Battle Frenzy
323 chapter 323 - Expedition
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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323 chapter 323 - Expedition

Chapter 323: chapter 323 - Expedition
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As of now, there was only one thought going through Wang Zhong's mind, and that was to immediately find a way to contact Carolyn. Such a thought has been festering in his mind ever since seeing her in the video about the top ten experts of the CHF, all the way now. With the Stuart City being designated as the host city, such a thought had now been incomparably set in concrete. As for other matters, those could wait until they met once again.

"Er…"Laura was clearly gawking at Wang Zhong's words, before blurting out, "Gimme a sec."

A Skylink number quickly appeared on Wang Zhong's Skylink.

"She doesn't have that of an amiable deposition. If she asks, just tell her that it was me who had given you her Skylink number." said Laura in detail, before following up with a question stemming from her curiosity. "However, why are you finding her for?"

Although she wasn't the gossipy kind, Laura could not help but feel slightly curious about this whole issue.

"It's just a little matter. Thank you!"

Wang Zhong's response was extremely quick, one that was brimming with certainty and elation, as though...he couldn't wait for it anymore.

What's the matter! This fellow!

Thinking about this, Laura started to bite her lip.

"Who was that, captain?" From your earnest looks, " Arnold spoke out in an untactful manner. After a day of training, his waist was close to breaking: "Why not you go attend to your matters and we call it a day?"

"Call it a day?" biting the side of her lip, Laura raised her eyebrows, before a circle of runes started to sparkle in her hands. " We need to use every bit of time left in the last two nights for special training! You'll have extra training for tonight! Receive the roar of the giant bear!"



A bout of tremors shook the training room as a crazy little bear appeared right at Arnold's behind, causing him to instantly disappear into thin air. As this happened, Anlor standby nearby could not help but gulp down a few mouthfuls of saliva.

Where the hell did it come out from? Lucky that I'm not the one that had spoken out earlier...

Indeed, accompanying one's sovereign was like accompanying a tiger! It was too hard to fathom the might she possessed!

Over at Tianjing, Wang Zhong hasn't had the slightest inkling of the tragedy he had caused over at Copperfield City. After obtaining Carolyn's Skylink, he had given a thought, before deciding to send a message over first. Perhaps...she might have already forgotten about the casual promise she had made to him.

As he closed his Skylink, Wang Zhong could not help but feel some anticipation grow within his heart...

Various arrangements were made during the next two days. While it was relatively okay for the most of it, the hardest part was to deal with the old Potter. Upon being informed by Wang Zhong that he was about to participate in the CHF, the bitter and resentful gaze shooting out from him had caused even Ma Dong to feel if Wang Zhong had really committed a grave offence. Regardless of anything, the old man had specifically rushed all the way with a large pile of equipment from Copperfield City just to research with Wang Zhong, only for the result was that he would leave just like that.

Nevertheless, the old Potter quickly came around this without feeling too much of a loss with regards to Wang Zhong's decision. On one hand, he had recently arrived at a critical point for his research yet again, causing him to really not have the time to slowly dissuade Wang Zhong. On the other, the old Potter felt that such decisions are what made up youths, chasing their dreams and wants upon seeing them, regardless of how far-fetched and long it would take. Upon his participation, the cruel environment of the CHF would quickly temper the so-called hot bloodedness and fighting spirit of Wang Zhong. Regardless of anything, martial strength was just bypaths. Regardless of how strong you become, won't it be frustrating to fight all day and night against people? Only science can be considered as the true way to surpass oneself!

It's alright for Wang Zhong to participate in this CHF. So as long as he was to suffer a setback and forced to take a step back, this brat might discover the charm and perfection of science.

Compared to the old Potter's ambiguous attitude, the Tianjing Academy had already mobilized all the entire academy. Regardless of the fact that school has yet to officially start, there were already many students that have returned to the academy in advance, all just for the sake of sending their academy's squadron off.

