Battle Frenzy
316 chapter 316 - Virgo
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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316 chapter 316 - Virgo

Chapter 316: chapter 316 - Virgo
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"Cough Cough...Mis, Mission Fail...Cough...Cough…" his breathing before more and more laboured, with the vicious gaze tempered over many years gradually turning into terror. "

Seeing this, a faint smile appeared on the face of Zhao Zijun, who was standing on the operating platform. "Don't worry. We have already locked on to your location. The people on to way to save you are about to arrive. Before that, I would like to talk about something that interests me. How did you fail? I need to process as to how you've turned into such a shape."

" me! Save me, young master…" the emotions of the black cape wearing fellow surged.

With a smile, Zhao Zijun replied, "Relax, it's not good for your body if you get too emotional. Do take note that you're losing a lot of blood. At such a time, it's better for you to focus on other matters than to let your mind wander off."

Hearing that, the face of the black cape wearing fellow grew dim. Due to the surge of emotions that had just happened, he had lost too much of his strength. As his voice grew weaker by the second, he proceeded to mouth out a few words at a go.

"....The target's very strong...the assassination has failed."

His voice grew weaker and weaker appeared to be unable to say any more than those two phrases. As his voice grew into a murmur, his head proceeded to slump down, with not a single sound of breath coming from him anymore.

"What a useless idiot that can't even get the job done. What's the point of keeping him off he can't even speak properly." sighed Zhao Zijun, before gently pressing on a red button.

In the next instant, intense sounds of an explosion rang out from the screen before him, before a flurry of static appeared in the cool screen.

"What a sweet sounding noise." said Zhao Zijin as he closed his eyes, appearing to enjoy to the instant when the explosions went off.

He loved the happiness brought about by the despair of people who were obsessed by power before being destroyed by it.

Within one of the ten great families of the federation, the Zhao Family, Zhao Zijun was extremely unwelcome by the other members of his family, ever since his birth. Being a branch member of one of the ten great families, there wasn't much requirement for him to possess a strong talent. However, he was unexpectedly unable to awaken as a new human. Furthermore, there was a problem with the development of his brain, causing him to be unable to use drugs and medicine to forcefully awaken as one. This caused him to suffer various kinds of supercilious looks while he was in the family. As he grew up, Zhao Zijun's supernatural, and close to demonic intelligence proceeded to reveal its horns. This allowed him to utilize his intellect to inch himself step by step up the ranks within his family.

The assassination mission was requested by that fellow Gui Hao. His intelligence network had identified some ambiguous connections between that common male from Tianjing Academy and Carolyn. With Gui Hao's perfectionistic character, it's clear that he would tolerate such a flaw in his goals. Therefore, with such a slight instigation, the thought of destroying Wang Zhong had appeared in his mind. Naturally, Zhao Zijun was the one tasked to do the dirty work, with this matter allowing the latter to establish a line of connection and friendship.

At this current moment, all of the five upper families were surging with ambition, something that the five lower families were keep to capitalize one. As of now, the Zhao Family was in an alliance with the Gui Family. The latter wanted to establish a connection of marriage with the Stuart Family, allowing for them to raise up in status. Among the younger generation members of the ten great families, Gui Hao was indeed an existence that was capable of matching up to Carolyn. With Carolyn's haughty and arrogant character, Gui Hao was one of the only existences that did not raise any ire from her. Who would have thought that the haughty and arrogant princess Carolyn would have a change in taste. Although all of these appeared to be based on groundless accusations, Zhao Zijun needed to strengthen the level of relations he had with Gui Hao. Due to this matter, Gui Hao, who was previously like to stay hands off had appeared to start in his attitude towards Zhao Zijun.

However, what shocked the latter the most was that the assassin sent out by him had actually been killed. That was a specialist at the peak of the Casted Soul Stage. An assassin that possessed such abundant experience had actually failed in his assassination, and had even been severely wounded. That was simply...

"That fellow by the name of Wang Zhong is… ha ha, this is a little interesting. He appears to be hard to deal with than he looks. What's more, it would truly be a pity if he would die casually like that. I should really utilize this fellow well."

