Battle Frenzy
315 chapter 315 - assassination!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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315 chapter 315 - assassination!

Chapter 315: chapter 315 - assassination!
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"Play play play, Those little brats only know how to play from dawn to dusk! Look at how hard working your brother Wang Zhong is! If not, how can he attend classes at the Tianjing Heroic Soul Academy? You all better scram right away and go back home to study! You all are not allowed to disturb your brother Wang Zhong!" Wang Zhong's neighbour, uncle Liu hoisted a stick up as he roared out, scaring the shit out from the little brats. As they fled helter-skelter away, they created a huge commotion within this little region, turning the atmosphere into an extremely lively and noisy one.

It was more a less the same scenario every time he returned here. Nevertheless, it caused Wang Zhong to feel a heartfelt intimacy to this place.

Little Dumpling was the nickname he was given during his childhood, a wordplay to the "Zhong" in his name. During his childhood times, he was usually sick and afraid of the cold. Therefore, he would always be wrapped up into a dumpling-like shape by his parents.

With smiles and laughter, he exchanged greetings with the uncles and aunties present in this little region, all why pulling out his key to unlock the door to his house.

It wasn't a large house, with a simple two bedroom layout coupled with a small living room and kitchen. With it being more than a month since his last return, there was already a thin layer of dust coating the interior of the house.

Folding up his sleeves, Wang Zhong prepared to get to work.

Although they were his adoptive parents, never did Wang Zhong once felt them be any different to his true kin. Stuffed at the corner of his bed was a pile made up of various handmade wooden toys. A little horse, hand carriage, and simple wooden blocks. These childhood toys of his were handmade by his dad after his whole busy days at work, carving in the dim street lights of their courtyard, staying up all night and having panda eyes as a result of it. Also, present on his bed were hot water bottles. Being especially afraid of the cold during his childhood, his mom would always stuff his blankets full of hot water bottles to keep him warm. There were too many childhood memories etched into this house. Other than the constant torture of sickness and pain, at the very least, Wang Zhong felt that his life was indeed extremely fulfilling.

His own hard work and effort were far from being the only things he could rely on to be able to endure those painful and arduous times. One could say that the encouragement and optimism of his parents had really affected his character. Although he would doubt the exact identities of his parents from time to time, it was something that would only pop out occasionally. During his childhood, it hasn't bothered Wang Zhong too much, what more about now.

His parents will be in for a surprise when they return, as Wang Zhong was planning to by a slightly better house near the business district. Although he did care much about this, his parents weren't getting any younger. Letting them enjoy their lives was clearly something that would make him, being their child feel happy.

Thinking about this, Wang Zhong could not help but to burst out in silly laughter. Other than the incoming CHF, this was most probability the matter that he had the greatest anticipation for. What would his parents, who were on a round trip, react when their poor student son suddenly becomes a billionaire!


All of a sudden, a sense of vigilance erupted within Wang Zhong's heart, instantly pulling him out from his day dream.

There's someone behind me!

At this moment, it was already too late to rely on any conscious reaction, only leaving it to his subconscious to take control. As danger enveloped his body, his feet gave a twist, sending him fluttering slightly into a sway, just akin to a willowy leaf.

A dagger covered in a cold green glint hugged the silhouette of his face as it fly by. It's actually laced with poison! This thought flashed within Wang Zhong's mind the instant he managed to get a wift of the smelly odour coming off from the dagger. One could only imagine the results if one was struck by it.

What a intense response of murderous intent!

At this moment, Wang Zhong had only managed to make a half rotation. However, he was already able to catch the figure completely clad in black cloth rushing out from the clothes cabinet at the corner of his eye!

Wang Zhong's expression instantly turned exceedingly cold and calm. What followed was a hand brimming with terrifying hot flames patting out as though it was shoving the mountains and seas apart. Transforming into a giant palm as it pushed out, it did not give even a millisecond for anyone to react.

Compared to Papada's fiery attacks, this flame had merged with the force of the palm, yet was unexpectedly as sharp and incisive as the edge of a blade. With its sharpness revealed, it shot accurately towards the heart of the assassin in a life threatening manner! This frightening fire attribute special ability had also instantly encased Wang Zhong's body within it...

The eyes shining out from underneath the black clothes appeared incomparably confident. With his painstaking arrangement, no prey of his had ever been able to escape out from his clutches. Regardless of the slight accident of

In a life or death situation, an unimaginable radiance erupted furiously out of Wang Zhong's eyes


A head-on collision of strength occurred, as his fist smashed apart the incoming fist of fire.

The sound of bones crackling rang out, followed by a muffled groan, before the black cloaked figure rushed out at an even faster speed. Smashing through the window beside it, the figure launched itself out of the third storey of the building.

The air was filled with the fire elements that were destroyed by Wang Zhong, as well as spatial ripples left by the oscillating fist sent out by him.

Wang Zhong shot out like an arrow, yet what welcomed him was an undispellable cloud of special purple gas, instantly masking his sight and senses.

"Did something drop down?"

Only at this moment did a neighbour stick his head out.

"Did something just explode?"

"What's going on?" noticing the thick black smoke rising into the air, the entire little housing region was shaken into shock. "Oh my god! What's the matter with that black smoke?"

Obviously, he did not have any plans to give much explanations about what had happened, Wang Zhong had retreated back into his house before.

This clearly was a pre-planned assassination attempt at himself, with the executioner absolutely being assassination specialist. Although his strength wasn't sufficiently scary, from the extremely astonishing might of the fiery palm sent out by the former, Wang Zhong could tell that the former had already reached the peak of the Casted Soul Stage.

Now, the problem was that who would want to kill him? Furthermore, why would the assassin want to lie in ambush for him at this location?

From the looks of it, they appeared to know that Wang Zhong was about to head home, and had hidden preemptively in his house. Furthermore, the assassin had removed all prior indications of his prior entry, and had even hidden calmly like a turtle to bid for the opportune moment to strike. People would be especially relaxed when they arrive at him, which was why even Wang Zhong was unable to sense the assassin's presence.

Wang Zhong looked towards the poison-laced dagger embedded on his ceiling, regardless of his poor understanding towards poisons, the fishy smell radiating from it that could be smelled from half a metre away was already capable of causing people to feel drowsy.

Seeing the bloodstains on the floor, a frown appeared on Wang Zhong's forehead as he thought, who could that be?


"Sha Sha Sha Sha"

As the static backdrop gradually clear up , it settled on a dim and dusky environment. A raspy breathing sound rang out from the darkness, before the screen was rapidly flung away, as though the one behind it had lost his control over it, dropping onto the ground.

As the camera closed in under this dusky sky, one was would be able to notice a fellow draped in a black cloak leaning against a big tree. His entire left hand hung limply by his side, with his bones piercing out from his broken arm, dripping with blood. A visible imprint of a fist was visible on his chest, which had caused his sternum to sink halfway into his body, pressing right onto his heart and lungs.
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    《Battle Frenzy》