Battle Frenzy
270 Chapter 270 – Adventurer
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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270 Chapter 270 – Adventurer

Chapter 270 – Adventurer

Looking at Old Potter’s smiling face, an unspeakable feeling arose within Wang Zhong’s hear. “Dean, I…”

“It’s alright. I don’t want to hear your questionable thanks. Matters regarding the higher dimensions are considered secrets that are A Rank and above in the Federation. Knowing that you brat would be curious about it, I’ve been helping you for the past few days to obtain rank A clearance from the Federation, with the main reason being to let you gain inspiration before proposing research towards the Rank S living runic patterns. Fortunately, it has been approved today and if you are able to complete this question, your clearance will be raised to S rank. Do you know how few Rank S clearances there are in the entire Federation? Do you know how much you can show off with this?”

Looking enticingly towards the ignorant youth before him, a quack expression appeared on Old Potter’s face.

As he handed an envelope to Wang Zhong, Old Potter immediately said, “The Rank A clearance is universal. Consider it as a little reward for your proposal of the new thesis of living runic patterns. This clearance can be used for scientific institutions as well as various other big industries which includes the Frontlines and adventurer bases that you wanted to know about. Perhaps you could learn some of the dark history of the Federation.”

“That’s possible?” Hearing this, Wang Zhong’s expression became vacant. The Dark History…

“This is how the government works so don’t take it seriously. They have no relation with us scientists. It’s alright to take a look and the clearance will give you greater access to classified secrets. At the same time, however, the information inside them can never be released or revealed.” Old Potter shrugged his shoulders. Although he was always focused on his research, it didn’t mean his emotional quotient was low. In fact, people like him that walked the highest peak of humanity could never have low emotional quotients regardless of their profession, or else they would be kill and destroyed by others.

Looking at the slightly mischievous Old Potter, Wang Zhong hugged him tightly. “Old Potter, you truly are a great person!”

“Cough, cough. Let go, quickly let go! Brat, are you trying to strangle me?”

“Ha ha! I’ll go first to try it out! I’ll find you later tonight!” Brimming with excitement, Wang Zhong immediately rushed off. This clearance had really settled his main problem.

An Rank A clearance meant that his personal information was on par with the classified secrets of the Federation. Not only does one need strength and a background, one would also need a recommendation from a person with Rank S clearance. Old Potter didn’t even go to such lengths for Laura. His hope was for Wang Zhong to be able to reach a more expansive world as it was an important criteria to understanding science.

…In fact, Wang Zhong and that Laura girl is quite compatible. If they were to come together, would Wang Zhong dare to ignore me?

Although she didn’t say anything, she had sought out Wang Zhong when she clearly had no business with him. There’s an eight out of ten chance that she’s a bit interested.

Wang Zhong did not know that the Old Potter was almost treating him as a grandson-in-law. Likewise, Old Potter was unaware that Wang Zhong was already able to enter the hyperdimension through special means. If he knew, he absolutely would not have helped Wang Zhong gain clearance. It’s too dangerous! In his eyes, Wang Zhong’s current level of strength meant that he was still a long way from being able to enter the hyperdimension, and so he had obtained clearance to allow the brat to gain interest and love for science.

When he starts to see the great acts and feats of countless experts, that brat will see how powerless he is. At the same time, he would find that accomplishments in scientific technologies were within reach, with Wang Zhong’s strength in science truly within grasp.

After leaving Old Potter, Wang Zhong immediately sprinted towards the information vault on the fourth level of the library. Within the envelope was a barcode which was the clearance promotion for his Skylink. Wang Zhong heard a ring, and with that his clearance had been raised to A rank. Due to the multifaceted secrets in the Skylink, the various great families would balance each other through mutual checks, resulting in the safest and most orderly system. Once one reaches A rank clearance, one couldn’t be controlled by any sole power.

After accessing the Copperfield’s information vault, images quickly flipped by with the pages turning from the original refreshing bluish white colour to the red and black special pages. The large and eye-catching rankings on the documents made them feel extremely impressive, while also warning the reader that the contents involved the Federation’s secrets.

Feeling a bit excited, Wang typed “adventurer bases” into the search bar.

Searching in progress…

Search complete.

Please scan your Rank A clearance to obtain search results.

Seeing this, Wang Zhong held the Rank A clearance barcode towards the scanner as indicated by the information terminal. There was a flash of blue light, before information started to appear.

Wang Zhong relished at all the information pertaining to adventurer bases while also feeling slightly dumbfounded. As it turns out, mankind had already made so many achievements in the hyperdimension. Furthermore, he regretted having been biased all along, assuming that the Federation didn’t have any plans of for the last few decades for increasing their territory within the hyperdimension.

The various great families and the parliament had always continued their probing and exploration of the hyperdimension, however, their gains could not cover their losses from the long, arduous battles. Although their groups were strong, the repulsion they faced from the dimensional energies were even greater which resulted in sacrifices. If a Heroic Soul Soldier were to move by himself, however, there would be a high possibility of triggering unexpected fortunes which would result in a pretty good harvest, especially if he was nimble.

On this basis, mankind had established both an adventure base system and Frontlines system.

The Frontlines had two objectives: the first was to protect mankind’s territories and resources, the second was to launch an offensive attack upon receiving ample information and reports.

The adventurer bases were information collection hubs which had continuously developed to their current state of information gathering as well as goods and resources exchanging. In fact, their function was also to communicate between empires. As of now, the adventurer bases played such significant roles that their importance had exceeded that of the Frontlines.

These two systems constituted to the Federation’s control over the hyperdimension. For the sake of allowing the adventurer bases to make full use of their functionality, they had released many encouraging features, which would be used to stimulate Heroic Soul Soldiers to take the risk and go out on adventures. Regardless of whether they were regular army soldiers, hidden divisions of the great families or forces of the black underworld, all of them were treated equally at the adventurer bases. Moreover, these bases had ways to deal with it. As long as you are able to afford sufficient values and contributions to the adventurers and the Federation, you could obtain anything regardless of status, exemption or immigration. This was also a method for attracting experts from the empires.

In this situation, there were many experts that willingly tossed themselves into it with the original intention of raising their strengths. If they were also able to obtain fame and benefits, who wouldn’t do it?

No matter what one’s status is in the real world, what bloodline or what sacrifices one has made, everyone starts from zero in the hyperdimension. Everything depends on the contributions made from their own adventures, from discovering secret treasures to breaking the mystery of dimensions and the processes in doing so.

The adventurer ranks range from one to seven stars. Young soldiers that have cast their heroic souls would already be classified as excellent if they were able to obtain a three star ranking. Four stars would mean that they were outstanding and five stars was a rank only senior level experts could achieve. A seven star adventurer was considered a special existence in the Federation, someone that would be highly regarded by even the five great families. It could be said that every seven star adventurer was a member of a great family or at least holds a powerful position in them. At this realm, one would have transcended all laws and would be able to truly influence mankind’s development.

Wang Zhong was truly unable to restrain himself any longer. This time, he made ample preparation before heading back into the hyperdimension.
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