Battle Frenzy
312 chapter 312 - Mu Zi“s Samsara Heavenly Cour
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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312 chapter 312 - Mu Zi“s Samsara Heavenly Cour

Chapter 312: chapter 312 - Mu Zi's Samsara Heavenly Court
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After offering the toast, the atmosphere began to freeze up. At this, the feudal lord of the Huaca Oasis knew it was time for him to speak. Taking a deep breath, he stood up before kneeling down on one knee, saying, "Second Prince, what the empire needs the most is your decision. Only you can truly bring justice and honor to us."

Immediately, everyone in the room knelt down on one knee towards the middle aged male.

Seeing this, a smile appeared on his face before he spoke, "Really, you guys. I'm afraid that it's difficult for me to shoulder such a heavy responsibility. You should say this to my royal father or elder brother."

"No no no! Although our kind is wise and farsighted, he's too obsessed with the Federation. Only you can truly approach the citizens, understand their feelings and lead them, second prince."

Completely ignoring the option of turning to the crown prince, the feudal lord of the Huaca Oasis immediately professed his devote loyalty to the second prince.

When the middle aged male heard this, a faint smile appeared on his face while a sliver of an incisive glint flashed across his judgemental eyes. "You have to make proper use of this matter then, and give that fawning elder brother of mine a good awakening. The pillar of the younger generation of the Potter Family, huh. Ha ha."

As this was happening, Molton was almost about to go crazy. The anti radiation pill had already lost its effect, and as such the high dosage of radiation was beginning to affect his body and blur his vision. Fortunately, he had yet to have double vision or experience hallucinations. He could still fight!

God knows how many of them he had slaughtered. The vile environment and those death seeking mad men made him feel slightly regretful. It was not that he was afraid of death, rather, he had overlooked the present situation in the Tutankhamun Empire. Dammit.

All of a sudden, an empty space appeared before Molton's eyes. Looking up in shock, he noticed that all the Irradiated who had been rushing towards him were all eliminated.

Did I win?

Molton shoved a few more pills into his mouth. At this moment, any side effects they might have were the last thing he cared about.

Numerous sounds of shuffling rang out rapidly over the desert around him. Such a commotion could only be caused by humanoid figures running over the sand dunes. The scorching hot and silent atmosphere turned even more tense and heart palpitating.

Completely spent and exhausted, Molton lifted his head and finally felt his first taste of despair.

Being the most outstanding member of the Potter Family's younger generation, Molton was able to maintain an optimistic state of mind regardless of the environment or conditions he was in. Only those who persevered would be able to grasp onto any sliver of opportunity to live!

However, the situation before his eyes...

How can I remain positive in this situation???

There were at least 200 mad men rushing over, wanting to end his life. These fellows were monsters that would even devour their own kind! Monsters that were even more cruel and berserk than mutant beasts!

An ashen shade covered Molton's face as he looked at his surroundings. Was this Desert of Death going to be his final resting place? That's right! He was one of the most outstanding members of the Potter Family! If he died here, what response would the Potter Family make?

With every passing second, he felt more that this situation was a conspiracy. As long as he died here, regardless of whether there had been a problem, the Potter Family would have to send someone here to check it out. It was impossible for any aristocratic family to make an act of revenge following the death of their most outstanding member, as this would be broadcasting a sign of weakness for the world to see. Once a family lost the might and reputation that demanded respect from people, it was possible that its allies would turn into backstabbing enemies!

Are there people that want to take action against our Potter Family?

As a self-proclaimed genius, what Molton was unable to tolerate the most was that he had unknowingly become a chess pawn to shake the pillars of his family.

The final fight of his life was about to start any moment!

At this very instant, a figure suddenly appeared in the midst of the battlefield. Step by step, he headed towards Molton, his glistening bald head and coffin on his back appearing just like a whirlpool, catching everyone's attention. Such an attraction was akin to hormone laden young males spotting an absolutely stunning lady before their eyes. Not only was it enticing, it brought about a

deep thirst within all of the Irradiated.

