Battle Frenzy
308 chapter 308 - Ball Queen“s overlord range
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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308 chapter 308 - Ball Queen“s overlord range

Chapter 308: chapter 308 - Ball Queen's overlord range
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Rushing in abruptly, Hymin shouted, "Our two great captains! The five great, what, I didn't see anything! I saw nothing! Please continue!"

Finishing her sentence, Hymin tried to leave with haste. Nevertheless, like a swarm of angry bees, Lily, Colby, Barran, Milami and the rest of the group had already rushed in behind her, leaving her with no place to retreat.

Upon noticing the scene before them, everyone instantly turned petrified, with their mouths hanging wide open. In an instant, the little bit of warmth that had appeared in Scarlet's heart turned into embarrassment. Fortunately, Wang Zhong reacted quickly, latching her necklace up in a second before pulling his hands away.

"Cough Cough!" With his hands behind his back, the great captain Wang coughed softly, before speaking in a rather poised manner, "What five great long are you talking about, senior sister Hymin?"

At this moment, Hymin was desperately trying to suppress her smile. The entire Tianjing Squadron were unified in their feelings towards Wang Zhong and Scarlet being a golden couple match made in heaven. Whenever there was an opportunity, everyone made considerable effort to create chances to achieve this future. However, it was a pity that the blockhead, Wang Zhong, was truly insensitive to people's emotions, causing everyone to worry and fret in helplessness. It was so difficult just for such a sudden breakthrough to happen, yet it had aroused on its own.

Nevertheless, there was nothing one could do about regret. Otherwise, Hymin would definitely want to reverse time and not come in here. "That's… the five great long ranged soldiers chosen by the Mo Family, and the three great summoning masters… aiya. You two really should do what you guys need to do. This isn't that urgent…"

"Let's watch together. My necklace opened up, so I asked Wang Zhong to help me latch it back. Let's go." At this moment, Scarlet had already regained her senses. Nevertheless, there was unconcealable joy and happiness in her eyes. This was a really good start.

An understanding expression immediately appeared on Hymin's face before she gathered everyone together. Opening the Skylink, they all immediately saw the latest video series by the Mo Family about the CHF, which had already climbed high up the popularity leaderboards.

Since their upload just ten minutes ago, the view count had already passed the 500 thousand mark. Within the eyes of the general public in the Freedom Federation, the Mo Family had credibility and influence that no other aristocratic family or power could compare to.

The beginning of the video showcased the five great long ranged soldiers. Compared to the dark and gloomy environment used for the assassins yesterday, this video used an exceedingly brilliant background, greeting the viewers with a blanket of blazing illumination from all directions. All of a sudden, "tut tut tut tut", flames shot out in succession from huge cannons, sounding just like the bugle horns used to signal the start of a war! As the flaming cannons slowly died down, a voluptuous and bountiful figure appeared right before everyone's eyes.

Within the Federation, there might have only been a few people who could use a cannon on the same level as they would be able to use a gun. Amongst those currently studying in the various academies of the Federation, there was only one sole person who stood out amongst the rest.

The Southern Area's Blazing Academy, Sharmie! 18 years of age, 166 cm in height, 47 kg in weight!

In a solo duel, long ranged soldiers may not showcase the same level of prowess that people expected when compared to the other combat professions. However, once placed in a group battle, there was only one standard used to judge the strength of a long ranged soldier, and that was the amount of output they accomplished!

Sharmie was undoubtedly one of the best in this aspect. Although she was unable to pass the criteria to be inducted into the quasi Sanctuary Division in the OP, no one had ever doubted the firepower she was able to generate. In fact, when asked to rank her, people would say that if Sharmie was placed in a defensive fortification that was completely safe and impervious, she would be able to annihilate an entire battalion all by herself...

