Battle Frenzy
296 chapter 296 - true insta-kill!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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296 chapter 296 - true insta-kill!

However, compared to an amateur like himself who was only activating the special energies present inside his body, Papada's pyrogenesis was like the eye of a whirlpool. Compared to the latter, he had done a mere, rudimentary imitation using what ridiculously little special energies he had to gather surrounding fire elements in the environment to do his bidding. Naturally, such a method was extremely crude, and couldn't even be called a technique or skill.

Papada radiated a wild aura that blanketed the skies and covered the earth in all directions. As this happened, the surrounding flames and magma started to dance and cheer.

A sudden change!

All of a sudden, the Angel Sword in Papada's hand started to change. In this moment, the flames along the sword's body turned wild and changed from the dazzling, bright red fiery glow to a burning white!

The fury of the Heavenly Flames!

Papada slashed at the space before him. With the evolution of his Flame Whip, although it was invisible, it was corporeal, with an even greater, more concentrated power! Akin to a divine weapon, the Angel Sword in his hands radiated with terrifying might. It even set the air that came into contact with it alight and created trails of smoke in the wake of the sword's arc!

His eyes turned scarlet red as he roared out, "Die~~~"

All Mouthy King entered a defensive stance. Occupying the high ground, Papada descended from the skies like a fiery God of War. Before he even arrived on the ground, a gigantic wave of fire rushed towards the ground. Hiding the skies and covering the earth, the Angel Sword had an overwhelming pressure, launching an attack that even Heroic Soul soldiers couldn't block!

Everyone's breath froze as they took in the scene before them. This attack would make people give up all hope. However, in just a moment, All Mouthy King made his move. The broken greatsword slashed upward to meet the incoming Angel Sword...


As the Angel Sword and the broken greatsword smashed against each other, the earth shattered and exploded apart as countless flames swept out like a hurricane. As the heavens fell and the earth shattered, everyone was left completely dumbfounded!

The broken greatsword was reforged!

The greatsword now had a new leash on life, its entire body turned into a long stretch of scarlet red, totally blocking the Angel Sword!


Papada gave an earth shattering roar of fury and sent out yet another attack. He couldn't believe what he saw before his eyes. This is absolutely impossible! He was the true envoy of fire!


The Angel Sword exploded and sliced apart the air, hacking at All Mouthy King's greatsword!

Currently, everyone in the City of Blazing Angels had heavy hearts. Never in their dreams did they expect the fight to end up like this. Papada's strongest attack was actually blocked by All Mouthy King! No, not blocked, but parried!

However, not even the slightest bit of panic was present on Papada's face, his eyes radiated with decisiveness as he brought his palms together.

"Holy Flame Shield!"


Wang Zhong's attack was completely blocked, and apparently completely absorbed, and as such didn't injure Papada at all. All Mouthy King was left wide open now that Papada had switched from defense to offense. With his arms and feet wrapped in roaring flames, he violently rushed forward, All Mouthy King barely managed to parry with his greatsword.

Bang Bang Bang!

The successive attacks immediately sent All Mouthy King tumbling from suffered the massive impact. As his hands and feet landed on the ground, the terrifying momentum actually carved out deep gulches in the ground, drawing out the unlimited magma hiding beneath the surface. Instantly, the entire battlefield became even more fiery!

The whole viewing gallery became extremely quiet, it looked like Papada had gained an advantage. However, looking at All Mouthy King who had landed on the ground, everyone felt a wave of uselessness coursing through them.

All Mouthy King was too strong, strong to the point of simply causing despair in people's hearts. This had also caused Ruo Zhi to lapse into a bout of absent-mindedness.

While Ruo Zhi still couldn't find any words to say, Mario's brain was almost flattened from an ecstatic Sharmie's pats. Currently, tsunami-level voices howled in the discussion forums. The reason why Papada was that frightening was because of his invincible whip which, when coupled with the protection of the flames, made him an absolute nemesis in close quarters combat. This was a move that caused a headache even in the Sanctuary Division. However, before All Mouthy King, it seemed...completely useless.