"Ah!" Molton gawked out, as he recognized the youth with the glistening bald head.

The main reason was due to his head being too bright…it was too unique.

At the same time, the deranged Irradiated men had also suddenly halted in their tracks. Mu Zi looked at the injured Molton in astonishment, before gazing at the Irradiated monsters who already exceeded the boundaries defining what humans were.

"I'm just passing by…"

An apologetic expression appeared on Mu Zi's face. All of a sudden, the sands around him appeared to have come to life, as countless hands made of sand erupted out from the desert. Grabbing onto all of the Irradiated, the hands dragged them into the sands. Not long after, the desert regained its initial appearance, appearing as though none of these events had occurred.

Not a trace of anything was left.

Night had already fallen before Molton finally awoke. As he opened his eyes, the first thing that hit his senses was the silence. The sounds of the wind blowing across the Desert of Death appeared to have completely disappeared.

He felt as though he had already left the Desert of Death.

However, at this very moment, he was still lying on top of sand.

"You're awake. I'm leaving."

An indifferent voice rang out, and not a single expression could be seen of Mu Zi's face.


Molton called out as he stood up. Immediately, intense pain and ache radiated out from the injuries he had suffered from the earlier fight, causing him to almost fall back down. Under the moonlight, he could see the baldy before him, his head glistening as it reflected the moonlight shining down from above.

Stopping in his tracks, Mu Zi looked towards Molton in indifference.

There were countless words in Molton's heart that he wanted to blurt out. However, he was unexpectedly unable to say ay of them under Mu Zi's stare, being only able to muster a single word of "thanks".

"There's no need. You've helped me previously."

Previously? Molton gawked at Mu Zi's response. Did I ever help Mu Zi? What he did then was merely nose into other people's business.

"Wait up. Are you... really just passing by? Will, will we be able to meet again?"

Mu Zi shot an apologetic look at Molton before nodding his head and replying, "The thing I want just so happens to be buried here, and I've already retrieved it. It's best that we don't meet again. You're not strong enough, so it's impossible for you to closely follow me."

Hearing this, Molton was unsure whether to cry or laugh. However, such small movements caused an intense bout of coughing to erupt from his throat.

He had never ever lost in gambling before!

Pausing for a moment, Mu Zi continued, "Oh, that's right. It's best that you leave the Desert of Death as soon as possible. This place will continuously drain your life if you stay here."

"What about you?"

Hearing this question, Mu Zi only laughed in response. To him, the place that had the greatest amount of deaths would become his home. However, from his experience, the people from the Federation seemed to be pretty good natured. Although they were wordy and troublesome, their characters were good.

"This is my paradise."

Molton stared at Mu Zi's retreating figure as he slowly faded away into the distance. If his life was considered to be insufficiently resilient, could that mean that there were people who were living a tougher life than he currently was?

In the Tianjing Academy, Wang Zhong and Barran were currently engaged in a one on one special training. Regardless of any squadron out there, the performance of their heavy soldier was always extremely crucial to overall might of the squad. The resilience and endurance of Barran would determine how far the distance the Tianjing Squadron would be able to travel in this CHF. This was the reason why Wang Zhong would always accompany Barran as his training partner.

With a loud roar, the pent up Soul Power within his body that appeared like compressed strings relaxed in an instant, causing an eruption of power to surge within his body like a tsunami. Barbarian's Smash!


An intense bang rang out. However, this wasn't the end of it! Barbarian's Smash, 2nd Drive!

Barran's aura sunk furiously. He could already feel the force rebounding back from the battering pad. Bracing his legs, the rebounding force instanting became channeled into a driving force for him, while the furious might of his second drive rumbled out.

A dull thump rang out from the ground beneath as a gigantic was transmitted through it. After going through a period of training, Barran was already adept in the skill to control the explosiveness of his strength. If one was to judge people by how hard to trained, there might be anyone out there that could rival Barran. After training for a sufficient amount of time during the day, he would continue on throughout the night, to the point of even dreaming about smashing in his dreams.
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    《Battle Frenzy》