Battle Frenzy
322 chapter 322 - Taste of first love
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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322 chapter 322 - Taste of first love

Chapter 322: chapter 322 - Taste of first love
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Therefore, he had naturally placed his emphasis on the society as well as the upcoming CHF, something that was rather important to him. Being the leader of the Tianjing Squadron, if the squadron was truly able to obtain good results in the CHF, it would add a dense amount of credit in his resume upon his graduation. This was something that would have a gigantic help in his future endeavours, regardless of the fact that he in fact only had the role of cheerleader within the squadron.

Sorting out the information on the table, the first list present was the travel arrangements towards the competition grounds.

Being the 100th year anniversary for the CHF, there were over participating 400 squadrons, with all of them needing to head at the host city, Stuart City within a month, before being allocated into different areas to gather.

The entire CHF is split into two major portions, the selection competition and the official competition. The 400 over groups will be split into 4 regions, with four different cities hosting the selection competition. Only after the victors of the four regions are decided will the official competition start within the Stuart City.

For those academies that were situated further from Stuart City might need to start packing urgently and head on the iron railway by tomorrow, or even by today. Compared to them, the Tianjing squadron was in a considerably better position. For them, it would take an estimated 3 to 4 days for them to reach Stuart City via the iron railway, giving them much more leeway to meet the timings.

With a hearty chuckle, Ma Dong spoke out. "Everyone, we've to decide about this. If we're not rushing for time, we can set off in a week's time. If everyone wants to take a break and sightsee in Stuart City, we can set off in advance! What's more, the arranged living quarters for us will be two people per room, with no fixed roster or bunkmate. Naturally, you can report to me if you've any special requirements or requests."

"The person that wants to declare the most would be yourself, right?" said Hymin with a smile. "Aren't you thinking of staying in the same room as our Milami?"

"HOHOHO!" roars rang out from the people around as they started to whistle. As of now, Ma Dong and Milami were the closest of couples present within the squadron. This was especially true due to Ma Dong being able to have more idle time as of recently, allowing the two to appear as though they were joined by the hips within the society.

Who would have thought that the fluent Ma Dong would show a stern expression as he replied, "How would I do such a thing! I do respect my Mimi!"

"Tsk. What a righteous great leader Ma...I'm actually unable to refute." replied Hymin as she opened her eyes wide, looking straight at the righteous looking Ma Dong.


"That's without a doubt! It's my righteousness that my Mimi likes about me." at some unknown time, Ma Dong's hand had already snaked around Milami's waist. Looking at her with a tender expression, he continued speaking, "This is the so-called feelings of an old couple."

"From dawn to dusk." Milami continued from him. At this time, the two had instantly become the centre point of attraction, their deep feelings and gentle embrace instantly causing everyone to stare blankly at them.

"Cough cough cough!" only after quite a while did Hymin regain her senses.

"Milami.., has been corrupted by Ma Dong! She's actually able to say even such corny words out from her mouth" Are… you two purposely trying to be that oppressive?"

"Please to turn let Ma Dong lead you astray, Milami." even Lily was starting to be unable to stand the act Ma Dong and Milami were putting up. There was too much love and tender feelings present within the surroundings them flooding everywhere within the training grounds.

We're suppressing all those singles present here! Who else was to blame for not cherishing one's time during this holiday?

Feeling happiness and satisfaction within his heart, Ma Dong continued to hold Milami's hand, intertwining his fingers tightly with hers as he spoke out. "You're looking more meagre that yesterday, Mi Mi! Do you have enough rest? Or is it that you miss me?"

"Yes…" appearing to be rather cooperative with Ma Dong, Milami had long been led astray by Ma Dong, appearing to be full of marital harmony. Those were words that she would absolutely not have uttered out, even if they were for a joke. Naturally, with everyone one present being their good friends, collaborating with Ma Dong to tease the rest of the people present here was something she could accept. "You've also slimmed down! After rushing about to get this information, did you managed to eat anything? I've some bread in my bag…"

"You don't have to take it, as that would make me lose a few seconds of letting me get a good look of you! I don't care if you're hungry! I just want to stare at you for eternity!"

"Dong Dong!"


