Battle Frenzy
294 294 - The whip appears!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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294 294 - The whip appears!

Chapter 294: 294 - The whip appears!
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Regardless of how high standard both parties were, they weren't be able to conceal such facts from the few people present. They represented the Federation's ultimate strength and authority, it had been an extremely long time since a fight could attract them enough to enter the OP.

Papada's offense grew increasingly fierce as his attacks grew increasingly concentrated. The key to a drawn out fight was to maximise results with minimum input. Although All Mouthy King's impermeable defense looked spectacular, whether it was the heavy greatsword; the physical consumption; or being in this fiery, hot environment while being chipped away by Papada's special ability attacks, it was exceedingly unfavorable for All Mouthy King. Even experts of the Sanctuary Division would be forced to the point where they could only passively defend against the onslaught of attacks.

As for Wang Zhong… he was immersed in the thrill of the hunt. His opponent was very different from the average special ability user and clearly possessed an extremely high level of understanding and control over fire. He'd seen how Emily controlled and created fire. Frankly speaking, it wasn't as alive as what his current opponent could achieve, she could only increase the lethality of her attacks slightly. Bluntly speaking, she had thrown away the essence of her special ability and made it worthless. Papada, however, was a different case. He was clearly using a quicksword, yet he managed to achieve the effect of an infinite succession of moves, making his attacks full of astonishing might and lethality. The advantage of such an offense was that it allowed one to advance or retreat as one pleased without pausing, completely preventing one's opponent from taking advantage of that critical moment to break one's offense.

This was all built upon the fact that one had powerful enough attacks, and was the true understanding one's own special ability.

His eyes lit up, Wang Zhong's level of concentration rose as he greedily devoured and processed everything that he saw and felt, regardless of whether the techniques Papada employed was his special ability or Soul Power. At most, one could only see a technique's outer appearance through videos. However, soldiers that possessed true talent were able to analyze and figure out the reason behind his opponent's moves from the intimate sensations felt during combat.

Defend, endure. Continue defending, endure again. The more detailed one's experience was, the greater one's analysis would be. The simplest of all learning methods was to absorb the attacks of one's opponent. Naturally, Wang Zhong had to keep a proper distance from Papada. If not, with the latter's strength, it would be easy for him to end this fight.

It had to be pointed out that the Angel Sword was built solely for the sake of Papada. If soldiers used a sword that was too thin, it would reduce the power of their slashes and stabs. Generally speaking, if special ability soldiers didn't have enough power in their attacks, they would be pressured to death by ordinary soldiers. But when that sword was in Papada's hands, it looked just like a sword of judgement.

Contrarily, it was Papada who couldn't endure this fight.

His opponent's Soul Power and patience had completely exceeded his expectations. After lasting seven or eight whole minutes of berserk mode, All Mouthy King hadn't shown even the slightest sign of growing weaker. He maintained his nigh impervious state, taking long, calm breaths, showing his obvious extreme self confidence towards a drawn out fight. Papada was also mentally prepared for this. At the moment, the former looked just like a poisonous snake, patiently and tenaciously defending as he tried to find a sliver of an opportunity to unleash a life ending counter attack. He definitely couldn't let the former get close.

Although he was more confident about his ability in a drawn out fight, there was one thing that Papada couldn't endure, which was that he felt his opponent was actually observing him...

This wasn't the normal kind of observations an opponent would make in a fight, but a state that showed he had enough energy to spare even in this intense fight. This person is observing my moves… and trying to pilfer them!

Actually, by choosing this battlefield, it was already beyond Papada's limits on self respect. However, this was for the sake of the City of Blazing Angels' fame and glory. He wasn't old fashioned and inflexible, and he knew that only a victory would be able to uplift the morale of the city. At the moment, all of the students from the Blazing Angels Heroic Soul Academy were observing his fight to see if he would end up as a victor or loser. However, the problem was that this didn't represent what price he had to pay for this. How could he allow his opponent to do such a thing!

This was his bottom line!