As the day to set off arrived, the railway station was filled to the brim with a dense sea of humans, all of them dressed in the uniform of the Tianjing Academy, amounting to 3 to 4000 people. One has to take note that it was currently the holidays, with all of these people gathering over here by their own accord. Such a level of turn up was simply astonishing. In fact, there were even students not present here that were able to observe the happenings in the railway station through the use of their fellow academy mates' Skylinks.

It has already been a very long time since the Tianjing Academy was that lively. At this moment, there were many hoisting up banners of "All to best to our Tianjing Academy Squadron", "You all are the best!" and other similar words of encouragement and cheers. All of them stood excitedly by the railway station, chattering about

Although the train has yet to arrive, upon the arrival of Wang Zhong and the other eight, carried large and small bags as they walked over, the low hums of discussion noises instantly changed to that of earth shattering and mountain shaking sounds of cheering.

"Captain Wang Zhong! You better win! You all are the best!"

"Colby! Believe in yourself! You can do it! Everyone from the Holy Judgement is rooting for you!"

"President Hymin! Everyone from the Tianjing Special Ability Society is rooting for you! Go, our mighty president Hymin!"

"Ahh! Grai carrying a backpack looks so dashing!"

"Tianjing, Tianjing, super-elites!"

With voices and shouts coming from all directions caused the entire railway station to shake and shudder. At this time, the headmaster Greene had also arrived. Although dean Moore wanted to come over, he was forced to work overtime since last night by the old Potter, with him still probably still holed up in the research lab with panda rings around his eyes.

A smile hanging on his face, the old Greene spoke out. "What needed to be said has more or less been said. There's no need for this old man to speak any more nonsense today. Wang Zhong, I wish you all the best of luck. Regardless of what results you obtain, each and every one of you are the pride and glory of our academy! Everyone of the academy will await for your return in Tianjing!"

"Thank you, headmaster Greene! We will give our all!"

Chug Chug Chug Chug...


As they were talking, the armoured train entered the station. Squeezing his way in front of the crowd, a second-year male student extended his hand and shook Wang Zhong's while saying "Captain Wang Zhong! I'll transfer my luck to you and help you get the best of the draw for the allocation of regions! A good start is half the battle won!"

With a smile, Wang Zhong shook his hand, followed by even more as they came over.

"Me too! My luck's good! Captain Wang Zhong, I'll lend my luck to you!"

"Fuck! It's better for you, a definite loser in gambling to not get a piece of this liveliness here! Be careful not to transfer your bad luck to captain Wang Zhong! Shake my hand! Captain Wang Zhong, I can guarantee that you'll have nine victories out of ten!"

"Me too! There's me too!"

Countless hands extended over, causing Wang Zhong to sweat big time as he hurried about. Fortunately, headmaster Greene stepped out at this time and said, "Okay, that's enough. There's 2, 3000 people here. If all of you continue to shake his hand like this, it'll be nightfall before you all finish! Having such thoughts is more than enough!"

"Hey! Don't shove about! Don't shove about! I'm the last one, headmaster! Really, I have an especially good luck! I'm really the last one, captain Wang Zhong!"

There were times where over enthusiasm could become a form of terror. By the time the Tianjing Squadron was about to board the train in difficulty, the armoured train had been delayed by ten over minutes.

There were still countless excited faces present outside of the carriage window, coupled with countless hollering and shouts ringing about.

Wang Zhong wasn't too sure how the other academies view this CHF. However, due to Wang Zhong's appearance, the development of the newly formed squadron, and the dire straits of Tianjing, he had received such the hopes of countless people placed on him!

Wang Zhong was full away that the weight his squadron had on their shoulders for this CHF was too, too great. They were carrying the hopes and dreams of seemingly the entire academy on their back. Upon them winning over Adolf and Saxon, such hopes and dreams had already been elevated by the countless students to a very, very high level.

For honour and glory!
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    《Battle Frenzy》