Battle Frenzy
290 Chapter 290 – Faced with the Sovereign of Flames
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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290 Chapter 290 – Faced with the Sovereign of Flames

Chapter 290 – Faced with the Sovereign of Flames

After continuing to train using this method for a whole week, Wang Zhong had finally reached his limit. Although he was able to endure the pain coursing through his body once or twice, there was a quantitative change after accumulation for a period of time. Now, it was no longer a problem of pain, rather it became a restriction to one’s mind that would forever influence one’s bodily sensations and control. To a soldier, that was something that absolutely could not be tolerated, and as such needed to be eased slightly.

Thus, Wang Zhong had no choice but to take a break for two days. Naturally, this was not a time to slack off, as it just so happened that Old Potter’s research had progressed to a small summit. This caused the latter to drag Wang Zhong to conduct tests with varying Soul Power frequencies to be compared with his calculations. This left Wang Zhong so busy that he was unable to run the society and as for Barran’s special training, it took up all his evenings. In any case, he did not need to head into the hyperdimension for two days so nothing could be said about it.

When he finally entered the hyperdimension after two whole days, Simba had already stopped complaining and appeared to have grown numb to everything. There was no use talking reason to a mentally insane person, something that Simba comprehended rather well. Rather than shouting and arguing, it was better to save his energy to resist against the onslaught of intense agony brought on by Wang Zhong’s training. Furthermore, Simba had discovered that the training seemed to have a little effect on his energy recovery, and could be considered as a consolation prize.

Compared to him, Wang Zhong’s harvest was clearly more substantial.

The result of such extreme training was an incredibly rapid progress. Although Wang Zhong did not know how fast other special ability users were able to increase their strength, his feedback from the information available suggested that it would take a good couple of years to train into a special ability soldier from one’s awakening under normal training circumstances. However, his flame resistance as well as pyrogenesis had increased extremely quickly in the span of one month. With the ancient training method coupled with his Fate Stone and ability to endure, such a rate of progress was simply like cheating. As his training continued, his understanding and intimacy towards fire was constantly rising.

Feeling was one matter and the reality was still bone chilling, as Wang Zhong was still unable to find a definite way to control the flames he summoned. His attainments on this aspect was not going so well. Simply speaking, he would be able to deal more damage just by using his common combat techniques rather than using his pyrogenesis ability. At this moment, he still did no understand which part of his comprehension was flawed. He had sufficient Soul Power and a strong resistance to fire, however, why did he feel that something was wrong and was still unable to discover what it was?

The greater the eruption, the greater the flames that he would produce?

Furthermore, every time he wanted to activate his pyrogenesis ability, he would feel an extremely uncomfortable sensation across his entire body. It was a pity that emily was not around and her Skylink was switched off. Otherwise, he would call her for a chat at this exact moment. After all, she was a successor to the Assassin Family and they knew things that could not be learnt in academies.

However, Wang Zhong still felt that this continuous baptism of fire led to his soul and spirit becoming even more resilient, without feeling weak or having a slight fever. Although the pain remained for the entire process, he strangely felt some “warmth” for the flames. Sometimes, he would even doubt himself and wondered whether he had been burnt stupid by the flames. Nevertheless, the strengthening of the Soul Power was exceedingly obvious and the peak of his Soul Power had already reached 200 grassos. Not only that, the quantity of his Soul Power had also increased, although the most recent results were not as clear as before. Regardless of this, any improvement was already an extremely good thing for him given that he used to struggle at the level of 50 grassos.

Once it was night time, Wang Zhong would bring the extremely pitiful Simba to the hyperdimension, back to that all too familiar sea of fire. During this period of time, Wang Zhong had tested other secret realms of fire, however, none of them were as good as this place. The flames here were much more pure while the entire process of being burnt alive was much more straightforward, and even Simba no longer opposed to it.

The most accidental thing that happened was that this time, Wang Zhong and Simba did not disappear. This was because they were unable to sense any heat. The flames were still present, and they were even more closer towards the core. Despite that, the instantaneous blast of lethal heat was not present, and Wang Zhong even felt the excitement and cheerful feelings of the flames, appearing just like countless little happy friends… these flames have never been so warm before.

Wang Zhong definitely did not believe that this was the might of his special ability after being promoted. Even if he made ten or twelve times the progress since the beginning, he would absolutely be unable to endure the flames in such a manner.

While in this wonderful state, both of them stopped right in the middle of the sea of fire. Before experiencing this fantastic feeling of this sealed up dimension, however, their attention was attracted to the thing right before their eyes.

Suddenly, white waves of fire began to churn and surge up within the centre of the blazing sea of fire, before a gigantic life form appeared in front of Wang Zhong and Simba. It’s entire body was constructed from the white fiery essence, while gargantuan fiery wings spread out from its back. It appeared to be fire itself. A crown of flames seemed to be present above its head. From the human’s perspective, this life form really seemed to be a phoenix, or the vermillion bird of the legends. If it was judged according to the Federation’s grading system, it would be classified as a taboo existence of the hyperdimension, an existence that humans should absolutely stay away from; the sovereign of flames!

At this moment, the invincible life form sized up Wang Zhong with luminous eyes. Its tail flapped gently and dazzling multicolored rays of brilliance instantly burst out. As its multicolored tail spread a hundred metres apart, a suffocating pressure spread through the sky and swept over the earth.

This was the sovereign when it was calm. Its angered state was unimaginable.

Grasping Wang Zhong’s ear tightly, Simba whispered, “ I told you not to come here! And yet, you refused to listen and provoked these beings! We can’t make it. Hurry and run!”


There was not the slightest intent of fleeing present within Wang Zhong’s mind. Are you joking? If it wants to destroy us, where can we run to? The current strange state was definitely caused by the appearance of this Sovereign of Flames. It was extremely curious about Wang Zhong, and when was the latter not curious? Wang Zhong saw intelligence within its eyes. There was not much present in the Federation’s Rank A classified information about ninth grade life forms. There was only one sentence, “They are extremely powerful and invincible.” However, while the average human would make a strategic withdrawal in the face of such a circumstance, Wang Zhong’s research mode had been triggered. Does this life form, an existence standing at the peak of the hyperdimension, possess intelligence?

Does it know about the existence of humans? How does it view humans?

If Simba knew what Wang Zhong was currently thinking, he might have even considered breaking off his relationship with the latter. On the contrary, Old Potter would definitely applaud and give him a big thumbs up for this. Since for a scientist, Confucius said, “Having heard the Way in the morning, one may die content in the evening.” For the sake of humanity’s progress, such little sacrifices were all worth it!

As for the Sovereign of Flames, it could clearly sense rays of brilliance blossoming in Wang Zhong’s eyes. There was no fear, dread nor hostility. The man before her was different from the humans she had seen a long time ago. For the past few days, this human had brought along his little pet and intruded into her domain. Yet, she was quick to discover that he was completely different from any other human, with his body seeming to possess some ordered form of power.

Wang Zhong took a step forward, doing his best to make sure that his smile appeared gentle and friendly. This effectively scared the hell out of Simba till his legs and body were shivering. “Almighty Sovereign of Flames, I’m here to train my flame resistance. I’m extremely happy…”

Wang Zhong had even started gesturing as he spoke. Although he did not know if the other could understand, he could not just stand there like an idiot.
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