual for them to avoid him. Or maybe these inferior-looking lifeforms did have some sort of ‘memory’ of him. Whatever the reason, Wang Zhong felt quite refreshed by this treatment.

Turning his head, Wang Zhong watched as a dense, numerous cloud of dimensional mayflies filled Aiolos’ surroundings. Some of them even threw a few invisible mental attacks at him. Clearly Aiolos wasn’t as fortunate as Wang Zhong here. To the dimensional mayflies, he was a walking feast for them. Even as they tossed mental attacks at him, they inched ever closer to him with a large number already approaching his body.

That densely packed group of dimensional mayflies made Wang Zhong’s scalp numb. Would Aiolos fall for this illusory realm once more?

But just as he thought that, a sliver of a smile appeared at the corners of Aiolos’ mouth. Suddenly, golden rays of light burst from his eyes and lit his body. He appeared akin to a ferocious golden lion as the golden rays swept out and soul power erupted from his body like an exploding supernova.

Upon touching the surging golden light, the dimensional mayflies around him turned to ash. Those slightly further away quickly combusted as though they had suddenly touched burning oil. But because they didn’t turn into ash, they accidentally bumped into their peers and passed on the golden flames enveloping them until the entire area was washed with this golden inferno.

When Aiolos walked through this golden blase, he looked similar to the gods from ancient times. With an indifferent gaze, he quickly passed through the inner part of the Door of Life and to the other side.

A brilliance sparkled within Wang Zhong’s eyes. There was a change in soul power frequency that had produced such an effect, and while he knew the principle he didn’t know exactly why the spectacular result had come to be. All he could do was accept that Aiolos’ understanding toward soul power and its uses differed greatly from the Federation’s.

Compared to Aiolos, Mu Zi’s situation was quite different. The dimensional mayflies had also rushed toward him, but then the swarm suddenly retreated in fear. All they could do was throw mental attacks some distance away. In response, Mu Zi’s expression turned slack. He entered the state he usually maintained while touring the Tutankhamun Empire and became a lifeless walker.

His coffin then floated mysteriously in the air and radiated with a faint layer of black light. This light was akin to black marble as spiritual souls seemed to fluctuate from it. Mu Zi gave the coffin lid a gentle knock.



The lid parted only a sliver, but it was as though the legendary Pandora’s Box had opened as seemingly endless jet-black light shot out mysteriously from within. For Wang Zhong, however, he could only see a flash of this light before it disappeared without a trace. Meanwhile, the dimensional mayflies in the region began to glow like stars in a night sky. A second later, and they looked like shooting stars with their brilliance.

Another gentle knock on the coffin with greater input of soul power, and the lid opened another notch. The shooting stars suddenly began to move. As though it were a black hole, the coffin began to absorb this river of light.


With some pressure, Mu Zi forcefully closed the lid. His blank expression finally began to regain some shades of vitality.

If he were to be frank, Wang Zhong felt a bone-chilling coldness as he watched this scene before him. This was far too frightening. It was clearly of the same attribute as his Fate Roulette. The Federation would have called it a dimensional treasure, or a soul tool. It possessed a dimensional state like his Fate Roulette. But since it also had a physical form, his coffin was probably of a different grade than the roulette. Even so, it was clear that they were both of uncommon grades.

Once they had passed through the door, both Aiolos and Mu Zi felt a bit of shock. Though it appeared simple for them to pass through this Door of Life, they had actually prepared and rehearsed these last ten days in order to accomplish this ‘simple’ instance. Neither, however, imagined that Wang Zhong would simply walk through as though nothing had happened.

“If I’m not mistaken, it seemed Wang Zhong didn’t do a single thing?” Mu Zi rubbed his eyes subconsciously.

“Yes.” Hearing Mu Zi’s words, Aiolos gently nodded his head. “Not a single spiritual fluctuation. Those dimensional mayflies even appeared scared shitless by him. I’ve never seen such a strange person before.”

There was a tacit understanding between this mysterious collaboration of the three, and they each kept their own secrets to themselves. Although they were meeting with each other in this higher dimension, they all guarded their backgrounds silently.

Upon passing the Door of Life, the three stood within a giant hall.

This originally jet-black hall slowly lit up as they arrived. Each of them vigilantly inspected their surroundings, but couldn’t find the source of this light. Even so, it was as though the sun rose above the horizon as their surroundings brightened.

With this light, they could see their surroundings. A stone platform was before them with various tools arranged on its surface. Carved into this stone platform were symbols. They were exquisite, beautiful symbols with lines that were so intricate that those looking at it wouldn’t be able to tear their eyes from it. Without the slightest doubt, these were living rune patterns!

“This is…”

“It’s something that creates mummy soldiers.”

Mu Zi answered with a calm voice. Clearly this wasn’t a new experience for Aiolos and he. With just a bit of time spent to analyze the living rune pattern etched into the stone platform, he didn’t continue to look at them. Since they had already analyzed it, it just wasn’t worth wasting time on.

But to Wang Zhong, this was an abnormal mental blow for him. To him, this stone platform wasn’t a ‘machine’ but a monster. It radiated with such an intense aura that he almost felt suffocated by it. These were living rune patterns? This was obviously just a lifeless stone platform, yet because of the existence of these rune patterns it seemed to contain a unique energy. If Old Potter were here, he might just go mad with luck.

“There was also that mummy army we met last time…”

“It was most likely created by this thing. However, since it’s a thing of the higher dimension, we don’t pay much attention to it. There are just too many traps in it,” Aiolos replied with a nod. “Let’s go; there’s only one way out of here.”

Aiolos stopped speaking at this point. For them, it was a conversation based off experience. These things might have some power to them, but they could also hold more curses as well.

The reasons why the Federation coveted the hyperdimension so much was because of the things present. They could obtain valuable skills, techniques, and dimensional skills from them.

Only after he moved on did Wang Zhong begin to carefully size up this mysteriously lit giant hall. By now the Door of Life they had just passed had completely disappeared, leaving only a long passage that went off to some distant location.

Compared to the brightly lit giant hall, the passageway was simply a solid blackness. It even seemed to radiate with black light, appearing dangerous and mysterious. Its silent presence obstructed any attempts at probing it, as though telling everyone they would simply be devoured should they muster up the courage to step in.

Walking into the jet-black passageway, this feeling of danger grew exponentially. If one stared at the sides of the passageway, the drawings on the walls gave off a terrifying pressure. Like terrors from god knows how many years had been sealed here, slowly releasing themselves due to these new arrivals.
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