Battle Frenzy
313 chapter 313 - World of the heavy soldiers
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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313 chapter 313 - World of the heavy soldiers

Chapter 313: chapter 313 - World of the heavy soldiers
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Barran wasn't being stupid. He knew that fanciful skills and techniques didn't suit him.The only method that worked for him was to increase his training to master the most simplest skill to utilize his strength.

Although Wang Zhong didn't shower to much praise towards Barran, he could truly feel the progress the latter had made during their recent trainings, merely that the latter has yet to sense it. From the beginning of the training till now, Barran had been afraid that he would drag the entire squadron down by his performance. From the looks of it now, such thoughts had clearly aided in his training. Such pressuring training really was something that suited Barran.

Other than resistance training, Wang Zhong had added in lessons of how to attack and defend. A good heavy soldier did not necessarily mean that one would have to train oneself to become a human wall. No matter how sturdy and resilient a wall was, it wasn't able to defend against every single attack thrown at it. Therefore, a heavy soldier also needed to possess a wide field of view of proper judgement.

In other words, a heavy soldier had to be able to make the gist out of the overall situation of the battlefield, before making the most accurate and effective defense. When faced against soldiers, one would have to become the primary defense of the squad. With defense being a part of their entire group battle strategy, Barran was the lynchpin of their Tianjing Squadron.

The main reason as to the feeling of inferior and distance of improvement he needed to cover was due to the results of his training with Wang Zhong. Regardless of strength, skill, technique, Soul Power and all other aspects, Barran felt that he was far, far outclassed by his senior. What's more, that was before intellect was added into the equation. Although All Mouthy King was Barran's idol, Wang Zhong was the person that he truly respected the most. After all, the only instances of his idol were from a distance, causing him to appear mysterious.

The training of the duo continued for 3 hours yet again. During their training, both Wang Zhong and Barran delved deeper into the questions pertaining to one's thought processes during combat. As of now, Wang Zhong had already reached a bottleneck in his skills and techniques. In fact, the assistance the OP could offer him now had become extremely small. What he needed was actual combat and powerful opponents to stimulate a stronger drive in him to become stronger. Furthermore, he had also paid more attention to his special ability. After enduring that period of training and experience in the sea of fire, Wang Zhong able to calm himself down from the excitement of obtaining such power. As of now, there was still the small issue of how to properly output his "flames" left unsolved. The big pressing issue now was the disparity between his soul and his fleshly body. With his soul being overly stronger, it was reaching a point where his fleshly body was unable to withstand its might. While utilizing his special ability, he would need to expend much of his mental control. This would leave him vulnerable to a backlash. If this was to happen against an opponent, he would truly become a laughingstock for all to see.

A Skylink present in her hand, Scarlet walked into the training room and summoned the duo over. "Take a break. The third video from the Mo Family about this CHF is out now. This time, its the five great heavy soldiers. Barran, you should really pay attention to this."

Stopping his training, Barran immediately nodded his head in haste. There wasn't anyone that could endure such enticement. Honor hung on one end of it, with reputation on the other. Being a heavy soldier, Barran really wanted to know what a truly strong and powerful heavy soldier would look like, and learnt from them. The greatest wish he had now was to become a good heavy soldier.

"Barran. You don't need to feel that they're unbelievably strong or powerful. You'll also be able to achieve that in the future." said Scarlet with a smile. Due to the training, Barran had been doing for the past period of time, his diligence and hard work had already won over the hearts of many. Although talent was extremely important, hard work was equally so too. Barran's rate of progress during the most recent group trainings was exceedingly evident of this point, merely that it was still insufficient in the eyes of Barran. As time went by, Scarlet felt increasingly confident that the formation of their Tianjing Squadron would absolutely obtain good results in this upcoming CHF.

Hearing her praise, Barran scratched his head in embarrassment. He merely treated her words as a form of encouragement from a senior sister.

Deep, resonant music brimming with passion and vigor rang out in the background of the video, before the sea of fire shown was suddenly covered by screens. As everything burnt up, cars, weapons, iron and steel all fused together, before the camera started to slowly zoom out. All of a sudden, a tall and large figure appeared right before the lens. Standing right in the sea of fire, the destructive waves of heat burned all around his body, akin to the gentle waft of a breeze. The explosive muscle present all around his frame appeared to sparkle with an irresistible luster under the glow from the surrounding flames.

