Battle Frenzy
301 chapter 301 - Mo“s Lis
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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301 chapter 301 - Mo“s Lis

Chapter 301: chapter 301 - Mo's List
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Such circumstances would not be a problem if Tianjing was just aiming to enjoy the experience at the CHF. However, if they wished to obtain a slightly better position, and provide a result that would satisfy everyone, the people they needed to face would absolutely be much stronger than imagined.

Among the mounting pressure, Ma Dong had undoubtedly brought forth the greatest feeling of positivity. st feeling of positivity for this period of time.

Recently, this fellow had been flying around everywhere. Although he would still find the time to complain to Wang Zhong from time to time, the latter could hear from his words that he was currently brimming with a fighting spirit.

The ten great families that had given Wang Zhong a headache were also the very same targets that he was aiming for.

The ten great families could be accurately divided into the lower and higher five.

The upper five families were Stuart, Mo, Gui, Ivan Vasilyevich and Bella Dean, whilst the lower five consisted of Musk, Sear, Zhao, Torres and Potter.

It seemed that all of the ten great families had existed since the old era, and had experienced baptism from the dark era, as they used different methods to continue exerting their control over the government and economic lifeline of the Federation. Up until the present, they were not particularly interested in garnering fame nor reputation, in fact, they deliberately tried to keep a low profile. The masses only knew what the great families allowed them to know, as shown with the previous king, Bella Dean. There were many who felt that their family was a tiger without teeth, and could only rank at the bottom of the ten great families. However, they were ranked in the top half of the ten great families in the eyes of experts! In fact, families like the Assassin Family would appear exceedingly famous in the eyes of the public and the cities they controlled, even being more well known than the ten great families. Yet the truth was that they simply did not have the qualifications to truly compete with the gargantuan ten great families.

The title of being the world's best was simply a notion that Ma Dong hung in his mouth to encourage himself, with the example being that one day the Assassin Family could climb up to the ranks of the ten great families. In fact, Ma Dong felt that his life was already extremely satisfactory. Wang Zhong was also able to tell that this fellow truly cared about his family deep down in his heart, with him being overly marginalized in the past. Recently, he had been highly regarded within his family, which was the reason for his radiant smile as he walked around. Coupled with his loose lips, this made Hymin roll her eyes frequently while reminding him to plant his feet down and stop daydreaming.

On the contrary, Wang Zhong did not feel that Ma Dong was daydreaming and approved of such thoughts coming from the latter. After experiencing the dangerous situation earlier, Ma Dong was glowing with exuberance and vitality. Such "daydreaming" was precisely what made him perform with positivity and proactiveness.

People needed to have dreams, and the results were not the most important.

With too many things to manage, Wang Zhong proceeded to let his imagination run wild as he started up his Skylink.

Within the short few hours after his fight with Papada, the enthusiasm over All Mouthy King's video had already rose steadily to the second place on the rankings. It could be said that if the Sanctuary Division did not show up, no one could steal the limelight from him! Naturally though, the experts from the Sanctuary Division would be unlikely to contest over such a claim.

Wang Zhong did not care about it. However, the video at the first place had caught his attention.

Titled "CHF series week 1, the five great assassins", the uploader was from the public affairs department of the Mo Family.

The Mo Family was a superpower that ranked in the upper five families of the Federation due to the fact that only their bloodline produces an inheritance with an extremely unique occupation; Heaven's Fate Master! People with such a title had saved the Federation numerous times from life or death situations during the dark era, and possessed an extremely revered status. Currently, the Mo Family had the best intelligent network in the Federation, possessing oceans of information channels. As such, they had an exceedingly high position even among the upper five great families! Naturally, with their standout military might and unfathomable base, there was no power nor influence who dared spearhead any action against them.

Being publicly known as the family with the greatest intelligence network within the Federation, coupled with their exceedingly high and majestic status within the great families, the Mo Family undoubtedly had the greatest credibility regardless of the topic or aspect. The yearly updated Mo Rankings that specialized in ranking young experts had become the goal of countless youths. In every previous CHF competition, everyone used the Mo Rankings as a base guideline to weigh one's opponent. In this upcoming hundred year anniversary of the Federation, the CHF organisation committee had intelligently allowed the Mo Family to release the rankings for the various occupations.

The "Five Great Assassins" was the first of the videos that came out in the first week. Students who frequented the OP were not the only ones who paid attention to this video. Immediately after it was uploaded, the view count had surpassed the numbers on all of All Mouthy King's combat videos.

Wang Zhong had already became slightly impatient as he opened it up.

"The five great assassins of the CHF, with no order in ranking."

As the video's background music played, a ray of light suddenly appeared on the black screen, illuminating a cold and cruel looking silhouette. Upon looking at the back of that shadowy like outfit, one could faintly discern a dark red character, "烈 (Lie)"!

As the focus of the camera undulated between distant and close up shots, the figure in question turned around slightly. With his hands crossed against his chest, a pair of dark red steel claw like weapons shot out from his back, appearing 20 to 30 centimetres long.

Despite the black mask that concealed the lower half of his face and his distance from the camera, Wang Zhong was still able to sense a Grim Reaper beckoning from the silhouette under the mask and cold, chilly gaze.

Martial Ghosts and Divine Emperors Academy, Gui Lie! 18 years old. 178cm in height, 72kg in weight.

As the camera froze on his cold and indifferent stare, the screen displayed information about Gui Lie.

The Gui Family from the upper five great families?

Wang Zhong was focused on the eyes of Gui Lie. This person had a strong and heavy murderous aura...this was completely different from those fellows tempering themselves in the OP. This was a genuine assassin. It was not purely strength alone. Just what kind of experience did those true professional killers need to endure to nurture such a gaze? This was something that a 19 year old youth should not possess at all, or any normal person for that matter.

The spotlight around Gui Lie quickly dimmed down. When the light reappeared, it shone on a pair of hands, and a single blade within.

It was a small, double edged knife without a handle that appeared to have a mind of its own. The slender hands were completely motionless, yet, those knives flew quickly around the fingers in an incomprehensible way.

Those familiar.

Wang Zhong quickly recognized them, as they were extremely similar to the ten flowing blades of an opponent he had crossed hands with before in the OP. Yet compared to those, these were much larger and thicker than the knife on the screen. Moreover, it was a single knife, however, by relying on speed, the user had created the illusion of four to five knives being present due to the quick knife shadows.

Whoosh! The speed of the knives increased fiercely, before they suddenly disappeared. Separated by the screen, only those who had extremely acute vision would be able to spot the traces that appeared in the space where the five fingers were! quick does the knife's speed have to be?

Wang Zhong could not help but feel astonished.

Only at this moment did the hands start to move. With a gentle, absentminded grasp, the little knives that had disappeared earlier once again materialized between two slender fingers. As the radius of the spotlight increased, a youth presented a lazy smile right before the camera.

Sound Soul Academy, Eddie Brooks! 20 years old. 184cm in height. 75kg in weight.
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