Battle Frenzy
310 chapter 310 - four Spiritual Soul Masters
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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310 chapter 310 - four Spiritual Soul Masters

Chapter 310: chapter 310 - four Spiritual Soul Masters
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That's right, there was yet to be anyone who could still live after such a warm embrace.

Torresto Academy, Bobo Torresto. 14 years of age, 146 cm in height, 32 kg in weight.

"Ah, it indeed is adorable Bobo. The genius young master of the Torres Family. However, is it truly alright for him to participate in the CHF at the age of 14?"

"He had already entered the Torres Academy last year. This year, he's already a second year."

"Wait a minute. That's not right, is it? A 14 year old shouldn't be that small, right? If there a problem with his puberty? A defect in his growth? This young fellow looks like he's only 8 or 9 at most."

"Brothers, I advise you to not ask around for answers to those questions. This is a taboo of the adorable Bobo. If he catches wind of you, you'll be a dead man walking…"

This stern warning immediately scared them to silence. At this moment, the Tianjing Squadron standing before the screen looked at each other. This included Hymin, and even Barran felt rather curious about this, wanting to ask.

"It seems like a problem arose while he was training at the age of 8 or 9. From then on, his body stopped developing." Scarlet spoke with regret as she shook her head. "Summoning Masters are indeed a dangerous profession."

Wang Zhong deeply approved and endorsed Scarlet's statement. Thinking back to the period of time when he had trained in the sea of fire, as well as the chattering and hollering from Simba that rang in his ears like tireless eruptions, Wang Zhong felt that it was truly fortunate that he had not fallen into the pit of obsession.

Compared to the queen of fame Laura, or the frightening and taboo like Bobo, the final Soul Beast Master to appear in the video had an exceedingly normal appearance and possessed rather normal facial features. He wore a calm and composed expression on his face, while his actions seemed extremely courteous and respectful. Hailing from the Mo Family, Mo Ling.

Heaven's Fate Academy, Mo Ling, 19 years of age, 175 cm in height, 70 kg in weight.

Although there were no examples of his abilities in the video, Mo Ling was someone that everybody knew about. His abilities were completely different from his appearance. Unlike Laura and Bobo, he possessed four Soul Beasts. Not only were they able to participate in combat, they could merge with him which gave Mo Ling additional strength and might from his Soul Beasts.

"On a traditional point of view, Mo Ling has strayed far away from the orthodox image of a Summoning Master, as he could not summon his Soul Beasts just like that. What he does is summon their 'souls', allowing them to change the construct of his body. This is considered to be an extremely unique special ability. I've heard that he has four states; bear, leopard, tortoise and eagle, corresponding to strength, speed, defense and flight respectively. There's simply nothing that can evade him!" said Scarlet.

Hearing that, Hymin nodded her head in approval as she added, "The most frightening aspect of his is the combination of his four states with the martial arts that has been passed down within the Mo Family, provoking his strength to rise into absolutely alarming levels."

If one were to pick out the greatest academies of the Federation, the choices would definitely be Stuart Academy, Heaven's Fate Academy, and Martial Ghosts and Gods Royal Academy, with Ivan Vasilyevich Academy barely squeezing into their ranks. Only these academies are qualified to be known as the peak of the Federation. In fact, others like Copperfield could only be considered as first rate academies. As for Tianjing… their primary goal was to pass the elimination round and enter the official competition. This was the request of Greene, Moore and others. However, Wang Zhong did not plan on resting his feet after the elimination round.

It was impossible for Wang Zhong to rely on himself, as the CHF revolved around both solo duels and group battles. There had yet to be a person to appear in the long span of history who was able to defy the heavens and achieve such a feat. However, with Grai in their squadron and having proper coordination between the squad members, there was nothing stopping them from creating miracles.

The stronger their opponents, the more excited Wang Zhong became.

Molton Potter had no spare time to care about the situation of the Copperfield Academy as he trotted across the lands of the dead desert within the world of pyramids in the Tutankhamun Empire.

Braving the intense sandstorms that howled across the area, Molton raised his head and looked up at Venus which had just risen across the horizon. From this, he determined that the sun was just about to rise, and needed to immediately find a place to rest as the day dawned.

This was a region of desert within the Tutankhamun Empire that was known as the tempering of death. During the day, the radiation from the sun reached levels that were lethal even towards new humans. Other than a few mutated bugs, no other life could exist under the rays of the sun beating down from above.

In a short moment, Molton quickly located a sand dune that was suitable for him to rest during the day. With its back facing the howling wind, the dune was more than adequate in blocking out the endless dry gales howling across this deathly place.

After locating the most comfortable spot, Molton quickly retrieved pieces of beast bones that were covered to the brim with runic carvings. As he hastily connected them together, a mysterious power emanated from them which formed a barrier under this sand dune, creating a shelter large enough for two people.

This mysterious runic force was something that he had managed to obtain from a soldier of the Tutankhamun Empire within the Desert of Death by trading his anti radiation tent. Even after the soldier had spent ages thinking, he could not understand why Molton would want to make such a disadvantageous move. Compared to the anti radiation tent, these rune engraved bones were much lower in quality. Nevertheless, this is what Molton wanted; a completely new experience.

Since he had came all the way here, he wanted the true and authentic feel of tempering in the Tutankhamun Empire's Desert of Death. So as to not ruin this feeling, he wanted only items that would not reduce the effects of his tempering and training here.

Squeezing himself into the protective area created by the runic patterns, Molton took out his canteen, taking an exceedingly careful sip of water. Suppressing his pangs of hunger, he retrieved his jerky and took small bites at it. After eating half, he suppressed yet another surge of thirst, wrapped up the remaining jerky and placed it back into his pouch.

After his light replenishment of water and food, he still had five pieces of jerky and a 70 percent full canteen, sufficient for him to continue living within the Desert of Death for a period of time. Contemplating quietly, he thought about his current predicament. He was able to endure living on edge for a short while, however, if he wanted to stay longer, then he needed to have something to eat and drink daily. To do this, it was essential that he caught sand bugs of adequate value to obtain the much needed water from the Desert of Death base camp.

To the princes and princesses of nobility, the training in the world of pyramids in the Tutankhamun Empire was more for understanding the workings of the higher class. In other words, their training here was not for combat, rather it was for communication and business, as well as learning about the various aspects of hierarchy present within the empire. WIthout striking a single blow, this would result in a stronger and more independent empire.

The control over their civility, depth of thoughts, growth of inspiration and desires...

That was a different kind of fight to martial strength, being more discrete and dangerous.

For Molton Potter, such tempering and training had broadened his view of the surround world. If he wanted to become a qualified leader, or the leader of the Potter Family one day in the future, the training and tempering he had undertaken here would establish strong and stable foundations for his abilities and strength.

However, being like a fish in water here was not Molton's primary goal. He had come here to further strengthen himself, yet since arriving half a year ago, he discovered that he was still incompatible with this world. Naturally, he had encountered dangers here, however, there was not a single incident for him to have any alteration with other people. Even if there were, any disadvantageous situation for him would turn into smooth sailing wings upon the discovery of his origins from the Federation.

This brewed an unspeakable amount of disappointment in his heart. He could definitely confirm that the Tutankhamun Empire was truly powerful. Born in the extremely cruel and harsh conditions, the entirety of their population consisted of new humans. From the moment of their birth, every following second of their lives were spent in danger. Under such nurturing conditions, the soldiers of the Tutankhamun empire became incredibly strong and powerful. It would be odd if such a trend were to fade away!
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    《Battle Frenzy》