Battle Frenzy
292 Chapter 292 – Blazing Angel Papada
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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292 Chapter 292 – Blazing Angel Papada

Chapter 292 – Blazing Angel Papada

“Ha ha.” Ruo Zhi laughed calmly, unperturbed. “That would be equivalent to hitting my own face. As shown in the extremely popular video of the King’s road created by Little Yu’er a while ago, the “legend of the invincible god” has lost so many times already. How can he still be called invincible? Being a specialist in analysis, I won’t start a debate with everyone about such a dead end question. All Mouthy King will definitely lose one day. Let us wait and see!”

“Wait and see sister! Beating up elites and killing sanctuaries, brother King is invincible under the heavens!”

“Howl out, Brother King Corps!”

‘Brother King’s invincible in the entire universe!”

“Everyone, let’s not argue with this piece of trash! The more you scold him, the more infuriating he gets!”

Earth shatteringly unintelligent roars howled across all the discussion forums, something that made Little Yu’er feel like she had no choice but to give in and change into another way of commentary. In All Mouthy King’s matches, the commentator could only fill the role of a disregarded person, as she did before. However, look at how people treated brother Ruo Zhi! He truly was the big brother of commentators.

Wang Zhong clearly did not care about this, as he never had the habit of looking at the chat logs. To him, the waves billowing outside were something entirely incomprehensible and he immediately pressed the randomized queue button.

Since he has not had a good fight for a while, his hands were extremely itchy.

As the search continued, with the system appraising All Mouthy King’s strength, there was no doubt that this would be a long and slow process.

At the same time, in a legendary city south of the Federation far, far away…

A handsome youth entered the OP.

“All Mouthy King…”

There were extremely few people who were worth his attention, even if they were quasi Sanctuary Division experts!

All Mouthy King was an exception. Ever since the news of All Mouthy King defeating Divian had circulated in an earth shattering manner, he had already become interested in the former. Indeed, being able to exhibit the Laforgue Unlimited Slash made him a figure that was worth taking note off. His interest had risen when All Mouthy King obtained victory with the Molok’s battle axe in a seemingly inconceivable fashion.

The reason of this interest was due to fame.

He needed such fame to give a wake up call to people who had memories of a certain great city before the CHF began. At the same time, he also wanted to blow the war horn for his own compatriots. There was no doubt that All Mouthy King was the best target for this.

The reminder he had especially set up online had come into use today.

As he entered the OP, his heads up display appeared rather clean and tidy, with not a single messy message lying around. In all, there was only a mere ten people in his friend’s list.

In a leisurely manner, he entered the queue and chose a map in advance. After searching around to observe the recent situation of the map and feeling confident about it, the youth smiled faintly.

“It’s time for me to end your legend!”

Match found! Enter!

Just as the youth’s match was chosen, All Mouthy King’s randomized opponent was locked in.

“What a long wait!” Quite a few people in the audience had started to clamor.

“There wouldn’t be anything good to see. There’s definitely no Sanctuary Division in the system queue. Is that why they had to pull a random from the Elite Division?”

Indeed, the opponent was not from the Sanctuary Division as an extremely ordinary name appeared in front of everyone’s eyes. It did not shine in bright gold colours like Divian’s name had, yet…

Papada ( Blazing Angel Squadron).

After carefully reading that name, everyone instantly shut their mouths! Including fans of brother King!

This simple name with the suffix behind it represented yet another legend within the OP…

He originated from the city of miracles—the blazing angel.

During the dark era, the Blazing Angel City had once met with an onslaught Rank S beasts. In the dire moments, a twelve winged angel wielding a blazing sword descended from the sky, sweeping away entire horde of beasts and saved the city from disaster. At that period of time, there were some legends that were made up by people, as after all, people needed hope and heroes to continue living on. It was said that the blazing angel was seen by lots of people within the city. Nevertheless, there were indeed quite a few people possessing fire related special abilities that have emerged from the residents of the Blazing Angel City, serving to be of importance in the city’s defence. They assumed that this was a blessing and protection from their god, resulting in their devoted belief and conviction lasting from the dark era until now.

Currently, both the City of Blazing Angels and the Blazing City were super cities that produced the greatest number of people with fire related special abilities in the Federation. Compared to Blazing City, the city of Blazing Angels had its own unique legacy and style, with its residents wearing either white or silver clothing with a badge emblazoned with a sacred red cross. There were many people with powerful fire related special abilities that have appeared in the later period of the dark era. Such super talents have not appeared in the last hundred years, however, until the arrive of Papada.

Known as the devotee of angels, Papada had awakened a fire attribute special ability since his birth. Possessing an absolute talent in pyrogenesis, he was held in high hopes by the City of Blazing Angels, with his bloodline judged to be of Sanctuary Division. His speciality was the increase of his strength and power while in a fiery environment, which would indeed make him rise to Sanctuary Division. Even someone like Divian would have an extreme headache when forced to deal with him, and anyone stronger only being able to end up in mutual defeat. However, in an environment without fire, Papada’s caliber was only at the Elite Division which was something the Federation was also paying attention to. Nevertheless, there was a saying in the OP that one should never, ever start a fight with Papada in a fiery environment.

As of now, Papada was a second year student and the official captain of the Blazing Angels squadron. His strength in various other aspects have also reached their peaks. Being an already incomparably frightening opponent one year ago, everyone was extremely interested in finding out exactly how strong he was at this moment.

When Ruo Zhi noticed the battlefield that had been chosen, a brilliant smile appeared on his face. “This time, All Mouthy King will definitely lose!”

Hearing that, Little Yu’er was stunned. “Cough, cough. Brother Rui, how can that be right? This Papada doesn’t seem that strong, right?”

“Ha ha. If you don’t believe me, just wait and see. It would be useless even if All Mouthy King pulls out his cross wheels. The reality is that in specific situations, Papada’s the true taboo in the OP.” While he explained, Ruo Zhi looked through the information on his Skylink, causing him to sigh in admiration. This Papada is even more mature than last year.

Having quite a bit of information within his grasp, Ruo Zhi approximated that with the chances present and with All Mouthy King have won all the way to here, his opponent would definitely be one of the Sanctuary Division. Otherwise, the only ones left would be soldiers from the Elite Division who possessed some extremely strong special ability. Clearly, it was evident that Papada was one of those outstanding ones and greatly increased the chances of him being matched with the former.

However, this was unimportant. The significance lay in the battlefield that Papada had chosen. This was the quintessential piece, and Papada seemed to have come absolutely prepared for it. For the past few years, the City of Blazing Angels had always been considered as a first class academy, yet it had never once broken into the top ten rankings. How could their prideful selves accept this? As such, Papada had became their hope and this upcoming hundred year celebration was another opportunity for this. Defeating All Mouthy King was an extremely good opportunity to raise their morale, something that anyone who was a captain had to consider.

In the audience, countless people were already roaring, including some of those who were neutral. To them, what Ruo Zhi said was completely without any rationale. Although Papada was outstanding, how could he be able to match up to All Mouthy King? At the best, Papada stood at 4:6 odds of winning. How can that be called an definite victory?
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