Battle Frenzy
314 chapter 314 - requesting for silence
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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314 chapter 314 - requesting for silence

Chapter 314: chapter 314 - requesting for silence
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The appearance of the third great heavy soldier seemed slightly...unorthodox.

Nevertheless, the live chat feed of the video had exploded apart. Clearly, everyone was not one bit unfamiliar with the upcoming heavy soldier being showcased in the video. Furthermore, it was truly unorthodox in some sense. It wasn't that the heavy soldier appeared different, but the issue with the profession that caused people to feel that way.

It was Oly from the City of Blazing Angels!

BANG! As the golden light landed on the ground, the camera quickly zoomed towards it. Present within was an absolutely gorgeous woman clad in golden light and flames. Beautifully perfect curves and lines present across her figure caused her tall and large physique to appear exceedingly aggressive. Raising her chin, her slender snow white neck appeared in the video, while her long golden locks fluttered about, extruding a tall and lofty aura for all to feel. In the face of her aura, even those princesses and queens would have to low their high and noble necks towards her.

A golden sword and shield were present in her hands…. Heavy soldier. Yes, she had chosen the profession of a heavy soldier.

Barran was already stupefied by the image present before him. His heart beating in disorder, gurgling sounds rang out from his throat before he managed to squeeze a few words out. "She's also a heavy soldier?"

Unable to hold back their laughter, Scarlet and Milami replied. "She indeed a heavy soldier. Furthermore, she's an extremely strong one to boot."

The golden glow from the background gradually took over the entire screen, isolating that beautiful and perfect goddess-like figure, and the earnest and...disdain expression on her face.

At the same time, the complete statistics of Oly appeared on the screen.

Blazing Angels Academy, Oly. 18 years of age, 198 cm in height, 71 kg in weight. Indeed, she was a heavy soldier. Furthermore, she was an existence that would incite the inferiority complex of many of her male compatriots. However, from the aspect of physique, Oly was still not someone that fitted the image of a heavy soldier, as after all, the majority of the heavy soldiers out there were larger and taller than her. Nevertheless, Oly was indeed an outstanding heavy soldier. Her special ability, willpower and most importantly her faith had made her become the protector goddess of the Blazing Angels Academy, a status with godlike honor she shared with Papada.

Her existence had immediately generated quite a bit of appeal to heavy soldiers. Naturally though, there were an even greater number of debates sprouting out in the live feed chat, as many people like Barran were unfamiliar and curious about such a person. After all, a girl being chosen as one of the five great heavy soldiers was indeed and extremely interesting matter to be curious about.

The golden rays of brilliance gradually dimmed down, with a vast and spacious stretch of land appearing in its stead. A gigantic heavy axe was embedded in the ground, while a somewhat "un-burly" male stood beside it. His symmetrical physique, well defined facial features, especially his sharp and angular face brought about an aura of elegance and poise different from the earlier three heavy soldiers shown.

"Me? I'm also a heavy soldier?"

Facing the camera, the handsome male smile as he said, "I feel that Pomo's the best example of what's considered a heavy soldier. However, since you guys feel that I'm a heavy soldier, I'll leave it at that. For my opponents who are currently watching this video, you all have to take care. Offense is what I excell the most in. Why do I wear the armor of a heavy soldier? Are you stupid? That's because I'm afraid of dying! Oh, that's right. Is there any benefits of being one of the five great heavy soldiers? If there is, count me in. On the other hand, I already have a girlfriend. She's the most beautiful woman in the whole entire world, so don't get jealous about my beauty."

Instantly, he became the target of fire from the masses, with those single males hurling the most abuse. This bastard's too shameless! How did he even get chosen!

Seeing this, Wang Zhong burst out in laughter. Looks like there're truly interesting people in the five great heavy soldiers, huh. Not only were they strong and powerful, their bountiful charisma was also one of the reasons behind their might. What's more, it wouldn't hurt to have that smiling face in the screen as his opponent in the CHF. Naturally, Wang Zhong was now even more excited. He was extremely curious as to how that person would use that giant axe of his. If it was himself, he would...

However, just as the information of that handsome brother appeared on the screen, everyone watching the video were instantly stunned by it.

Vasilyevich Academy, Noraba. 16 years of age, 190 cm in height, 100 kg in weight.

