Battle Frenzy
284 Chapter 284 – Little Ma Spins a Tale
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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284 Chapter 284 – Little Ma Spins a Tale

Chapter 284 – Little Ma Spins a Tale

Instantly, an uproar flooded the entire auction. Dimensional Treasure? Golden Stone Slab???

The golden stone slab that’s rumoured to have dimensional mysterious secrets of how to ascend to godhood engraved on it???

Old Potter was slightly emotional as he exclaimed, “That’s really the Golden Stone Slab!”

“You know about it?” Wang Zhong was extremely interested at his comment.

“How can I not know about it?!” Old Potter took a deep breath before continuing. “That’s the Stuart Family treasure! I’ve always assumed that it’s one of a kind! Unexpectedly, yet another has appeared here! That’s why Darwin came here personally!”

“Family treasure?” Now Wang Zhong was even more interested.

“Being one of the five great families of the Federation, the Stuart Family has possessions that no other family could hope to obtain. Of them all, the most famous one was the Golden Stone Slab from a Rank S dimensional secret realm. Mysterious runes are engraved on its surface which holds the mysteries of the dimensions. Until now, it has yet to be deciphered by anyone.” Old Potter’s craze for research was starting to kick in.

Suddenly, Wang Zhong’s heart became scorching hot. The only use this stone slab had was awakening his special ability and lighting up the Fate Stone a little, however, if he could awaken one more side of the Fate Stone, it would result in him possessing two special abilities! Thinking about this, Wang Zhong felt as though he had received blessings from the heavens.

“2 billion.”

Amid the strangely silent atmosphere, there was finally a person that made the first bid. It was only Musk who spoke out, increasing the price by a billion in a single bid. Such awe and breath of spirit shown by him immediately scared the hell out of a large group of people.

At this moment, everyone finally knew that those two deities had come here solely for this item!

Instantly, the entire auction had turned completely silent. Teslan’s face contorted and turned deathly pale with his final hopes being squashed without any chance of revival.

“3 billion.” Darwin made his bid with a faint smile. As long as he could confirm its authenticity, the Stuart Family absolutely would not let go of it. They were determined to win the bid!

They have finally taken action! The two great elders who had not made a single move since the beginning of the auction had truly acted now. Furthermore, their first moves had scared the living hell out of everyone!

Not to mention others, even Ma Dong himself was completely dazed and confused!

With everyone focusing their attention to the platform, Ma Dong hastily called Wang Zhong on his Skylink. “Fuck! What the hell did you do, brat? If that thing is fake or a hoax, dying thousands of times will still not be enough to cover my ass.”

Hearing Ma Dong’s words, Wang Zhong laughed before replying, “Relax. You only have to say that a fellow wearing a clown mask asked you to auction it. As for the others, I’ll leave it to your creativity. In any case, that’s your trademark expertise, right?”

“You motherfuc*ing… truly too awesome! I’m completely convinced!” Ma Dong shot a reply back. He had no idea what Wang Zhong had done, however, he knew that it definitely was no easy feat.

“5 billion.”

If the previous spectacle had shocked and astonished everyone, then the second bid that Musk had quickly followed up with had instantly caused everyone to turn petrified.

What the hell was this? Is this still an auction? When the starting price was 1 billion, you immediately bidded 2 billion. When someone increased the bid to 3 billion, you fired back with a bid of 5 billion!

May I venture to ask you to be slightly gentler? If you double your bid as simply as that, how can anyone present take such a blow?!

Even someone as experienced as Tony was stunned to the point of nearly forgetting to announce the current bid. He was able to sense how extraordinary that stone slab was, however, he had been completely unable to properly determine its value. Nevertheless, the way that Musk shouted out his bid was truly a first for Tony despite being in this business for so many years.

Giving a laugh, Darwin shot an interested glance at Musk before saying, “Looks like you’ve come prepared.”

“Ha ha. Darwin, your family already has one slab. There’s no harm in giving us some face, right?” replied Musk.

