Battle Frenzy
319 chapter 319 - The Ice Prince
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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319 chapter 319 - The Ice Prince

Chapter 319: chapter 319 - The Ice Prince
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The Mo Family's meditation was classified as a type of cultivation. Truthfully speaking, the inheritance known as "mediation" was a type of ancient martial art originating from the ancient antiquity.

There were several types of meditation originating from the ancient antiquity. These were the closed eyes meditation, also known as the sight severing meditation, voice severing meditation, hearing severing mediation, sense severing mediation and a few more other types of mediation. In essence of the ancient martial arts, the strength of man originates from their spiritual soul, which was also known as one's divine sense, or sixth sense.

According to this, the cultivation goal of mediation was to rely on sealing one of a person's five senses, sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch in order to strengthen one's sixth sense.

Perhaps, such a process would be inconceivable in the eyes of many. However, with the experience of surviving through the dark era, the federation had already managed to obtain the know how to gain contact with one's spiritual soul, with the OP and the hyperdimension being one of the most clear-cut examples of communication with one's "spiritual soul". Therefore, the cultivation art of "mediation" could be said to be scientifically proven to work. Furthermore, it has an extremely simple rational supporting its goal, which an example being that the senses of a blind person being acuter than an average person.

However, of the people that cultivation the art of "mediation", the majority had chosen to undergo the voice severing mediation, the main reason being that it was a relatively easy one compared to the others. Compared to the voice severing mediation, it was extremely rare to see one who would cultivate in the sight severing mediation. Although blindfolding one's eyes wasn't something difficult, maintaining a "blind" state of a couple of years or even a decade was. Resolution and firmness of one's heart would be needed to accomplish such a feat, while one's mentality would need to be on a realm that ordinary people were completely unable to comprehend.

Casually reading through the Skylink discussion forums, Wang Zhong was able to obtain quite a bit of information with regards to that Mo Wen.

The military representative for the younger generation of the Heaven's Fate City's Mo Family, he was also the elder brother of the Mo Family's little princess Heaven's Fate Master, Mo Xingchen. Excelling in various kinds of ancient martial arts, he was even invited by the federation's military to hold the post as a commander for new recruits with his status as a student of the Heaven's Fate was common knowledge that the military would send people over to academies to hold commander roles over the new students. Yet, who has ever heard of a student being sent to the military to obtain a commander post over new recruits? Mo Wen was the person to sent the first record of such an unprecedented matter, something that definitely demanded the respect of others. This was a martial blockhead that only focused on cultivation and training, to the point of there being no one within the genius filled Heaven's Fate Academy daring to put up a challenge against him.

Compared to the relatively well known Mo Wen, the fifth figure that appeared in the video was clearly something out of people's expectations.

Present within the video was a mysterious figure shrouded in expansive long robes. At this moment, he appeared to be exhibiting some kind of technique, or perhaps some kind of unique ability, causing a spatial void to form in the environment behind him.

Compared to the fog produced by Wu Li, this spatial void did not conceal his figure. On the contrary, it had made him appeared even more eye-catching. A pair of grey and dim eyes shone out from beneath the cape. As he extended his hand out from underneath his cloak, everyone instantly saw a dazzling long blade shining radiantly akin starry sky!

Fiery Arrow Academy. Tianchang Musk. 192cm in height. 84kg in weight.

"He's actually from the Musk Family? However, I've never ever heard of this Tianchang before."

"The Musk Family also wants to participate in this year's competition? Aren't they only interested in money?"

"Is that spatial void background related to his special ability? What uses does it have?"

Compared to the head to head rebuttals present in the earlier parts of the live feed chat, the appearance of Tianchang Musk was something that was unexpected by the majority of the people watching the video. What's more, they simply didn't have an inkling about him.

The Musk Family had held the positions as ATMs(automatic teller machines) in the hearts of the citizens forever since ages ago. Added with the purposefully imposed low profiled and neutral stance, it had caused very few people to notice the shadows of the Musk Family in the struggle for power and supremacy.

