Battle Frenzy
302 chapter 302 - Multifarious
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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302 chapter 302 - Multifarious

Chapter 302: chapter 302 - Multifarious
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"Oh my god! I always feel myself going crazy every time I see Eddie's smile!"

"Eddieee, I love you forever!"

The comments within the Skylink were never specific to any situation. Although these statements did not represent the reactions of all females, they still reflected one aspect at the very least. In regards to the importance of appearance, there were more comments stemming from the males' respect. Compared to the dense murderous aura that oozed from Gui Lie, Eddie undoubtedly gave a more positive and intimate feeling.

"Those quick knives are truly unmatched. I can't even see any of them…"

"Compared to Eddie, his so called genius younger brother is probably only a fledgling."

"His younger brother is that Hurricane Eight Blade Stream that brother King dealt with, right?"

"Wasn't Eddie already a third year student last year? How can he still participate in this year's CHF?"

"This year is the hundredth anniversary, so it's special, okay. There are so many experts who have chosen to stay back in their academies. Although fourth year is for internships, they aren't considered to have officially left, so this excuse can be used for them to participate."

"Isn't that cheating…"

Indeed, he was from the Brooks family. Wang Zhong had already guessed upon seeing the shape of the two little knives. Even though there were differences between the knives used by members of the Brooks Family, their means of knife controlling all stemmed from the same core skill.

However, this Eddie was clearly much stronger than his younger brother. Although the Brooks Family had an extremely flashy signature technique, Eddie had clearly transcended the realm of being flashy just for the sake of being flashy.

When Eddie disappeared from the screen, the spotlight reappeared for the third time, showing Wang Zhong the figure of another person.

It was a somewhat hunched over figure, with the curve of his back concealed behind long black robes, his hands disappearing within from time to time. Despite the spotlight from the skies, there was still not enough light to illuminate his figure.

Like Gui Lie, he was in a slightly turned position, revealing a pair of faintly malevolent pupils. Like a monster that walks in the darkness, never seeing the daylight, a nefarious aura oozed out from his entire body.

At this moment, all the fangirls shut their mouths. Regardless of how heavy of a taste a girl might have, there was no one who would love such an image. In fact, not only to them, this applied to the majority of the discussion forum who regarded themselves as all knowing. It seemed no one could recognize the male in the spotlight, brimming with the wicked aura.

Saint Mongol's Academy, Yingmei Assassin! 19 years old. 189cm in height. 65kg in weight.

"He's actually from the Assassin Family?"

"One of the two most well known great assassin families of the Federation, huh. But I don't recall seeing this person before. He's actually one of the five great assassins? Is my memory failing or is my knowledge inadequate?"

"There's definitely a reason for why the Mo Family would include him in the rankings. I reckon he's a hidden expert of the Assassin family. This year, which family wouldn't reveal some of their trump cards?"

"That's right. If he really had revealed his face in public before, his unique appearance and figure would definitely have left a lasting impression on people's memories."

The discussion forums were now in a complete mess, with threads of every topic imaginable springing out. Although no one doubted the information from the Mo Family, most of them were puzzled as they did not know exactly what this "hunchbacked" youth was capable of.

Emily had once mentioned the special training that the Assassin family conducted. Although she did not explain it in detail, Wang Zhong was still able to sense the dread and fear in her voice.

However, it was a fact that Emily was neither a timid nor cowardly person. On the contrary, she was much more firm and resolute than the majority of girls, putting in a great deal of effort in her path to becoming stronger. Exactly what kind of special training was it to cause such fear in her? This was something he had not spared a thought about, however, if there were no problems in the rankings from the Mo Family, then perhaps he could see the shadows of that training from this Yingmei Assassin.

Being a young male under the age of 20, standing at 189cm yet weighing only 65kg, it would be fine if his severe hunch was a naturally born trait. If it had been caused by training though,, the Assassin Family would truly be too crazy.

Wang Zhong could not help but send a call to Emily via Skylink. However, hearing from Ma Dong that she had already entered the closed up style of training, she definitely would not be able to connect to the Skylink network. As such, he could only pray quietly for her.

As these thoughts swam through his mind, the fourth assassin appeared in the spotlight. The scene was no longer jet black in colour, as it became a sea of fog. At this moment, a pair of calm and tranquil eyes gradually emerged, while a rhythm seemed to beat in the fog, gently rippling in accordance to the heartbeat and breathing of the person within.

As the fog thinned entirely and the camera stopped moving, the figure's complete appearance was still unclear. The only things that one could faintly make out was a ponytail and graceful silhouette, giving the person the indistinct look of a small and lithe girl.

Stuart Academy. Wu Li. Female. 15 years old. 161cm in height. 43kg in weight.

"It's actually Wu Li!"

A few people in the forums cried out in surprise. "She's only a first year student, yet she's actually being ranked in the lineup of the top five assassins… isn't this ranking her too highly?"

"The Mo Family's rankings have always been extremely fair and just. Besides, this Miss Wu Li, don't look down on her. I heard that the fog world she produced is able to obstruct and seal the five senses of people who enter within it, turning one into something no different than a live target. Such an ability would definitely make her a naturally born super assassin."

"That's right. She's known as the most gifted assassin the Stuart Academy has produced for almost 20 years, and was able to obtain such high recognition from the Stuart Family too. Just this fact by itself is more than sufficient to address any problems."

"Ha. Everyone's saying that Miss Wu Li is one of the hottest contenders for the title of the freshman king at this year's CHF! Even Her Highness Carolyn thinks extremely highly of her!"

Despite the controversies and doubtful voices present, Wu Li's selection and the three others before her were all well accepted by the public. There was no first place in intelligence, and no second place in martial strength. Although there were many expert assassins in the Federation, the chosen few were undoubtedly the cream of the crop, experts amongst experts standing on the peak! The Mo Family's rankings had always been trustworthy. Naturally, this is before the fifth person appeared…

In a dark background with gloomy, sinister rays of brilliance, people saw a deathly pale stretched face. As the camera slowly swooped down, a terrifyingly bloody mouth popped up in everyone's Skylink! Coupled with the eerie music, the sight of this instantly caused quite a few people to be scared outright, cold sweat running down their backs.

Quickly, everyone was shocked to discover that the blood red colour started to rotate, bulge and expand. Wait a minute! Is, isn't that a huge bloody mouth?

Following the sudden change in the style of the video, the gloomy music and light suddenly became bright and radiant. In the next instant, a fellow dressed in a clown costume appeared in front of everyone, holding two acrobatic fruit knives in his hands.

Zipping open the "large mouth", he gave a wide smile before doing a backflip in the air and sat straight down on the floor. God knows where the fruit knives had already disappeared to.


The entire discussion forum had turned so quiet that one could hear a pin drop. There wasn't even a single comment, with everyone seemingly stunned stupid.

In the next moment, everyone saw a demonic blown kiss that they would not be able to forget for a whole year! As well as an amorous glance shooting out from the wide open black eyes!

Oh my god...

The entire discussion forum felt as though they had been poisoned by carbon monoxide.
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    《Battle Frenzy》