Battle Frenzy
278 Chapter 278 – Stuffed Pie
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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278 Chapter 278 – Stuffed Pie

Chapter 278 – Stuffed Pie

“That guy should be a student of Tianjing Academy, like Ma Dong. That girl’s Scarlet, the granddaughter of Old Greene. As for the other two, they have pretty good backgrounds. Apollo’s Sharmie. I’ve heard she’s extremely popular in the OP, and is the legitimate successor of Apollo.”

“The Apollo Family… Ma Dong’s girlfriend seems to be from the Apollo Family, right? He can also be considered to have the upper hand at relying on girls.”

“Tsk. I assumed it would be a completely one sided show when it came to connections. I never imagined that he could actually find people to support him.”

“He’s only holding on in that aspect. They aren’t of any great use. In the end, they’re just from the younger generation and can’t represent their families. This should just be personal friendship between youths.” Other than shock and astonishment, there were some things that were quite clear. “In terms of relationships between families, Teslan still hasn’t had anyone show up.”

“It’s a bit dangerous for your friend to compare connections with the other party.” Being observant and alert, and with the Potter Family’s status in the Federation, Laura had been to many similar social gatherings since she was little, and many of her habits had become subconscious reactions. “Those on your friend’s side are only a few businessmen. As for the other side, most of them are in various positions of the local government. If he can’t contend locally, then the others will be even more worrisome.”

Sharmie didn’t care about this at all. In her eyes, whoever won or lost was of no importance to her whatsoever. True love between two people couldn’t be stopped by even God himself.

“Wang Zhong, when this is finished, you should accompany me to do some special training, okay? Those wonderful ideas that you proposed last time gave me a lot of inspiration. It’s a pity we were only chatting, long ranged combat can only be truly understood in real combat!”

“Ha ha, Sharmie, speaking of ranged techniques, Scarlet’s a specialist.” A teasing glint flashed in Laura’s eyes as she said, “Wang Zhong, I’ve tested out the evolution of the Bear Rules the World that you talked about previously. Indeed, it’s very effective now. I wish to try it out in real combat with you. Tomorrow afternoon, accompany me to slice and dice!”

Hearing this, Sharmie’s expression instantly changed. Giving a slight shake of her sexy bottom, a creak rang out from the chair’s legs as she pressed herself tightly against Wang Zhong and said, “I asked first. Wang Zhong, you have to accompany me tomorrow afternoon. You can have him the next afternoon, Laura.”

“This isn’t the question of who asks first.” Laura wasn’t willing to show any signs of weakness. With a gentle shift of her long legs, she sat even closer to Wang Zhong than Sharmie.

These two, who had stepped into the OP roughly two years ago, were predestined enemies. As they were hailed as the two great ball queens of the North and South, their relationship as enemies had already been established.

This time, when they went to Tianjing, Laura stayed at Scarlet’s house while Sharmie stayed at Milami’s. Aside from frequently butting heads, the two would also oppose each other equally harshly. They would even secretly scheme while walking. As for Wang Zhong, he was at the other end of the bullets fired by them. Perhaps the two ladies needed a ‘living object’ as a target that could be judged.

In fact, there were even times that Wang Zhong really wanted to know what would be the result of the two of them starting an all out battle…. It’d be too vicious…

“This is a question of who has greater needs and who’s more fitting! If it’s about ranged combat strategies, Scarlet’s better than Wang Zhong, and can definitely improve along with you! However, when it comes to practicing my Bear Rules the World, she isn’t comparable to Wang Zhong! Am I right, Wang Zhong?”

As he watched and heard this scene going on, he entered a meditative state akin to a monk! If he was to give his opinion now, he would really be a pig!

“Wang Zhong?!” Sharmie was getting increasingly agitated, pressing herself straight onto Wang Zhong’s side. As her voluptuous chest pushed against him, her beautiful eyes opened wide. The double pressure of spirit and body!

This lass, this same move again…as if I don’t have any chest! Who’s scared of who!

Laura sneered. Faced with her predestined enemy’s challenge, she would rather die than retreat. Her soft and tender mountains immediately launched an intense assault on WangZhong’s right. With Sharmie assaulting from the left, the two of them squashed Wang Zhong like a pancake.

It would’ve been alright if they had just pressed their bodies onto him. Truth to be told, the two of them had so much control that they just left a sliver of a distance between them and Wang Zhong, with the latter being treated as a complete object by the two of them.

Student Wang Zhong was now drunk and intoxicated. Although he wasn’t a pervert, he was by all means an normal male. Furthermore, such suspense…impossible, wait! Scarlet’s watching beside me! Furthermore, if a victory was snatched away by the two competing ladies, Wang Zhong wouldn’t know who won or lost. However, he was certain that he would definitely die.

Hastily giving a gentle cough, he said, “Heroines….I have to do experiments in the afternoon tomorrow. Although I really want to help you two, I’m truly unable to offer any assistance.”

Shooting a look at each other, Laura and Sharmie could only drop this case.

Seeing this, Scarlet started to laugh silently. Milami had always suspected that Laura and Sharmie had a somewhat ambigious relationship with Wang Zhong. However, Scarlet didn’t see it this way.

Since a very long time ago, she had already noticed Wang Zhong. That was when everyone was still a first year freshman. During the semestral exams, she was already paying attention to him, a male student of the Commander department who was more capable in theory than her.

She had frequently seen him in the library, and often saw him do various kinds of academic assignments with single minded devotion. In the heroic academies, the majority of the students would pursue greater strength as their top priority, or would act pretentiously cool or suave. There really weren’t many people who could focus on reading books and studying. At the time, she already felt that Wang Zhong was quite a special person, a really quiet and calm student. She also knew that, other than similarly bad mouthed Ma Dong, he seemed to have no other friends in the academy. In fact, he was even looked down on by the majority of people, who had nicknamed him “bookworm”.

However, in just a year, this bookworm that was seemingly looked down upon by everyone was actually able to attract the attention of heaven favored girls like Laura and Sharmie. Faced with this, one could only say that the matters of the world are unpredictable.

In fact, she really like the image of Wang Zhong being received in such welcoming fashion, it made her feel as though something of her own was being appreciated and praised by other people. It gave her heartfelt happiness and acknowledgement.

While Scarlet was having wild thoughts, waves of astonished sighs instantly rang out, drawing the attention of Laura and Sharmie.

“Welcome, Mr Gaia!”

“Good to see you, Mr Gaia!”

Teslan and his uncle were respectfully accompanying a middle aged man as they strode into the grounds, a large group of people hastily stood up to smile and give their greetings.

Gaia Terandor. This was the true nobility of Saint Mongols City, the head of foreign affairs for the Terandor Family!

Faced with a flood of greetings, Gaia only nodded his head slightly. The difference in status showed how different their perspectives were. In a place like Tianjing, where fishes and dragons were mixed together, regardless of whether they were government figures or the local big shot, they were all just mud that couldn’t even support a wall.

He had some relations with Teslan’s uncle, Asima, having built up many years of friendship in Saint Mongols. He’d also heard of the competition between the two younger generation members of the Assassin Family. To him, it seemed a small matter had been blown up. Also, having nothing to do currently, and hearing from Asima that there was some good stuff available in this auction, he reluctantly came to take a look.
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