Battle Frenzy
274 Chapter 274 – Action after Accumulation
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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274 Chapter 274 – Action after Accumulation

Chapter 274 – Action after Accumulation

“Old headmaster!” Moore came over and immediately gave him a bear hug. In their younger days, Moore and Old Potter were considered to be members of the same disciple in the Federation’s Institute of Science. Having worked together for decades, they became extremely close. When Old Potter later became the Associate Dean of the Institute of Science, Moore had become one of the few high ranked research staff members and worked as one of Old Potter’s subordinates, with them being close friends in private. Although they both retired to teach in different places, they had never once broken their communications.

“Headmaster Greene, grandpa Moore,” Laura greeted the two seniors with a smile. “Sorry for troubling you two seniors this time around.”

“What are you saying?” Headmaster Greene smiled. “This is the first time you’ve been to Tianjing, right little Laura? I’ll let Scarlet and Wang Zhong accompany you to go sightseeing in the afternoon. Although Tianjing City isn’t as prosperous as Copperfield, we have a deep history with quite a few historical sites and scenic spots. There’s also a lot of good places to eat and have fun.”

“Ha ha. Speaking of that brat Wang Zhong, I really can’t help but properly thank you two! Thank you for nurturing such an outstanding talent for the Federation!” The moment Old Potter spoke, his words caused both Greene and Moore to be caught slightly off guard. Even if you want to praise someone, you’re being too exaggerated! “I’ve heard that his family’s condition is on the normal side as his adoptive parents are ordinary people. I’ve already helped him request for the highest limit scholarship at Copperfield. All it needs is for Headmaster Greene to sign his release and it’ll be done. Ha ha! For the sake of nurturing talent, I’ll absolutely do my utmost!”

“This… Ha ha. This still needs Wang Zhong’s decision first.” Greene’s response was quick. Wang Zhong had definitely rejected Old Potter, for him to take drastic measures and come here with such a deal. Although he did not understand why Old Potter would admire Wang Zhong to such a degree, he did not doubt Wang Zhong’s talent in the slightest. He might even be of a heavenly defying level. Letting Wang Zhong go? He would have to step over old Greene’s corpse to do that. “However, Headmaster Potter, you’ve reminded me that Wang Zhong’s performance this year is indeed extremely impressive. In fact, I’ve also referred him for the highest limit scholarship here! Ha ha!”

The various academies of the Federation treated their various talents as gems, grasping them tightly in their hands. The Old Potter’s words were just a test. In fact, from the moment that Wang Zhong had rejected him Old Potter had known that it was unlikely that brat would be lured to Copperfield.

Greene’s rejection didn’t make him feel angry nor frustrated. His definition of Wang Zhong was not only an outstanding student and a monstrous talent, it was also a future scientific master craftsman! For a person like that, Old Potter didn’t think it mattered as to whether he was pulled over to Copperfield Academy or not! The most important thing was doing a good job at research at the very least!

“I knew you would reply like that,” said Old Potter with a laugh. “Nevermind. Since I can’t pull that brat Wang Zhong over, I’ll just have to come to Tianjing.”

“Cough cough…” Both Greene and Moore coughed quite forcefully. Did Old Potter really come to Tianjing just for Wang Zhong? This… this doesn’t make any sense! Exactly what indignant heavenly defying thing did that brat do?

“There’s nothing I can do about it.” Old Potter explained with a faint smile, revealing the critical reason in a single sentence. “Both he and I are directly responsible for the entire research project. It’s impossible to do it without him and since that brat refuses to stay at Copperfield, I’m forced to come to Tianjing.”

Hearing this, Greene and Moore shot looks at each other, both feeling slightly dazed. Even for Laura, this was the first time they knew about this matter. So Wang Zhong is my grandpa’s partner with direct authority in the research project! Wang Zhong was not just some assistant, and the two cannot be deficient of one another.

Wang Zhong’s actually that important?!

Laura couldn’t help but turn her head around and size her grandfather up once again. Thinking about how Old Potter had treated Wang Zhong during the past period of time, it really did seem like that.

“Old… old headmaster,” Moore spoke out after quite a while of silence. “You didn’t mention it too clearly on Skylink, but what exactly is this research project about? Wang Zhong…”

With a smile and wave of his hand, Old Potter replied, “You’ll understand the research thesis after reading through the information in the research lab. As for Wang Zhong, this research project was set into motion by the inspiration he provided. Not only this, but quite a few ideas and concepts in the research process had come from him! A genius, an absolute genius! Such a pity!” Sighing slightly, he looked at Headmaster Greene before continuing, “I don’t understand why this scientific genius would be so obsessed with things like fighting and killing! Sigh, the Federation’s education system is indeed too rigid. A talent like Wang zhong should be given distinguished treatment and special guidance, to allow him to exhibit his greatest use in the most suitable field!”

When he talked about Wang Zhong, Old Potter appeared to have opened the floodgates as he spewed out words incessantly. This caused both Greene and Moore to stare at him with wide eyes and their mouths agape, completely unable to speak.

Is the person that Old Potter is talking about really the second year student, Wang Zhong, of our Tianjing Academy? It seems like I can’t recognise this person at all!

Student Wang Zhong who was being resented was currently sleeping deeply, having stared at his Skylink all night till the wee hours of today. To put it nicely, it could be called the thirst of knowledge, however, in essence it was all due to his instinct for gossip, which Wang Zhong was of no exception. Dual information sources have always been mankind’s specialty, and could not be judged as simply good or bad. Indeed, it definitely had an effect on order and stability.

The recognition he had for the Federation and the empire side was different from others. Most gossip will always boast about the invincibility of the Federation, or that the empires were frightening. As a matter of fact, they both had their merits and drawbacks. Wang Zhong was already dumbfounded from all the information available to him from his Rank A clearance, including various kinds of assistance, snatching and plundering of resources, immigration of citizens, so on and so forth. The Federation was clearly aware of its own disadvantages, while also investigating the weaknesses of the empires. High level games like that were indeed extremely disturbing and soul shaking. With his Rank A clearance, he could only see the movements of policies, however, he was unable to access deeper things. This was already allowing Wang Zhong to exist on a completely different level from ordinary students, to the point where he exceeded quite a few younger generations of the major families.

If the fact that Wang Zhong had spent his whole day reading about these was made known to Old Potter, heaven knows whether he would vomit blood or not.

Afterwards, student Wang Zhong was awakened from his deep sleep by impatient knocking on the door which came from Ma Dong, who had a shocked expression as he exclaimed at Wang Zhong, “Bro, you’ve actually kidnapped Laura over…”

“Kidnapped? What an awful word,” replied Wang Zhong as he rubbed his eyes. He truly slept too late last night.

“There’s still a few days till the auction, yet Laura has already arrived. Isn’t that kidnapping?” Brimming with excitement, Ma Dong fiercely embraced Wang Zhong. “Even with a relationship as cousins, it wasn’t easy for my Mi Mi to invite Sharmie over, with her saying she would only arrive one day in advance! Your reputation truly is big! Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! Why are you still sleeping? Scarlet and Mi Mi are already there. Let me invite you to accompany the Explosive Bear Goddess to sightsee!”
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