Within the federation, the majority of the people felt that the Musk Family only cared about money, and nothing else, with earning money seemingly being the never-ending goal of theirs. However, such views can only be found in the ordinary man. As long as one was able to connect with the Musk Family at an intimate level and be highly regarded by them, it was extremely easy for one to see the current desires that they seek.

From his conversations with the other person from the Musk Family that he had met in the Diamond Adventurer Base, Dise Musk, Wang Zhong could sense that the Musk Family already had the intention of pushing forwards within their agendas. Their ambitions were far above from merely the field of business. To them, monetary wealth was just the prerequisite for their future successes. Yes, the Musk Family may have maintained a neutral stance and kept their hands out of politics at the beginning. However, upon reaching the apex of wealth with no further path to walk down this road, it was time for them to find other goals.

Possessing the greatest wealth in the federation, the Musk Family had accumulated and gathered their strength for the past hundred years. As for that Tianchang Musk, who was completely unknown by anyone till now, to appear within the Mo Family's list of the top ten experts, it was exceedingly clear that he would also participate in this year's CHF competition. At this moment, Wang Zhong felt that the Musk Family had already prepared to start revealing the tip of their spearheads.

The discussions and debates within the Skylink discussion forums continued to rage on as people continued to share their opinions about this Tianchang Musk. He lacked the same level of fame and reputation as compared to the first four on the list, though people had a certain level of faith and confidence to his strength at the very least. There wasn't any need to doubt the Mo Family's list, being extinguished by the previous incident involving Kohl Joseph had proved so. At this moment, the majority of the people were just incomparably curious and interested towards the spatial void background present behind Tianchang Musk. Even Wang Zhong wasn't able to get a clue as to what it represented. Without a doubt, it was some kind of special ability. However, what uses did it have?

At this very moment, deep down within their hearts, everyone was hoping for some blind idiot to issue a challenge with this mysterious person of the top ten experts.

Following the disappearance of the starry sky, the sixth person on the list started to grace the video. It was yet another superstar figure. Upon his appearance, the entire background seemed to be filled with an endless stretch of snowflakes slowly fluttering about, just about when every girl watching the video started shrieking out.

The tall and slender figure treaded along a glacier. Under the harsh cold present throughout the Arctic, this youth was impressively walking about with a bare upper torso. Upon descending on his body, the snowflakes fluttering down from the skies instantly disappeared away. This phenomenon wasn't due them melting due to his body's warmth, but them fusing with him in a strange and mysterious way.

The fairness of his skin was the envy and jealousy of countless women, while his handsome and suave appearance had caused seemingly the majority of males to wallow in inferiority. Despite his mental fortitude and indifference to appearances, Wang Zhong could not help but to shoot a few extra glances at this figure.

This fellow's capable to put up a fight with Grai...

The most astonishing point about him was the red scars present across his upper body. Representing ugliness, they were pocketed across the upper torso, yet bringing about a handsomeness that was his to own, even adding a few points of manliness to his overly effeminate appearance.

At this moment, he was currently travelling at lightning speed, in pursuit of a mutated snow leopard. Possessing speed that could easily shake off the majority of assassins off its tail, the snow leopard flew across the lands. Nevertheless, the distance between the two was unexpectedly closing at a rapid rate that was visible to the naked eye.

As the screen froze up, a series of information instantly appeared in the video.

Grozny Academy, Vladimir Ivan Vasilyevich. 18years in age. 185cm in height. 74kg in weight.

The video live feed chat had already sunk into a chaotic frenzy. Just like the fiendish looking Gui Hao, Vladimir similarly possessed an astonishing level of fame and reputation. He was definitely one of the most dazzling and eye-catching males to participate in this year's CHF, more due in part to his fame and reputation than his strength.

Vladimir Ivan Vasilyevich, the ice prince!

The first in line successor of the Ivan Vasilyevich Family, one of the five upper families of the federation.
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    《Battle Frenzy》