Battle Frenzy
275 Chapter 275 – Battle Between Girls
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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275 Chapter 275 – Battle Between Girls

Chapter 275 – Battle Between Girls

Laura had already arrived? That means that Old Potter had also arrived.

Wang Zhong couldn’t help but feel deeply moved. Indeed, the carriage was of a special class. It had set out two days later than himself, yet had arrived at Tianjing only a dozen hours later. The special direct train was truly fast!

As he hurriedly dressed and got out of bed, he thought, these two people had come due to his invitation.

While previously in Copperfield, Laura had already grown extremely close to Scarlet and Milami, with her inviting the Tianjing squadron for a feast quite a few times. Now, since she had come over, the Tianjing squad naturally had to return this respect. However…

Laura wasn’t anticipating sightseeing, instead she wished for a chance to interact with Wang Zhong along, as there still wasn’t a result in the question of her relationship with the All Mouthy King. She had already started to like the process of challenging Wang Zhong in wits and courage. In fact, she could feel faintly that it was becoming more interesting than knowing the result. It was a pity, however, that the Tianjing squadron members were too cordial, and it goes without saying that Scarlet was the same. The latter accompanied her everywhere the entire time, with Laura even staying at Scarlet’s house. As for Milami, she had opened her eyes wide to stare at Laura and Wang Zhong. How would there be any free space for Laura to chat with Wang Zhong?

Originally, she planned to endure till the end of sightseeing before making Wang Zhong accompany her for some special training alone in the training room. After a hardworking session, they could have a delightful chat while going at each other for tit and tat. The problem was that after sightseeing, Wang Zhong was immediately “kidnapped” away.

The person that kidnapped Wang Zhong appeared to be Dean Moore, however, Laura knew that the main reason was due to Old Potter. Laura didn’t have any way to deal with this grandfather of hers. Furthermore, this “kidnapping” lasted quite a few days…

Upon seeing the fanatical expressions bore by Old Potter and Dean Moore in the research lab, Wang Zhong instantly knew what it was meant by saying one plus one is more than simply two efforts pooled together.

If a science fanatic gave people the impression of being crazy, two science fanatics would make people shocked.

After meeting with each other, their enthusiasm for scientific research collided in a chemical reaction, resulting in an unprecedented rise!

Indeed, Dean Moore was truly worthy of being a grandmaster in runes. Although his field of expertise was in runic weapons, which had different usages of runes, the essence was still the same. Moore’s understanding was considerably deep and vast! Although his theoretical knowledge might not be as vast and his creativity as unconstrained as Old Potter’s, his basic deductive ability as well as seriousness towards runes was above even that of Old Potter’s!

Under the highly efficient pace of these two old men, Wang Zhong had no choice but to put in 120% of his effort and rush forward with all his might. Part of this was due to him wanting to thank and keep his promise to Old Potter, while the older was to crazily absorb the various theoretical knowledge on the basics of runes from the two old men, through the continual process of research and creation. The runic chain that he has used in the OP was perfect enough and required a broader knowledge to improve and refine the details. Even though he was tired, Wang Zhong happily followed along.

Another person who was similarly busy was Ma Dong. The auction was approaching with only a few more days left. Other than spending the first day with Wang Zhong and Laura, the shadow of the great president Ma could not be seen for days. The only time he could spare was at night, sending two messages via the Skylink.

From this, it seemed that his preparations for the auction were going quite smoothly. The two adventurer groups that his dad sent out had already returned, with their harvests being quite substantial. The only problem was dealing with Teslan. Although the problem didn’t seem too big, Ma Dong felt that something was not quite right. The commotion caused by the Assassin Family was extremely great this time, and rumors suggested that there would be changes in the Tianjing auction. This involved some of the new decisions from the higher ups of his family. There was a possibility that his family supported Teslan and if that really was the case, Ma Dong wouldn’t even have the confidence to stand in confrontation.

Considering that Ma Dong was under mountainous pressure at the moment, Wang Zhong didn’t explain much about the matter of Darwin and Musk. It was still unknown as to whether the two would come, so there was no use giving uncertain hope to Ma Dong. He didn’t even mention Old Potter, although that was a request from the headmaster himself. He only told him that some big shots would be coming over, while asking him to do a three dimensional scan of the golden stone slab before auctioning off at a starting price of one billion credits.

This matter caused Ma Dong to become absent minded for the whole day. Ten billion credits? Furthermore, it was only a three dimensional image.

Bro, my dear bro, are you certain that you’re not screwing me over? This is just a stone brick! Even if it’s sent from God, it won’t be worth so many zeros, right?

Wang Zhong was extremely certain in his reply, however, as though he could completely predict the auction. With so many big shots, there will be people who would recognize it. The response from the two in the base, this definitely wouldn’t be a mistake.

After returning to the rhythm of attending class in academy, everything was back to normal other than Wang Zhong’s continued “privileged” treatment, which resulted in his severe absence from classes. The matter of Laura staying at Scarlet’s house was kept secret, with her training being held at the Prodigy Society. As such, no other student discovered the existence of the Explosive Bear Goddess due to the academy squadron having closed training. If not, the place would be filled with a sea of people.

Recently, the squadron was already extremely familiar with the group training exercises. Laura was interested in Wang Zhong’s new way of training that involved running according to numbers and letters. As opposed to this, Laura was a specialist that had been educated in the orthodox common formation. For this reason, Wang Zhong was extremely willing to hear her specialized advice. No student can be overly subjective and disregard other opinions. Learning from everyone’s specialties was the right way.

Laura felt that this kind of training was undoubtedly an innovation, without the slightest bit of exaggeration!

“Comparing this formation to the traditional, common one, both of them have their merits and drawbacks.” Having received orthodox style army training since she was young, Laura’s understanding towards the common formation was undoubtedly of an extremely high standard. Recently, she had been questioning Wang Zhong primarily about this matter. “The fault tolerance rate and order implementation will be more thorough and clear. The entire squadron will indeed become stronger than the traditional formation on these aspects. Its deficiency, however, is that it has too high of a demand on the commander. It’s extremely hard for me to imagine a commander participating in combat while being able to balance the situation and action of every single member in such a complicated battle situation. Furthermore, what’s more lethal would be when every member is accustomed to such commands. Otherwise if the commander is attacked, the entire formation would be a headless dragon.

Shaking her head, Laura continued, “Within the CHF, experts with extremely strong dashing abilities can be found everywhere. Once any problems arise for the commander, this formation becomes useless.”

With a smile, Wang Zhong replied, “So we will still have a vice commander. In my concept, this common formation needs to have two commanders at one time to be considered complete. With two ranged members at the edges, the field of view would be broadest, suitable for commanders. Scarlet is the vice commander of our common formation.”

Hearing that, Laura gawked before saying, “That’s good, however, I feel that your formation seems to be tailored for the weak. I have a feeling of imminent crisis about it and that your immediate priority should be to increase the strength of every individual…”

“Wang Zhong, so you’re here.” A woman’s voice suddenly rang out from behind the two. “So you have someone accompanying you! I knew it!”


Tomorrow’s the date of the auction. I heard from Ma Dong that Sharmie would be arriving today. How did she find us here? This made Wang Zhong feel slightly dazed. Was he that familiar with Sharmie?
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    《Battle Frenzy》