Appearing to have thought about something crucial, Zhao Zijun gave faint smile, before starting to dial another Skylink number.

Ths time, a handsome face appeared within his screen, with an air of arrogance radiating out from the calmness present. "Has it ended?"

"Ha ha, I'm truly sorry, brother Hao." replied Zhao Zijun with a laugh. "The mission has failed. That Wang Zhong seems to possess some skill."

Hearing that, Gui Hao gawked slightly. Truthfully speaking, this wasn't a good piece of news for him. To him, Wang Zhong was just like a harmless toad that had started to croak after having landed on his feet. With his identity and status, he truly couldn't be bothered to cook up any scheme against Wang Zhong. Nevertheless, he didn't want to leave any unfinished business lying around.

"Nevertheless, don't worry about this. I'll send even stronger men to take action against him. I won't let him arrive safe and sound to the CHF. Being that weak, no one would care about the absence of a captain in a squadron like Tianjing." said Zhao Zijun with a smile.

Hearing that, a frown appeared on Gui Hao's face as he replied. "You do not need to care about this matter anymore. Him coming to the CHF might be a good thing for me."

Gui Hao spoke out in an indifferent manner. That Zhao Zijun didn't say the entire story of the situation. It wouldn't matter if his target was an ordinary student. However, that target of his was a captain of a squadron. What's more, in such a critical and sensitive period of time, would it be wise to blow this matter up? Most importantly, with no breakthrough in the relations he had with Carolyn, this matter might give him an opportunity to do so, with the possibility of him even being able to obtain an advantage in future corporations.

Although that brat Zhao Zijun wasn't honest in his actions and words, he was someone that Gui Hao

Hearing that, Zhao Zijun gave a smile. Showing a thumbs up sign, he spoke out, " Brother Hao's smart and brilliant! Nothing could be better for him to enter the CHF for you to destroy him, while observing the spectacular reactions princess Carolyn would have when that happens. With his skills and ability, this person wouldn't be eliminated early into the CHF. This will really be a good show to watch."

"Good actors are needed for a good show. Pay closer attention to him. However, you should be more courteous to your future sister in law, okay, little Jun." replied Gui Hao in an indifferent manner.

Gawking upon hearing Gui Hao's words, a smile surfaced on Zhao Zijun's face before speaking out. "Seeing how smelly my mouth is, just leave these trivial matters to me to handle."

Differing expressions were present on the faces of both men as they closed their Skylink, with a cold and indifferent one, wavering on the border of a sinister and vicious present on Zhao Zijun. Turning around, a smile appeared once again on his face. In his heart, he believed that there will be one day that he would trample all those people who had unestimated and ignored him under his feet, once and for all!

Meanwhile, Gui Hao gave a laugh out as a smile appeared on his face. Although he was all to clear about the plans that little brat, Zhao Zijun had, he didn't give a care about them. At this moment, the Gui Family needed to have an alliance partner within the five lower families. Not possessing any power of his own, Zhao Zijun would have to rely on his intelligence, schemes and alliance partners of he wanted to stand firm within his family, something that Gui Hao placed importance on. Only such a guy would never, ever rebel and go against him, and would forever be his lackey. This was why Gui Hao could endure the petty schemes of the latter. As for whether the dog would turn around to bite the hands that feeds it. That would be something to consider at a later stage.

Exactly who wants to kill me?

That assassin sent to kill me was a considerable specialist, having left rather little paths of escape for Wang Zhong. He had great hopes towards the poison laced dagger left behind by the assassin, thought it was dashed after analysing it in detail. The poison present in it wasn't something unique or special, being just a type two neuropoison. Being a type two neuropoison, it would induce neuroparalysis on its target upon administration. It can be found in any major military base or registered hospital, thus leaving this trail cold. As for that dagger, it was no more than a ordinary runic assassin dagger purchased from the black market. It wasn't manufactured by any licensed weapons manufacturer of the federation, making it untraceable. Further, he wasn't even able to find any inking of a clue from the runic engravings present on its body.
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    《Battle Frenzy》