Battle Frenzy
297 297 - The god like stance
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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297 297 - The god like stance

Ruo Zhi finally regained enough cockiness to commentate after remaining silent for a long time. "This was a battle of intelligence. Clearly, Papada was fully prepared for this fight. What's the matter? Shameless? Unfair? If you said any of this, you should quickly go back to kindergarten. How immature and childish your thoughts are. This sort of victory is a genuine victory of mankind's intelligence!" Ruo Zhi roared his opinion on the fight. Perfection, such perfection!

Victory belonged to Papada, and the City of Blazing Angels!

Terrifying magma suddenly spewed forth from all directions, and yet, neither All Mouthy King nor Papda moved an inch. Making any unnecessary movements right now would only result in an early death. They needed to utilize their intimacy with fire to prevent themselves from instantly dying when hit by the pillars of fire, then persevere till the end and see who would be the first to be burnt to death.

Papada had absolute confidence in himself about this. Truthfully, this was a type of ignorance, as this was how intimate the City of Blazing Angels was with fire. In fact, there were times that believing and having firm convictions did indeed increased one's luck.

The ground below All Mouthy King's feet blew apart as a pillar of fire rushed towards him. Currently, every single one of All Mouthy King's fans felt despair. Even Ma Dong abruptly fell off his chair upon seeing this...

All Mouthy King rushed up into the air, he had become a living target. Countless flames appeared to have found their target and gushed straight at All Mouthy King. A sliver of a smile emerged at the corner of Papada's mouth. He finally did it! The Land of Glory would never lose!

Papada felt his mind fogging up. In the end, he had also reached his limit, but because he hadn't heard the sounds of victory yet, he continued to clench his teeth. He did his all to last until the very last second. Why...

Divian sighed. For some unknown reason, a few of the golden names silently disappeared. Clearly, such a result wasn't something they wanted to see. This was also why they believed Papada didn't possess the qualifications to enter Sanctuary Division.

Even more of the audience grew increasingly silent. After thinking through the countless possible situations that could have occured, never did they imagine that it would a competition of probability. Such a victory by Papada… made everyone feel unresigned. However, they couldn't say it out loud, as what Ruo Zhi said was right.

All Mouthy King had a chance at victory, yet he never grabbed onto it, just like how his past opponents never managed to.

But, why?

Wouldn't such a fiery attack need only a second to finish off All Mouthy King???

All of a sudden, there was an explosion of fire. A figure hovered in the air, he had gigantic, flaming wings growing out of his back...

Those that were originally prepared to leave all came to a halt as their breaths froze. Those that were cheering in high spirits stopped. Everyone's gazes locked onto the figure in the air…. It was the dawn of the legends...

The moment Papada's vision turned hazy, it seemed an angel had descended. Could the Gods have heard his prayers?

With a smile, Papada disappeared into the fire. In the sky above him, five to six metre fiery wings spread out from All Mouthy King's back, the flames around his body looked just like gentle flamelings...

Up until All Mouthy King left the OP, the entire viewing gallery and everyone in the discussion forums remained silent. What did they just see? Was that even real?

According to the legends of the City of Blazing Angels, it was the Winged Angel of Fire who had saved the city! Ever since that day, the City of Blazing Angels stood tall for over three hundred years. There wasn't a single person in the whole city who didn't treat the Winged Angel of Fire as their city's spiritual symbol or object of worship.

That was their source of belief and conviction!

Every student from the Blazing Angels Academy had become quiet. This was their defeat, a total defeat. However, not a single person was complaining about it. After a while, a student kneeled down and started to pray, closely followed by one after another of the students...

This was followed by a sea of howls, the entire city was set ablaze. Yes! The legend was true! The idol that represented their blessings and fortune, the Blazing Angel had descended!

In the Blazing Angels Heroic Soul Academy's OP hall, a large screen was replaying the critical moment in the fight. Papada had already walked out of the room, yet he proceeded to look quietly at the large screen.

Behind him were members of the Blazing Angels squadron, every single one of their faces brimming with emotion. They had just finished a round of cheering, one female member even kneeled down and was praying devoutly. However, faced against their captain, who had just lost the fight, especially with his calm and peaceful appearance, everyone consciously restrained themselves, regardless of the unconcealable feelings displayed on their faces.

As the camera angle on the large screen changed, the scene moved to the moment where All Mouthy King smoothly unfurled the gigantic wings on his back. He looked just like a Blazing Angel descending into the mortal world.


"Captain Papada…" the squad members said concernedly, they had misunderstood his reaction somewhat.

There was a specialized course on theology offered by by the Blazing Angels Academy that proclaimed the magnificence and meaning behind the Blazing Angel. Papada had always been a staunch protector of this theology discussion, having even personally seen and experienced a divine miracle. With their captain's personality, he might have suffered a huge blow.

Papada didn't reply. Instead, he extended his hands out and drew a cross. Upon opening his eyes, a fervent expression replaced his original calm one.

That was the everlasting will and belief of the City of Blazing Angels.

Turning his head around fiercely, he clenched his fists and waved them as he said, "The Blazing Angel has descended. Our era of glory has started!"

Hearing his words, all surrounding members gawked. Quickly, everyone regained their composure and world-shaking cheers erupted from them. They were excited to the point of their faces and ears turning beet red. Blazing on each and every glowing face was fanatical belief, as though they had seen the glorious era that their captain had spoken of!

"The Blazing Angel has descended! Our era of glory has started!"

Cheers spread throughout the large hall, reaching the entire heroic academy!

Clearly, the youths in the OP didn't believe in the so called Blazing Angel. What they saw was just a pair of wings formed from fire, as well as the frightening new special ability the almighty All Mouthy King possessed, which had conquered the hearts of everyone once again.

As the magma in the Ground of Descent erupted out, the temperature of the battlefield had reached a terrifying level.No one had ever been been able to defend against such a terrifying fire attribute attack. Even Papada's heavenly flame shield or Divian's Dragon Crystal Armor couldn't possibly defend against it. However, All Mouthy King had done it again. Although no one knew exactly how he was able to accomplish it, the God like stance he made when he unfurled those wings was deeply etched into everyone's minds. Even though they didn't know if the flaming wings possessed any additional terrifying combat potential, they had already shown genuine results in helping him defend against the terrifying temperatures of his surroundings.

Not a single person in the large group of golden named youths in the VIP viewing gallery area made a noise. Compared to their earlier discussion, the VIP room appeared exceedingly quiet.
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    《Battle Frenzy》