Battle Frenzy
307 chapter 307 - not the slightest bit of vigilance
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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307 chapter 307 - not the slightest bit of vigilance

Chapter 307: chapter 307 - not the slightest bit of vigilance
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Matters like the dimensional storms wreaking havoc on the "front lines" were clearly privy only to the higher management of the Federation.

The average citizen who assumed that Earth was the only land colonized by mankind would definitely be unaware about such information. Nevertheless, widespread announcements and propaganda regarding the CHF continued to fill the Skylink, flaming the already intense burning fire.

The five great assassins appraised by the Mo Family had already garnered considerable attention. Experts like Gui Lie and Eddie were already well known in public. As for Ying Lie Assassin, Napier Mo and even Wu Li who's name was known only within the confines of Stuart City, these people were considered fresh figures for the eyes of the community.

As such, news and rumours about these new figures continued to circulate, with some people even announcing their doubt about the Mo Family's rankings. The person causing the most doubt was Joseph Cole. Having entered the Federation's lineup of the most outstanding assassins last year, he had always believed he belonged to the high rankings. Yet, he had unexpectedly not shown up in the rankings this year.

Being a former superstar participant, and a soldier who was about to graduate, it would be unwise to accuse the Mo Family. Consequently, he chose to use another method: during the OP, he would openly challenge one of the current five great assassins, Wu Li.

What had originally been a publicity stunt that persisted for quite a few days ended up with a result that caught many by surprise, as Wu Li gave her reply promptly. Contrary to her seemingly weak and frail appearance, this little miss appeared to have a rather unyielding character.

When her response came out, it instantly caused waves of frenzy to erupt in the Skylink. Countless people circulated this news like wildfire, gaining popularity that matched Brother King.

However, while everyone was still waiting for the official announcement of their duel, less than twenty minutes after her reply was posted, an instant kill footage of Joseph Cole being tossed aside by Wu Li had already appeared. From the start till the end, the fight had not lasted even a minute. Before the fight, Cole had investigated Wu Li. That girl possessed a special ability to create a fog, yet he was an assassin whose special ability was to dispel illusions, thereby making him the best suited to deal with her. This was the main reason behind his willingness to challenge her. Coupled with his superior combat prowess as a fourth year student, he should be able to easily deal with his opponent.

Yet, reality was cruel. Wu Li's fog was more than just some run of the mill illusion or mental interference. It had rendered his senses and special ability to be useless. Not only that, he was unable to feel the slightest bit of aura and smell within her fog, blinding him almost completely from within. Having started the match with the intent of instantly breaking her move by taking action, he had instead fallen over within the next moment.

After watching this short video, both Wang Zhong and Scarlet were slightly shocked. This stemmed not only from Wu Li's special ability to generate that mysterious fog, it also showcased her chilling resolution. The attack that she unleashed was considered a single strike instant kill, a terrifying assassination capability that was just the tip of her abilities. After all, being chosen by the Mo Family showed that she definitely passed the test, even if it was not absolute within the five great assassins. If not, the Mo Family would be destroying their reputation…

"Could it be that this fog is real?" Scarlet voiced her doubt.

"That's very likely. Furthermore, it doesn't only mask her aura. I'm afraid that it has other functions too," replied Wang Zhong with a smile. "However, no matter how strong a move is, it definitely has a weakness."

"These words sound very familiar," said Scarlet and after some thought, burst out in laughter. Were these not the same words that the OP analyst Ruo Zhi always hung in is mouth? This was the same phrase he used to specifically attack and badmouth All Mouthy King.

Wang Zhong only smiled in reply. Proceeding to take out a wood crafted box, he said, "This is for you. I think it will be useful for your special ability."

"Ah?" Hearing that, Scarlet immediately gawked. With the considerable level of friendship between everyone in the squadron, gifting presents was not rare. Nevertheless, such matters were usually reserved between Hymin and Grai. Such an action from Wang Zhong was too sudden for Scarlet.

"What's so surprising?" Feeling amused by her reaction, Wang Zhong handed the box to her.