This battlefield represented the glory of the City of Blazing Angels, a place of worship where he definitely had to win. All Mouthy King, or anyone from the Federation would not be allowed to win here!

Furiously retracting his quicksword, Papada's figure suddenly appeared right in front of All Mouthy King's path like a bolt of lightning. The Angel Sword in his hand gave a faint backwards sweep, drawing a strange arc as fiery halos rose around his body. In that moment, the flames that were on top of the Angel Sword instantly started to change and entered the sword. However, as this happened, the Angel Sword became even more dazzling, abruptly radiating with white hot rays of brilliance!

Seeing this, Wang Zhong's gaze instantly turned cold. Unexpectedly, he felt a sensation similar to Soul Power fluctuations merging together!

Papada's voice resounded deeply, his tone filled with incomparable self confidence, "Wh~ip!"

The Angel Sword, now blazing with flames, struck once again. However, four or five metres away, All Mouthy King's eyes suddenly erupted with a radiant glow.

Invisible! The sword was still far away, yet the attack had already arrived.

An invisible wave of terrifyingly explosive fire attribute energy shot straight at All Mouthy King's heavy breastplate armor, immediately causing terrifying explosions of fire.


All Mouthy King retreated explosively. A brain-sized hole on his soul power supplemented heavy armor was blasted apart.

Papada's eyes radiated with brilliant light, the flames around him seemed to become even more excited, and the temperature had risen at some point. Meanwhile, Papada didn't slow down one bit and he continued advancing at his high speed while waving the incomparably dazzling Angel Sword that blazed with fire in his hand!

"It's finally going to start."Mario groaned, flashing back to his deep, painful memories. "The lethal bang bang bang...that shameless move!"

Currently, Sharmie was wrinkling her forehead slightly. Every fire attribute special ability user had their own unique way of utilizing their talent. As for her, her pyrogenesis ability was focused on high explosive power and long lasting damage that was displayed using her style of long ranged shooting. As for Papada, he was the most terrifying nemesis of close quarter combatants. One could say that any close quarter move or technique would be completely useless before him. This was all due to the Flame Whip in his hand, which sent out seemingly invisible fiery and explosive attacks with a radius of approximately five metres. Furthermore, it was a ranged attack.

If such an attack was unleashed in a battlefield filled with fire, its might would increase substantially.

As All Mouthy King stumbled about, the Angel Sword had already came swiping over, launching yet another ranged attack from afar. Currently, the air was already completely filled with the smoke and dust from the previous attack, preventing everyone from seeing the trajectory the Angel Sword swung in. In an instant, looking like a drunkard, All Mouthy King's figure staggered and swayed. The Ghostly Steps that had shocked the whole of the OP was already displayed to its limits! However....

Bang, Bang, Bang!

Successive explosions rang out as the Ghostly Steps had unexpectedly lost their effectiveness! Under fire of the invisible ranged explosive attacks, his little evasive tricks couldn't grant him a favorable stance at all. This was no different to suffering a concussion from shockwaves.

Terrifying whip lashes that sounded akin to the Devil's rang out as flames spewed in all directions. Even the magma underneath the Land of Descent seemed agitated by those attacks. After a few earth-shattering explosions, the fissures on the ground become even deeper and wider, magma bubbled forth, dyeing the entire combat zone a fiery red!

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang~~~

As the smoke dissipated, thick plumes of dust surged forth and mixed with the fiery glow that erupted from the ground. As if God were helping him, the fiery energies seemed endless and inexhaustible. At the moment, every single person in the viewing gallery had turned mute, shocked silent by the terrifying energies present before their eyes. This was the Blazing Angel Papada. Right now, he appeared just like an indomitable angel of judgement, simply invincible. All Mouthy King was unable to hide or put up any resistance at all. All of his so-called invincible techniques weren't the slightest bit useful before such attacks. No wonder the various great academies had a saying that, in the end, those that were most invincible were special ability users. There was a limit on Soul Power, but none on special abilities.
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    《Battle Frenzy》