"Ah! I can't take it anymore!" pulling at her hair, Hymin was close to pulling them from their roots in madness. Seeing how loving the two were caused her to want to sprout those embarrassing words to Grai, regardless of whether the fact that Ma Dong and Milami were just putting up an act.

"Me too!"

"Me three!"

"Me four." Lily and Colby chimed in, with Grai smiling as he observed this lively canter.

"Why can't you guys take it anymore?" asked Barran, with a face full of questions. "I feel that the care and concern between president Ma Dong and senior sister Milami are so touching and something to be envious about."

A period of silence filled the air, followed instantly by explosive laughter, causing the simple-minded Barran to scratch his head and follow up with silly laughter.

As of recently, the trend of "Ma Mi" had been used in greater effect by the squadron as their mascot, causing an atmosphere of warmth to fill the hearts of the squadrons couple with various shows of public affection within the society grounds. In actual fact, the basis of the couple's actions was well meant, with the motive being to adjust and calm the atmosphere of the squadron. With Ma Dong hanging around the society grounds during the past period of time, regardless of him making a fool out of himself to him causing people to criticize and make fun of him, there were quite a lot of smiles hanging on the faces of everyone during this past period of hard training. Truthfully speaking, it was a right decision to appoint him as the Tianjing's squadron leader.

Smiles were present on the faces of Wang Zhong and Scarlet as they stood by the side. Although both of them knew that the couple was purposefully causing a show, both of them couldn't help but feel warmth and love from the act being played out before their eyes.

Only after everyone had quite a bit of laugh and to and fro banter did Wang Zhong knock on the table and say, "Since everyone has the same ideas, we'll set off in three days, and thus we'll arrive at Stuart at a slightly earlier time. Other than taking a break to sightsee, we can also have some time to interact with the opponents we'll be facing off against and feel the atmosphere of the competition."

"No problem!"

"That's right, is there any news from Emily, Ma Dong?"

As of now, Emily was the only person that has yet to return to the squadron. With her Skylink shut off, its nigh impossible to get a hold of her, with the only way being through Ma Dong, who was in direct contact with the Assassin Family.

Scratching his head, Ma Dong replied, "The clan leader has informed me that her training has already reached its end. However, I'm unable to confirm as to whether it has really ended or not. It might take about 3 to 5 days or even up to 10 days to a half a month for it to end. I estimate that she might not be able to reach Stuart City in time for the opening ceremony. However, she will definitely not be missing for the actual competition itself. After all, this matter is also extremely important for the Assassin Family."

Hearing that, Wang Zhong nodded his head, before continuing to speak. "Alright then. Let's take a complete rest for the next 3 days, as well as to pack your luggage. We might be needing to stay out there for quite a bit of time during the length of this CHF."

"Ha ha, that for sure! What we want is to remain all the way to the final competition held in Stuart City!"

Hearing that, everyone started to smile and laugh out.

Only those that were eliminated early into the CHF would be sent back to their own cities. Having sacrificed too much in preparations for this CHF, no one was willing to be eliminated just like that. Thus, it was naturally staying there as long as possible would be for the best.

As for arriving at Stuart City in advance, this was slightly in part of Wang Zhong's selfish thoughts.

Upon returning to his dormitory room at night, Wang Zhong gave a ring to Laura via Skylink. "Laura, I have a matter which I need your help for."

"Oh?" Laura's response can very quickly. " With you being so serious, I don't really know how to respond to you. Speak. What's the matter."

"Do you know Carolyn?"

"Yes, I do."

"Do you have her Skylink number? I have a little matter that requires me to find her…" replied Wang Zhong, slight excitement brimming within him. It has already been half a year since his parting with her. Those memories have actually sunk slightly down in the abyss of time, though they were pulled out once again due to the broadcast of the videos from the Mo Family, causing the feelings of his first love, first kiss and heart pounding youthful longing to reawaken within him.

To people that have yet to truly enjoy the taste of first love, it was filled with mysteriousness and enticement. There were times when such feelings were incomparably deep and abstruse. However, there were also times where it was so simple to the point where one would feel as though they had degenerated into an idiot.
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    《Battle Frenzy》