Shaking his head slightly, Darwin said, “Our Family has to get it. Unless I don’t intend to ever return home.”

“Our Musk Family doesn’t have much of anything except for money, which we have the most. Let’s not bring our relationships into this matter today. Wanting to buy something depends on one’s own abilities!”

The competition was becoming more intense as the smell of gunpowder began to appear in the atmosphere. Naturally, Darwin had to obtain the stone slab. If he let it slip away, how would his family look at him afterwards?

5 billion. If Darwin was able to bring out such an amount of money, the Stuart Family would not mind the price. Although if one was purely to talk about money, even two Stuart Families added together would not be able to contend with the Musk Family.

“I bid 5 billion. Also, I’m adding in a piece of land in Tianjing City’s vicinity.”

Since we can’t compete on money, I’ll use real objects!

The Stuart Family never ever fought an uncertain battle. They could see and spot the needs of the Assassin Family for their plans in Tianjing City. Clearly, the Fate Master had some unknown relationship with Ma Dong, so there was no harm for him to set a good standing for himself on this aspect.

Immediately, a long legged beauty walked over quickly, placing information on the tray in her hand before carrying it over to Tony.

“Disorderly burial private territory. Area of 760 square kilometres in close vicinity of the C grade restricted region, the Disorderly Burial Lake Region. Only used as an exchange for the Golden Stone Slab!”

Upon reading the information, Tony’s voice unexpectedly started to tremble slightly!

The information given had the accreditation of the Federation on it. This only meant one thing; if the Assassin Family wanted to expand and work on the spatial pathway in the Disorderly Burial Lake Region, there was no escaping the fact that they needed this piece of land. It could be said that the Stuart Family had grasped the vital point of the Assassin Family. Furthermore, they had already presented their offer. If the latter refused it, the Stuart Family may not let the Assassin Family off the hook easily.

This time, Tony had already gotten confirmation from the family leader to call for a ten minute break.

This was the first time that the Assassin Family held such a gargantuan auction.

One the second floor, some of the family elders who were accompanying Tumo Assassin were already unable to remain calm. Even Tumo Assassin was reacting to the situation, having sent a message straight to Ma Dong’s Skylink, “Come to the second storey office immediately!”

At this very moment, Ma Dong was still in shock as the actions that the great figures made were truly scary, actions that were able to suppress the entire first grade family. After receiving Tumo Assassin’s message, he gawked instantly. He subsequently regained his senses and rushed hastily towards the second floor. Just before he could reach the room, however, his Skylink lit up with another message.

This time the sender was Wang Zhong. “Add in another criteria. I want a holographic image of the stone slab in the possession of the Stuart Family. It’s up to you if you want to add anything more.”

Ma Dong could feel the world spinning around as he walked as though he had lost complete control of his senses. Just as he pushed open the door and entered, he noticed that Tumo Assassin and a few elders were looking towards him with a stern expression on their faces. An indescribable wave of pressure swept over Ma Dong. Despite the bright lights in the office, Ma Dong instantly felt like he had stepped into a joint hearing for judgement.

“Who let you auction that item? How did you get it in your hands?” Tumo Assassin’s voice sounded slightly impatient.

The Assassin Family’s intelligence network was extremely famous in the Federation. Not long ago, he had headed into the hyperdimension where he heard strange news. It was about a super expert that popped up recently who had conquered a Rank S pyramid and obtained a Golden Stone Slab. Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine that it would appear in this auction.

Ma Dong knew that this was his moment to shine. If this was during a time of peace, he would definitely have become an author.

“The item is real. He said that he could give it to me any time. As for his name, I don’t know… in any case, that fellow was wearing a vulgar clown mask.” Ma Dong replied while scratching his head, trying his best to appear awkward and embarrassed.

“Don’t flounder around! Just tell the truth and it’ll be fine!” Tumo Assassin hastily asked, calming himself down a little.
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