Everyone from Tianjing was all too familiar with Sharmie, as they interacted with her for quite a bit during Ma Dong's auction period. Furthermore, she was Milami's cousin. Therefore, everyone present in the room felt happy and joyous about Sharmie being selected. Being able to see their friend receiving the true recognition she deserved from the Mo Family and the entire Federation was undoubtedly an extremely satisfying feeling. At the very least, they could finally say that they knew a famous person on the rankings.

At this moment, a barrage of comments filled the live chat feed. After all, this was Sharmie.

"All hail the Ball Queen! I love you forever!"

"Congratulations to the Ball Queen as the future best long ranged soldier!"

"Let the civilization see balls, cheer for the Ball Queen, and stop nonsense from being sprouted!"

It had to be said that wherever the Ball Queen appeared, comments spewed out like lava from an erupting volcano. When other experts appeared in the video, the live feed chat would mostly be about assessment and criticism, with fans being in the minority.

However, when it came to the Ball Queen, there were no proper lines of discussion to be found anywhere. The main reason being that her chest occupied a rather significant portion of her figure.

On one hand, this was something that was consistent on every showing of the Ball Queen. Yet on the other hand, everyone was truly too familiar with Sharmie and there was no particular debate or additional point worth mentioning about her. The reputation of this citizen's goddess was not merely reserved for her to be eye candy. In fact, people might be aroused to debate and argue if she was not included in the top five great long ranged soldiers. In fact, under such an undeniable situation, everyone was feeling quite leisurely. Furthermore, Sharmie possessed strength that was considered the most simplest to understand, which was pure, brute strength.

At the very least, before the appearance of the second long ranged soldier, the comments about the "Ball Queen" covered the skies and hid the earth on the live chat feed.

The next figure that appeared was a male with a strange rotating barrel gun in his hand, like the six round revolvers that were extremely common in the old era. However, its size was a notch larger than others, with the entire gun being covered in a scarlet red, fresh blood like colour. Runic patterns covered the surface, their density far surpassing most of the runic weapons that Wang Zhong had seen!

Furthermore, his garb was exceedingly unique, with a cowboy style hat present on his crown, the edges pressed down to obscure the greater half of his face. To long ranged soldiers, who need to have a sufficient grasp of a wide field of view, this was absolutely a life threatening mistake. Nevertheless, he wore a nonchalant expression on his face as he pressed down the edge of the hat even more. At this moment, the only thing people could make out from his face was a long foxtail (a spear of grass) sticking out from his mouth, revealing the corner of a lazy smirking mouth.

Torresto Academy, Alasi Torresto! 20 years of age, 188 cm in height, 77 kg in weight.

"This guy seems to have a "cool" appearance," commented Hymin, who was also in the fashion society. She had considerable praise for the male. "That revolving barrel gun looks like its something significant."

"Moglin's Gun, one of the best heated weapons produced during the black era. It's an auxiliary sidearm, and was created by the great master Moglin," explained Scarlet. "It has .86 caliber rounds that are faster than a small scale cannon. Although the firepower of its individual bullets are not as strong as a cannon, it has lethal levels of penetrative power! Furthermore, it possesses a unique Soul Power construct, allowing for the condensed Soul Power bullets to increase their velocity and might by quite a few times. It has a high difficulty of use, and extremely ridiculous requirements for such power. Although, its might is equally astonishing."

"I've heard of the Moglin's Gun. Although it's extremely powerful, there's a huge interval between its shots. Furthermore, its main issue is with ammunition. With such a severe consumption of the user's Soul Power, it truly isn't very good to use."

"That's why it has been replaced by modern weaponry. However, there will always be people who are compatible with it, just like Alasi Torresto. He possesses dense and abundant Soul Power, and just like Sharmie, he is considered to be the type that possesses the greatest firepower. However, he has a different style of combat compared to Sharmie. While she has an aggressive, surging style, Alasi's is more sharp and incisive, leaving no path of retreat for his targets."

Scarlet was exceedingly familiar with these few long ranged soldiers. Although Alasi's style of combat differed completely from her own, there were things that she could learn from him as he was a super expert within the long ranged soldiers.
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    《Battle Frenzy》