Battle Frenzy
271 Chapter 271 – Unexpected
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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271 Chapter 271 – Unexpected

Chapter 271 – Unexpected

After finishing his preparations, Wang Zhong’s consciousness sank into the energy of the Fate Stone. He activated the summoning force from the dimensional world, and in an instant he’d taken the routine leap into the hyperdimension… Feels as though I’ve pried apart the universe using just a bit of strength.

While slowly regaining the feel of his body, Simba had already begun to fly around him in the air. It wasn’t just Wang Zhong who was getting more accustomed to the hyperdimension, and Simba was even more happy being here. Standing atop Wang Zhong’s head, he shouted, “Wang Zhong, Wang Zhong! Doesn’t it look like I’m riding you?”

An angry look instantly appeared on Wang Zhong’s face. He really did feel like slapping this fellow. “Are you treating my like an aeroplane? Stop fooling around. We have to head straight for the coordinates of the Federation’s adventurer base.”

With a satisfied flip in the air, Simba quickly transformed into a clown mask that covered Wang Zhong’s face. Once it was in place, Wang Zhong’s aura went through an odd ‘tuning’ and became hazy.

Wang Zhong touched the mask on his face. It gave him a strange but warm feeling, and it wasn’t stuffy at all wearing it. In addition, his spiritual sense had become even more sharp and broad, with a definitely increase in his seeing power and hearing.

After locking on to the unique signal used by the Federation, he sensed several carrying it at different locations. He locked onto the one closest to him.

These signals broadcasted by the Federation were very unique, different from any given off by lifeforms or energy sources. In the past, Wang Zhong’s weaker strength halted him from sensing the difference.

What were human souls to these higher dimension worlds?

If one guessed irresponsibly, then they would become kites whose strings were snapped. Cast Soul to Heroic Soul, then to Heavenly Soul. The evolution of mankind did not focus on ‘energy’ but on the ‘soul’. Perhaps it couldn’t even be counted as evolution in that case. Perhaps, it was instead to unseal, develop, and tap into the strength and potential originally held within the soul.

As he went through these numerous thoughts and imaginations, Wang Zhong continued to lock onto that brightly blazing coordinate. His body finally sank furiously as he completed the transformation from an incorporeal consciousness to a physical form, and he descended toward the location using a method he didn’t truly understand yet.


Wang Zhong neared the location when a faint glowing pattern suddenly flashed across the sky. Its faint energy revolved around his body and he was hit with the uncomfortable feeling of being searched.

He took a deep breath and didn’t try to resist, instead collaborating the energy as it underwent its recognition process. From the information he read on the terminal pertaining to the adventurer bases, Wang Zhong knew this was a defensive rune array that differentiated between dimensional lifeform invaders and humans.

A short time later and Wang Zhong had landed on the ground. Compared to the previously disastrous landings, this felt extremely humane.

With a glance, Wang Zhong sized up his surroundings and found himself standing on an elevated circular platform that was similar to that of a temple. Various kinds of Federation machines and appliances surrounded him, each of them carved with complicated runes. It was clear that the energy that had towed him came from these rune machines, devices capable of receiving visitors following the coordinate signal as a landing port.

Although the Federation had moved further toward mechanized rune technology, it was indeed true that this road was entirely constructed by the Federation’s lonesome. One could even say all roads might lead to the same destination.

Wang Zhong wasn’t alone. Others descended in areas around him, the majority of whom were Heroic Soul stage. Maybe it was due to the mask, but Wang Zhong could sense the strength of others very clearly. Naturally, this excluded those actively concealing their strength.

Any soldier who casted their heroic soul would be able to gain a considerable amount of information pertaining to the Frontlines. This was a prerequisite before heading to the hyperdimension. Most would then enter via Federation-installed spatial transmission stations. If one had an especially outstanding status, then they would be able to enter for free. Otherwise, there was a certain toll to be paid. Naturally, entering with a spiritual body like Wang Zhong indicated a higher strength level.

As Wang Zhong observed his surroundings, the employees and other soldiers also examined him. This was because he had no previous entry record within any of the adventurer bases. His skylink signal did check out, however, and he was classified as being of high rank. This indicated a statues from a certain clan or influence.

And with the way Wang Zhong had entered the hyperdimension, through his soul, he was someone who deserved a level of respect and distance.

When he finally walked out of the area he’d descended upon, a Federation army official dressed curtly in uniform welcomed him. Wang Zhong sensed his strength to be of the Heroic Soul stage, and with his physique and greatsword strapped to his back he should be a heavy soldier-type.

“Respected sir, welcome to Diamond Base. This should be the first time you’ve used an adventurer base, yes? As such, please register yourself in order to properly use the base’s facilities and ease the exchange of items.”

The military official maintained an extremely respectful stance. It was the most basic level of treatment given to those using a spiritual body. Regardless of whether or not the person was radiating with pressure or strength, he didn’t dare to underestimate their status.

“Lead the way,” Wang Zhong replied indifferently with a nod. When acting, one should be decisive and ditch the nonsense. A touch of unhappiness never hurt either.

Without a change in expression, the military official maintained a stern, yet relaxed level of respect as he brought Wang Zhong down from the platform.

What greeted him upon entering the base made his mouth part in surprise. He’d imagined the adventurer base to be, if not filled with eye-watering smoke and trash, at least a grim place made with combat preparations in mind. Instead, what he faced was a bustling area with various types of soldiers streaming from all directions. Such an ‘ordinary’ scene to him was quite intense.

Other than these adventurers who were from either the Federation or the empires, there were also a large quantity of regular employees. The weakest of these employees, however, were still of the Heroic Soul stage. This… really did make Wang Zhong sweat a bit.

The Federation’s greatest ability was to form human social order in the most inconceivable of places.

Crudely stated, humans specialized in bringing the feel of Earth to the hyperdimension and other realms, even if those places possessed different worldly laws and principles.

Those from the other nations wore strange clothes and had a dense killing intent and bloody smell with them as they moved about. Wang Zhong could understand this characteristic. The hyperdimension was, frankly speaking, a place where the weak became prey for the strong. Not everyone would be like Aiolos or Mu Zi.

“Please, sir, this way.” The military official clearly sensed the admiration Wang Zhong held for the base. This made him guess a few more things about his charge. Either this man was extremely strong, or he was extremely weak. Furthermore, he had such a strange clown mask on. How would one put it? There were a few experts who loved to act mysteriously, so it was probable that such a craving existed for this person as well.

They traveled at a very quick speed and arrived before a pair of gorgeous doors leading to the Judging Hall. The military official took his leave afterward.

People continuously streamed in and out of the doors, with quite a few casting a glance at Wang Zhong’s mask. Even so, none appeared to think too much on it.
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