An offensive type heavy soldier, he still hailed from Vasilyevich Academy. Now, this mighty academy had two students within the ranks of the ten great heavy soldiers of all time. This Noraba was the latest super genius unearthed by the Vasilyevich Academy. It was said that this wild and intractable fellow had caused earth shattering turmoil to erupt within the academy upon his admission, a textbook example of a fledgling challenging the veterans while gaining increasing fame and reputation with every victory. This was the Vasilyevich Academy.

The scene in the video quickly changed, revealing a figure dressed in long robes as he stood within the churning sea of clouds present around him. A thick golden rod was present in his hand. This was yet another offensive type heavy soldier, hailing from one of the five lower families, the Zhao Family.

Divine Dragon Academy, Zhao Tianlong. 18 years of ago, 188 cm in height, 90 kg in weight, and the direct descendant of the Zhao Family. Among the ten great families, the Mo and Zhao Families have inherited the ancient martial strength passed down from the previous civilization. Such strength would allow for a miraculous development of their abilities upon the awakening of one's soul power, allowing them to possess greater strength. With such strength, they had also made outstanding contributions during the dark era.

With a rod in my hand, I'll exist under the heavens.

The five figures of the five great heavy soldiers merged together, forming a gigantic shield with the crest of the federation emblazoned on it. These were the favored heavy soldier seeds of this upcoming CHF.

Only when the video had ended did Wang Zhong, Scarlet and the rest regain their senses. It was merely a video, yet they were indeed able to feel how strong and powerful those five were. This absolutely cannot be faked. Although there were some joking remarks made by some of them, like finding a girlfriend or remaining completely silent, the more they appeared natural and relaxed, the greater the indication to the high level of strength and state of mind they had achieved.

Without saying a single word, Barran returned to the training room. At this moment, he needed some quiet time for himself.

The Mo's List video uploaded by the Mo Family had already ignited the flames of passion and zeal in the various great Heroic Soul Academies. As the end of the holidays neared, there were many things needed to be prepared. Wang Zhong wanted to return home to take a look. His parents truly were too relaxed, having a "happy go lucky" altitude as much as they liked.

Wang Zhong had an apartment in Tianjing City, located within an extremely ordinary residential building. Considered to be within the city residential region, most of the citizens staying here were ranked at the basal hierarchy of the federation. These included skilled workers, chefs, white collared workers. Such a myriad of people living here formed the entire composition of this small region.

He had received a video from his mother two days ago, and from the looks of it, the two of them appeared to be at pretty high spirits. Sunbathing on a stretch of man made beach, they appeared extremely free and relaxed. Conversations about wanting to travel here and there had always hung from their mouths. With Wang Zhong staying at the academy this year, this dream of theirs could be considered to be fulfilled. The only gripe was that their enjoyment had caused them to not return home for more than half a year, something that Wang Zhong could only response with a sigh in admiration.

"You're grown up already, Wang Zhong. A true man should bring back the CHF champion, okay!" Wang Zhanfeng didn't manage to act smugly for one more instant before being knocked on the head by his wife.

"Little Zhong, you need to pay attention to the comprehension of your progress and improvement. The results aren't as important as the process. Make sure to pay attention to your safety."

His parents still argued about in such a loving manner, causing Wang Zhong to feel loads of warmth within his heart, while steeling himself to better obtain a good result in this CHF. Compared to his previous proclamation, he wasn't shooting of an empty load this time.

The people within this little region were very familiar with each other, with the so-called left and right neighbors being more reliable than his own family. He continuously waving and greeting the people that passed by as he headed back home.

"You've grown quite a bit after staying in school for half a year, little dumpling!" ( dumpling is a word play in the word Zhong)

"You've come back to do a cleaning up again, little dumpling? Sigh. I told you that you should have given your aunty a key, right? When I've nothing to do, I'll just help you do some dusting along the way. School's already that tough and busy. Why the need to come all the way back just to clean, right? Geez. Your parents are really a handful to leave for half a year in a go. Cough Cough. They really can let everything go!"

"Ha. You've finally come back, brother Wang Zhong! Gimme a moment to find the little girl and the little fatty! They've been constanting shouting about how much they missed you for the past few days, talking about wanting you to share about those interesting things from the Heroic Soul Academy!"
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    《Battle Frenzy》