After a moment, Scarlet finally regained her senses. Proceeding to laugh in embarrassment, she took the box and asked, "What's this?"

She flipped open the box.

Faint rays of pale blue brilliance illuminated her face.

Appearing before her eyes was a clear and lustrous crystal necklace. The long chain sparkled with the faint rays of radiance from the blue gemstone. Under the blue luster, the platinum chain seemed even more dainty and slender.

If it was any other gift, Scarlet would be alright. Yet, it was actually a necklace! A male giving a female a necklace...

Could he be confessing to me?

What's happening! This is too sudden! I'm not emotionally prepared for this!

On most occasions, Scarlet was considered a girl who could maintain a clam and easy going demeanour. At this very moment though, her breathing had become short and hurried while her face felt as though it had turned boiling hot. The world around her appeared to have stopped, with the clear "ba-dump, ba-dump" sound of her beating heart deafening her senses. Nervousness and apprehension were mixed together with anticipation, coupled with a sliver of agitation and inconceivability.

"This necklace is made from an ice attribute dimensional crystal. It should assist in increasing the progress of your ice attribute special ability…" Wang Zhong spoke earnestly. "You're our most important long ranged soldier. A heavy burden is on your shoulders."

Only at this moment did Scarlet realise that the necklace was a dimensional accessory...

Looks like I've thought too much about this.

Scarlet hastily regulated her emotions and looked once again at the pale blue necklace. Although she had regained her calm, it was quickly broken by shock and astonishment.

From the chilling glint radiating from the gem, Scarlet easily sensed the all too familiar feeling of the ice attribute elements circulating within it. Dense, rich and full. These were qualities that only an ice attribute dimensional crystal of 3a rank and above would be able to possess. Furthermore, from the size of the gem, she was able to tell that it would require millions of credits if purchased from the market.

"This…is too valuable!" Realising the value of the necklace, shock and astonishment filled Scarlet. "I can't accept such an expensive gift."

"Look at you. You always say to not be courteous towards yourself. Yet, now you're so courteous to me. We are friends, right!"

"But…" Scarlet was still in shock. Nevertheless, warmth started to fill her heart. Such a matter was something that she had never expected to happen to herself before.

"No buts. Say yes captain." Wang Zhong smiled. After expending such efforts to obtain this necklace, Scarlet definitely had to accept it.

Scarlet could not help it and glanced at the necklace in her hand a few more times. No one would believe her if she said she did not like it. The craftsmanship was immaculate and beautiful, completely satisfying the lure and appeal of beauty in the eyes of girls her age. Furthermore, it just so happened to be fashioned from an ice attribute dimensional crystal, having an almost unimaginable effect in the progression of her ice attribute special ability. Naturally, the crucial fact was that it was gifted from Wang Zhong.

Finally, Scarlet suppressed the apprehension and doubt in her heart. The only thing she needed to think about was that it was a gift from Wang Zhong. For some unknown reason, just the thought of that made her feel an ambiguous surge of happiness towards the necklace.

Sweet laughter rang out from her, as a rather bold thought suddenly appeared in her mind. Taking the necklace out from the box, she opened the hidden clasp on the chain. Fluttering her lashes at Wang Zhong, she proceeded to ask wittily, "Would you be so kind as to help me wear it?" Sweet laughter rang out from her, as a rather bold thought suddenly appeared in her mind. Taking the necklace out from the box, she opened the hidden clasp on the chain. Blinking her eyes towards Wang Zhong, she proceeded to ask in witty manner, "Would you be so kind as to help me wear it?"

"Happy to be at your service!" Wang Zhong immediately replied with a smile. Taking the necklace, he walked over to her back in a natural manner.

At this moment, the sight of Scarlet slowly pushing her hair apart to reveal her fair and exquisite neck appeared before his eyes.

As Wang Zhong's hands went around her neck, the fragrance of the young lady exuded from her hair and fair skin, right into his nose. This caused a sudden heart pumping feeling to erupt out from the usually calm Wang Zhong. As his mind blanked slightly, the door of the room was suddenly pushed open by a newcomer.
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    《Battle Frenzy》