Papada's breathing became abnormally heavy, he even started to feel weak throughout his body. This was the first time he'd felt such a sensation in this environment.

Ten metres from him, All Mouthy King, who had been struck down by him, stood up once again. The fire attribute special energies couldn't injure him, and Papada's martial arts simply weren't worth mentioning.

No one ridiculed or mocked Papada. No one would. At this stage, it wasn't that Papada wasn't strong, as he had already reached the level of being slightly inhuman. However...what he had met with was All Mouthy King.

He wasn't the first genius to be killed, and wouldn't be the last either.

"Tsk Tsk. This time, Papada's going to suffer a double loss!" Arnold was feeling slightly emotional. How could he put it? Being an exceedingly narcissistic and aggressive fire attribute special ability user, his loss would cause his captain to feel a tad bit better. At the very least, this was what Arnold was thinking. Furthermore, if Papada won, what would his captain, who had lost to All Mouthy King, feel?

Contrarily, not the slightest bit of urgency or celebration was present on Laura's face. Instead, her expression grew increasingly solemn. After checking through some information, she felt more certain. "I'm afraid that might not be the case!"

As she said this, sudden, intense vibrations radiated across the whole of the Ground of Descent. Could it be?

Laura's heart sank. It really was speaking of the devil!

At the commentary podium, Ruo Zhi finally started to smile again. Victory is always reserved for the prepared. It looked like there was still hope for his prediction to turn out true.

Papada, who had become absent minded for an moment, now refocused his gaze again.

This was the voice of this land. Papda heard it. God, you do exist. He had always protected the citizens of the City of Blazing Angels. The glory of fire will never be blasphemed!

Closing his eyes, his left hand started to draw a cross on his chest with incomparable devoutness. The next moment, he respectfully folded his hands together.

All Mouthy King's disappointed gaze deeply provoked him. What was that gaze? It seemed as though he was doubting the glory of the Blazing Angel.

The heavens had heard his prayers and had given their reply. Suddenly, the sky collapsed and the earth cracked!

"This is?!"

"Is this even possible? How can his luck be so good?"

The fiery environment of the battlefield had already been so beneficial towards a special ability soldier like Papada. There were many fiery battlefields like this, yet the Ground of Descent was slightly different from the rest. This battlefield was made in the liking of the City of Blazing Angels over three hundred years ago when it met with the assault from a S ranked super massive beastial horde. This included the terrifying magma eruptions that the Federation came to grips with. The chances of eruption were approximately 50%. When fights in this battlefield went beyond ten minutes, the percentage was increased to a 100%. There had already been over twenty successive fights in this battlefield that didn't have any eruptions. This meant that there was a rather high possibility of an eruption this time!

Mutual destruction!

This was the reason behind Ruo Zhi's confidence. This was the reason why he said that Papada was a smart person, as he had made plans for the worst possible scenario that could happen. As long as he could gain control of that, he could at least get a draw. When that happened, All Mouthy King would no longer be undefeatable or invincible, and Papada would become the first person to obtain a draw against the latter!

Once the magma below the Ground of Descent fully erupted, it would turn the entire battlefield into a sea of flames that burned everything in came into contact with. No one could escape from it. The question was, who would be the first one to be eliminated, or would they be eliminated at the same time? What he was betting on would be the most basic trait of fire attribute special ability users, resistance to fire!

From the moment since his birth, he had never been afraid of fire. From beginning till end, he believed that he was born from the flames, and would eventually die with the flames. To him, this would be the most beautiful, final resting place for him. This was also the final resting place of every citizen of the City of Blazing Angels. He was the envoy of flames.

Currently, Ruo Zhi was excited to the point of looking like a headless chicken. As the violent eruption grew in speed and temperature, it destroyed all possibility of All Mouthy King taking action. "If he was quicker by a bit, he might've been able to obtain victory. It's a pity that he loves to act pretentiously, as usual. In combat, those that cling on to wasteful pretentiousness typically die the quickest."
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    《Battle Frenzy》