In the next instant, the camera proceeded to focus on the gigantic figure present before it. As it slowly grew closer, a giant shield hanging on the back of this large man appeared came into view. The red colour of the shield caused it to appear as though it had merged into the surrounding flames, present with an intense sight that caused everyone to turn dumbfounded upon sight!

"Is that a shield?"

"Is it really not a security door?"

"Ha ha! Have you seen such a thick security door before? Do you think that the doors of bank vaults are as thick as this?"

The live chat feed instantly exploded apart with comments. There wasn't any of the mysteriousness, cold and cruel setting present in the video about the five great assassins. What this current video respresented was the absolute wham bam factor, striking deep in the hearts of everyone watching it.

At this moment, the video had already panned and locked onto the face of the huge man. The corner of the pair of thick lips parted to reveal a faint and incomparably wild looking smile. " I am Jormungandr! I'm the strongest heavy soldier, and the nemesis of all attackers. Furthermore, I really want a female friend, one that has a big chest and butt!"

BOOM! The explosive comments had taken over the entire live chat feed, appearing just as someone was going through the coding of the video. Without prior consultation, Wang Zhong, Scarlet and Barran turned their heads towards Milami, causing her to blank out in shock, before replying, "What's the use in looking at me. This muscle bound idiot should die and live his next life as a dog."

Hearing her reply, Wang Zhong and Barran had the impulsion of letting tears flow all over their faces.

Seer Academy, Jormungandr. 19 years of age, 216 cm in height, 147 kg in weight. There was absolutely no doubt that he was a follower of the path of strength. Being the primary heavy soldier of the tyrant of tradition, the Seer Academy, Jormungandr does possess the necessary criteria to be that rampant.

The sea of flames in the background started to gradually cool off, turning into ashes. At the instant when the final sliver of fiery glow turned dim, a red glow different from that of flames started to intensify. Present within was a brutish figure that was absolutely not inferior to that of Jormungandr. Currently, the gigantic figure was in a half kneeling position, while a stifling aura radiated out from it. In the next instant, a ray of light shot down from the skies, while the half kneeling figure proceeded to slowly rise up. Appearing completely different from that of an ordinary human, one could see pieces upon pieces of his muscles present on the surface of his body. From their appearance, they appeared unlike muscles, and more like giant stones that extended out from his body, with what appeared to be glowing red lines linking all of them together.

"What is that red light? Is that Soul Power?"

As the camera continued to draw closer, deeper and increasing intense images of the figure appeared on the screen, whilst giving him a look as though his eyes were lit aflame. All of a sudden, intense light and blazing flames appeared to spew out from within.

Incomparable focus shone from Barran's eyes as affixed his gaze straight at the Skylink screen. It was merely a video, yet was capable of giving an intense blow to the hearts of everyone that looked at it. Just standing by standing there, the figure didn't even need to say a single word. Yet, that very presence of him was akin to an issue of challenge, aiming straight towards all of the heavy soldiers who were currently watching this video." All, of, you, are, TRASH!"

From his initial showing all the way till the end of his segment, everyone remained silent. Yet, the impact it had was not one bit inferior to the heavy soldier Jormungandr showcased earlier. In the next instant, an impactful voice that sounded like the clap of thunder rang out, before information of the figure appeared on the screen.

Vasilyevich Academy. Pomo Ivan Vasilyevich. 19 years of age, 218 cm in height, 158 cm in weight. He hailed from the Vasilyevich Family, one of the five upper families among the ten great families of the federation. It was known as the family with the bloodline of the strongest heavy soldiers. Furthermore, Vasilyevich Academy was also honored as the academy that produced the greatest amount of heavy soldiers, which possesses the most outstand inheritance and heavy soldiers too.

Only two heavy soldiers had graced the video, yet it had already caused seeds of despair to form in the hearts of people watching. Taking a look at those heavy soldiers before looking towards their own heavy soldiers, all of them suddenly feel a chill forming within hearts. However, everyone could confirm that size and built were absolutely not the only aspects of why these two people were showcased in the video.

In the next moment, the camera had changed angles, with the scene of a dark night appearing on the screen. Dense clouds covered the sky, only leaving behind small and dim patches of moonlight to allow for people to identify that it was indeed a night sky. Just at this instant, a ray of golden light descended from above, just like a meteor coming down from outer space.
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    《Battle Frenzy》