Battle Frenzy
264 Chapter 264 – Weight of Soul
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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264 Chapter 264 – Weight of Soul

Chapter 264 – Weight of Soul

Wang Zhong shook his head in denial. With his senses, he knew the wall before him was just a wall, an ordinary wall. But the more he examined it, the more extraordinary it was. From the start of their journey up till now, whenever they met with difficult checkpoints there would be traces of rune patterns to be found. Yet, only here was there nothing in sight!

And it was a fact that compared to Aiolos and Mu Zi, Wang Zhong’s understanding of higher dimensions was truly too lacking.

After some discussion, the trio weren’t able to reach a conclusion. Waving his hands decisively, Aiolos said, “This isn’t a good place to stay for too long. Since there’s a wall, there should be something connecting the two sides. Since we can’t find a door here, let’s just punch our way through.”

Mu Zi didn’t like using brute force to settle problems, but he had to admit there were times when it was definitely the simplest way to solve issues.

Aiolos gently spread his hands out. Wang Zhong seemed to hear a whine, as though coming from a bird. Only, this whine was brimming with an unknown might. The halo that had long disappeared from behind Aiolos’ head appeared again. It blossomed with a gorgeous brilliance. Soul power once again erupted from Aiolos’ body, a golden flame that burned brightly.

“Law of the Jungle! Winner is King!”

With a deep roar, Aiolos again transformed into a golden bolt of lightning and slammed right into the wall!


When Aiolos’ fist impacted the wall, a muffled sound rang out. Not only did this terrifying force seemingly unequal to any martial might only cause a dull thud to ring out, it didn’t even dent the ordinary-looking wall.

Aiolos’ expression turned vacant upon seeing this result. He stared at his fist while muttering, “That can’t be possible. It didn’t budge even under my full strength.”

Walking toward the wall, Mu Zi held his breath and, with rapt attention, stoked his aura. From what Wang Zhong could see, a black-coloured pattern akin to vines began to crawl along the coffin attached to Mu Zi’s back. The black lines then merged with Mu Zi’s body and began to appear across his face before extending toward this Wall of Sighs.

Nevertheless, when this energy touched the Wall of Sighs, there was no response. No mysterious activation happened as the lines disappeared without a trace.

Mu Zi’s face also turned vacant as he watched this. “My soul power grade isn’t enough.”

At this moment, the gigantified Ham Sausage roared its two heads and, with dark-red flames erupting from its body, slammed into the wall.


The outcome wasn’t what they all were hoping for. As a variation dimensional beast, all that happened from Ham Sausage’s attack was a dull thump. Not a single trace of damage was present on the wall.

“How can you trust such a vulgar lifeform, stupid baldy.” Finally unable to control himself, Simba jumped out from behind Wang Zhong. The situation moments ago had been too dangerous for him so he hadn’t made any noise. What would have happened if this baldy forced him to become a cannon fodder vanguard? Now that the current situation was quite safe, it was the right moment for the Mighty Simba reveal his presence.

Brimming with excitement, Simba gave the wall two kicks. Obviously, they had no effect at all, but Simba didn’t care about it. A profound expression instead appeared on his face and he said, “The Mighty Simba has felt it! Yes! Indeed, I have felt it! This path… is very durable!”

Everyone turned speechless from his words. Embarrassed, Wang Zhong quickly said, “Stop joking around, Simba. What’s the matter with this wall? I feel as though it’s endless!”

“Mie ha ha ha. I don’t know what this thing is. But what that baldy said was right. His soul power grade wasn’t enough so he couldn’t get acknowledgement from this Wall of Sighs. What you all need is a key! You have to pour your soul power to activate the Wall of Sighs!” Simba explained proudly, his nose pushed up.

“Can you do it?” From the looks of it, Mu Zi seemed to really like Simba as he asked this earnestly.

“I… naturally can’t do it. But he can!” Simba quickly pointed at Wang Zhong.

“Me?” Wang Zhong pointed at his nose, a confused look appearing on his face. After all, this was something even experts like Mu Zi and Aiolos couldn’t accomplish. What can he do?

“The Mighty Simba never makes a mistake, unless Simba so desires to make a mistake!”

Mu Zi and Aiolos shot a glance at this pretentious-looking Simba. Nevertheless, they also had to admit they were a bit envious of Wang ZHong. For adventurers like they who usually traveled alone, having a little guy like Simba by their sides would definitely make every day spectacular.

Looking earnestly at Wang Zhong, Mu Zi said, “Why not just give it a go?”

Nodding, Wang Zhong walked forward and placed his hands gently on the carved wall. It was ice-cold, similar to ordinary stone. Soul power slowly radiated from his hands and he poured it into the engraving. Let’s just treat the engraving as a kind of rune pattern.

Ten seconds passed…

And nothing happened!

“Looks like it’s not possible. Seems you were wrong, little pet.”

Aiolos spoke out with a smile.

“Not right, not right, not right! Not like that, Wang Zhong! You’re straying from the point. Don’t just put in your soul power! Feel it, communicate with it. It isn’t a dead object. You have to go deeper, go deeeeeeper in!”


A sudden thought flashed within Wang Zhong’s mind. I got it! What Simba means is I have to rely on the grade of my Fate Stone!


Suddenly, changes occured. A gigantic bean of golden light shot down from the sky and illuminated the engraving of the Soul Weigher. This originally flat and ordinary wall began to transform. It was as though time began to rewind as the wall became brighter and more vivid. Colours that had disappeared countless years ago began to slowly creep back into existence along the wall, while innumerable vivid and lifelike drawings started to re-etch themselves into the surface.

Mu Zi and Aiolos exchanged a glance. They each noticed the shock in the other’s eyes. The primary reason they had brought along Wang Zhong was due to the good impression they had of him. It was like a feeling of brotherhood. But truthfully speaking, they didn’t want to interact with those of the Federation while under such unfavorable circumstances. It wasn’t a bad meeting, as they would get ham sausage and cola out of it, but they didn’t expect him to provide any assistance on their adventure.

Previously, within the Door of Life, they simply saw his relaxed circumstances as just an accident. Now it seemed that accident had deeper reasons behind it.

Right before this, when they heard Simba talk about how Wang Zhong’s soul power grade was able to open the Wall of Sighs, they simply assumed the former was shooting his mouth off as usual. Never in their wildest dreams would they imagine Wang Zhong could actually open the Wall of Sighs!


As the entire wall reverted to mint condition, the engraving of the Soul Wielder leapt out ferociously. It spread its arms wide open and an energy construct of a scale was raised into the air before it.

Right at that moment, a feather fluttered in the air and slowly fell on one side of the scale. It was an incomparably white feather, appearing extremely pure and brilliant. The moment one took a look at it, one would feel incomparable peace and tranquility in one’s heart. It was like one suddenly became as good and kind-hearted as a saint.

“Feather of the Soul. Legend has it that it’s a soul tool capable of strengthening the souls of humans,” whispered Mu Zi.

Ka, ka, ka…

The scale immediately tilted toward the side of the feather.

“This… does it want to weigh our souls?” asked Wang Zhong.
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