Battle Frenzy
277 Chapter 277 – You Fight, I Steal
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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277 Chapter 277 – You Fight, I Steal

Chapter 277 – You Fight, I Steal

Compared to those of the business world that Ma Dong gathered, Teslan’s guests were all important members of the political world, representatives of considerable power from nearby cities to the East of Tianjing City.The Assassin family’s business wasn’t only restricted to Tianjing City. This was Teslan’s trump card. The reason why he brought the fight to the Ma Family was because of the key point that they were overly restricted to Tianjing. This was an extreme impairment to the benefits the Assassin Family would get.

“The Ma Family has actually lost in the aspect of local influence.” Quite a few people whispered into each other’s ears in discussion. The actions the Assassin Family had taken towards Tianjing City this time had a very large impact on Tianjing’s business world. Truthfully, there were quite a few people concerned about this.”

“I had assumed that the Ma Family would win in the aspect of local connections since they’ve been doing business in Tianjing for a few decades. Sigh…”

“The business world is likely unwilling to change to another business partner. On the hand, the government faction has a completely different idea. Establishing business ties with a big family like the Assassin clan would greatly benefit their political future. Looks like the Ma Family will lose for sure.”

“It’s a bit of a pity. Public opinion of the Ma Family’s father-son duo is still pretty good.”

Everyone in the vicinity were all whispering to one another, with a portion of them coming over here to join in the fun. With the high likelihood of some powerful figures appearing, not standing on any side and just watching to gain knowledge and experience was still a good choice.

“Ah. Look over there. Where did that beauty come from? She looks like a member of the Potter Family?” someone exclaimed.

“That’s seems correct! She looks slightly familiar! Could she be Laura?”

“Impossible! The little princess of Copperfield’s here?”

“That’s really Laura, and that’s the Apollo Family’s Sharmie!” Quite a few youths had followed their elders out to gain knowledge and experience. With a single look, they were able to recognize the two peerless talents: the two great ball queens.

“There’s also the Greene Family’s Scarlet! Holy heavens, who’s that guy? He’s actually walking together with those three great beauties, how fortunate!”

The originally low hum in the auction grounds instantly rose to a slight uproar. Regardless of where they went, the three great beauties would definitely steal the limelight. Even Teslan, who was greeting his government dignitaries, couldn’t help feel his eyes burn.

Accompanying Laura and the other two girls was something that he had planned long beforehand. Wang Zhong was dressed extremely formally today, wearing a tuxedo that made him appeared somewhat suave. However, compared to the three girls, he appeared a bit like a gooseberry. Scarlet was the darling of Tianjing City, with quite a few people recognizing her. There wasn’t even a need to talk about Laura and Sharmie. In a moment, they had stolen the limelight, causing even the important VIPs from the political world to repeatedly shoot glances at them.

Naturally, they weren’t looking at the ladies’ figures, but their backgrounds backing them.

The Greene, Apollo and Potter families. Each family bigger than the last. Laura and Sharmie were even considered as idols of tens of thousands of youths, and pioneer-like figures representing the Federation’s younger generation. Now, they’d actually grouped together to cheer for Ma Dong, something that made Teslan feel somewhat shocked and astonished. Unable to bear it, he shot a look at Ma Dong. The fellow didn’t seem as weak as he thought so in the beginning. They were extremely popular within the younger generation! If not for his Uncle helping him today, he really might not be the match for the former.

Hmph…Teslan felt slightly jealous. Nevertheless, he quickly reorganised his thoughts and calmed his heart. It didn’t matter if Ma Dong was stronger than him or not. The most important thing was that he would definitely win today! The truly great figures that Uncle’s invited have yet to arrive. Before them, neither Laura nor Sharmie had enough status. Winner takes all. Regardless of how much strength a person possessed, once he lost, he would be a pile of shit!

The slight disadvantage earlier made Ma Dong feel slightly uneasy. The presence of the four gave his heart a shot of strength as he hurried over to greet them. Although he could be more casual with Wang Zhong and Scarlet, Ma Dong didn’t dare neglect anything when faced with Laura and Sharmie.

“You don’t need to welcome us, seeing that you’re so busy,” said Wang Zhong with a grin. “Today, leave the duty of flower protector up to me.”

“As if,” said Milami teasingly. “One person protecting three flowers, your appetite sure is big!”

“My mistake!” replied Wang Zhong as he wiped his sweat. After being with Ma Dong for a while, Milami’s skill at talking had recently improved dramatically. “I’ll be a nanny at most, following them at their beck and call! I’m definitely competent at pouring tea and serving drinks!”

“Oh really? I really want to try some tea that Wang Zhong has personally served today! Let’s go!” Sharmie said with a grin. “Good luck, cousin!”

It was impossible for Milami to influence the Apollo Family. Sharmie had come based purely on her relationship with Milami.

The Giant Axe Auction Grounds was originally the biggest auction grounds in Tianjing. Some time earlier, Teslan did a complete renovation of it before changing the location of their battle to this place. After undergoing renovation, Giant Axe Auction Ground could be considered extremely luxurious.

“The grounds are quite big. The greatest auction grounds in Copperfield City should also be around this level.” After entering the grounds, Laura highly praised this place. With her sight and experience, her words clearly had a completely different weight when compared to Wang Zhong.

“The Assassin Family’s auction grounds is quite famous. I’ve been to one when I went to Saint Mongols last time. Indeed, the standards of their goods are extremely high,” Sharmie agreed. “I never imagined they would be so serious at Tianjing.”

The entire auction was in accordance to the strict specifications of the old era. This was the pride of the Freedom Federation. This was their orthodoxy. They were the “true” representation of the human race, continuing everything that was once there and preserving the blood lines. Not those barbarians or freaks.

In front of the auction grounds was a gigantic stand. Other than the small podium fixed at the centre for the auctioneer, facilities used to display the various items were all present. Below the stand were little round tables and chairs arranged in rows, numbering in the thousands in the giant hall. Large numbers of Skylink screens were hung around the place, all of them showing what was happening at the auction stand so those at the back could clearly see what was happening at the front.

Wang Zhong and the other three casually chose a location near the front and sat down, attracting quite a few people’s attention.

“Ha ha, Miss Laura, it’s been a long time.” The person with the greatest status would be President Rex, whom everyone would give some face to. Being a member of a city in the Eastern Area’s A region, he had been to Copperfield City a few times before, and had naturally met with the big miss of the greatest family there. Now, he actually took the initiative to greet her. He couldn’t act pretentious in front of her. Laura’s status was no small matter. Although she was still a youth, having basic courtesy was important. Naturally, Rex’s actions stemmed from his respect towards the Potter Family.

So what if he was a President? Everyone knew what was going on. Perhaps in the eyes of the ordinary folk those businessmen might appear like wolves and tigers, wielding great influence and power in their hands. However, the fact was that the majority of them were just puppets and chess pieces of the various large families of the Federation. In the Federation, those who were truly powerful were those of the great aristocratic families.

“Potter Family’s Laura, one of the ten great families. Indeed, they’re powerful enough. Any of their younger generation is enough for people like President Rex to treat them with the utmost respect.”

“She isn’t just some younger generation. Laura’s fame and reputation within the younger generation is extensive. Even within the Potter Family, she’s the big miss that everyone treats as a gem.”

“Who are the few beside her?”
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