Battle Frenzy
291 Chapter 291 – Thirst to Break Through
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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291 Chapter 291 – Thirst to Break Through

Chapter 291 – Thirst to Break Through

Editors: Snow

At this, the Sovereign of Flames nodded her head slightly. In the next second, Wang Zhong and simba both knew that they were done for. The energy protecting them disappeared and they were burnt to death before the second was up. At the last moment, Wang Zhong seemed to sense the other party laughing at him, …perhaps I’ve been burnt foolish.

Lying on his bed like a dead dog, he knew that this time he had truly stood at the doors of death. Wang Zhong finally decided to give himself a long break, as his personal level of endurance had its limits. Furthermore, he had dared to enter that place in the hyperdimension due to the opposite party treating him as nothing. With him provoking the boss over there, he had to lower his profile now and not provoke the boss again for the time being. Besides, Wang Zhong felt that his flame resistance should be enough for now. The problem he currently faced was being unable to unleash his special ability in his desired manner.

When he knew about Wang Zhong’s decision, Simba was so emotional that he almost cried. Finally! He could sleep comfortably for a period of time, without having to worry about waking up suddenly finding himself being dragged by the fellow into a fiery pit.

In the days that followed, Wang Zhong and Barran fervently trained late into the night every single day. Recently, everyone had increased the number of fights they had in the OP, with each person basically fighting five to six matches daily. This trend was not present only in Tianjing Academy, but also in the various other great academies, with quite a few participants maintaining an ever ready combat status within the OP.

Ear shattering sounds of impact and Barran’s roars reverberated within the room as the training of Wang Zhong and Barran had risen to a high note recently. Due to his desire to find something in life after being burnt so many times into a god awful state, Wang Zhong had been motivated to train extremely hard. Being alongside Barran had also stimulated the youth to shout out loudly like a headless chicken.

“Roar Roar Roar!” Barran’s eyes were scarlet red. Although his entire body was already covered in black and purple bruises, he still attacked with full force each time.


“Your impact power and momentum are but sufficient, however, your strength control is still slightly poor. It isn’t enough to just resist the rebounding force. You have to learn how to borrow that force to increase your strength, and reroute the rebounding momentum back out as your strength. You also have to be more fierce, and more decisive!”

“576! Roar!”


“Suppress it! Suppress it! That’s not enough! It’s not about just your strength, but the anger and fury of your soul! You have to rely on your feeling of giving up everything, with no obstacle that can block you!”

Barran had already developed his berserker rushing slam to a higher level than before. Yet, Wang Zhong was requesting him to progress even higher. Compared to ordinary people, Barran had a slightly different kind of talent, a type that did not give him a high level of comprehension. Instead, his talent was possessing a one track mind that required him to accomplish the task that he had set for himself. This mindset was the most important talent for a heavy soldier in specific situations. Moreover, Barran still had his impressive physique to back this talent up.

After a few more rounds, Barran was tired to the point of lying on the ground, heart filled with gratitude and admiration. One could not judge the book by its cover. Indeed, people that truly possessed strength always are senior Wang Zhong’s or Grai’s type, being steady, calm and maintaining a low profile. However, the power they possessed was truly frightening. Despite having made huge progress with his strength and skills, Barran always felt that his entire body was about to fall apart during the head on collisions with Wang Zhong in every training session.

“Go test it out in the OP.” Wang Zhong was already pulling the exhausted Barran towards the academy’s OP training room. It was extremely lively in the OP during the holidays, with lots of high level fights going on inside. Nevertheless, the academy’s OP training room appeared relatively empty. “You must use it more during actual combat, and don’t be afraid to lose.”

“Yes, senior!” Barran did not have a single bit of doubt in Wang Zhong’s advice. After nodding, he felt slightly embarrassed. “I’m fine with soldiers, but when I encounter assassin types, I’ll have absolutely no way of putting up any resistance. Senior, do you really have no way to help me deal with assassins?”

With a smile, Wang Zhong replied, “Restrict movements by being calm. Your nimbleness and speed are both unmatched against assassins. However, your instantaneous attack speed can be achieved by them. Regardless of how fast they are, the instant when the assassin attacks you is your best opportunity to launch a counter attack.”

“Just like All Mouthy King!” Lead by Ma Dong, both Barran and Emily were already faithful fans under the Brother King Corps. In this world, the person that they admired and worshipped the most would be All Mouthy King. For him, being a weakling walking on the path towards supremacy, he had respect for Wang Zhong, however worship was reserved for All Mouthy King.

Wang Zhong chuckled and said, “He also absorbed and progressed from his constant losses. Naturally, you don’t aim to lose just for the sake of losing, You have to focus on gaining something from your loss!”

Wang Zhong was not opposed to Barran being obsessed with All Mouthy King, as being obsessed was a kind of faith. It was possible for faith to give people truly powerful strength and intent, whether it was one’s power or will to surpass others.

“Yes! Senior Wang Zhong!” Barran was the definition of the type that was easily spirited and hot blooded. He impatiently chose a room and jumped in.

Wang Zhong also chose a room, hoping that he would be able to face an even stronger opponent this time. He thirsted greatly to cross hands with a Sanctuary division expert, despite his fight with Divian being a rather incidental occurrence. Once one was judged to be in the Sanctuary division, one would value one’s status and not bully newbies. In other words, those people would not appear in the OP.

Brother King is online.

All Mouthy King’s fame and prestige within the OP was indeed slightly astonishing. Although there was definitely a lot of incredible experts, there were none who could establish such huge influence in the hearts of ordinary students like All Mouthy King had done.

During this period of time, the level of quality within the discussion forums had became exceedingly high due to the incoming great CHF competition coupled with the increased liveliness of all the experts. Everyone was trying to reason and rationalize the situations in the various great squadrons. Yet, when All Mouthy King came online all of these were for naught.

“Brother King is online!”

This news rippled out like a stone that struck and raised thousand feet high waves, with countless coquettish cries from collective youths resounding across the entire OP network. Instantly, the number of messages sent via Skylink to rose by a 100%.

The status of All Mouthy King had already reached super star level, aided by the deliberate propagation from the officials. As of now, even those who were ill informed or ignorant would certainly have heard of All Mouthy King’s grand name as long as they were in the OP. With passion, fervor, and hormones lacking the least in youths, they were completely unable to stop those crazed animals shouting out with all their might in the discussion forums and Skylink!

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen, we finally meet again! I am Ruo Zhi, the Zhi in “Intelligence”!” Brother Ruo Zhi had appeared once again. Truthfully speaking, his collaboration with Little Yu’er in All Mouthy King’s previous bout yielded extremely good results, which increased the number of questions by a lot. Although there were quite a few that had cursed and ridiculed him within the discussion forums, both curses and praise were considered to be part of his fame. A few days earlier, there was even a discussion held, with the topic naturally being the previous fight with All Mouthy King. His invitation fees were quite substantial, since for a host, what was more attractive than money and fame?

At this moment, brother Ruo Zhi was filled with energy. He was resolved to walk deeper and deeper within the path of destruction, while letting those curses and ridicule become more intense. “Recently, although there are alot of people who want to bust my ass, I still have one statement to make. There isn’t any expert in the OP that is invincible. Indeed, All Mouthy King is very strong. However, his loss had already been predetermined long time ago. Maybe, it might even be today!”

“If brother King wins today, will you go and eat shit, Ruo Zhi?”

“History is there to be created. Brother King will definitely write the first ever legend of being an undefeatable god in the OP!” The audience in the viewing gallery were easily provoked and stirred up.
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