Battle Frenzy
325 chapter 325 - The use of a bosom friend
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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325 chapter 325 - The use of a bosom friend

Chapter 325: chapter 325 - The use of a bosom friend
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With a smile hanging on his face, Wang Zhong climbed out of his bed and started to change his clothes. These formal suits always don't feel quite right when worn. Although the tailor-made seams were able to completely exemplify his perfect masculine physique, every single corner of the suit felt tight and stiff, what more of those people who wore than on a frequent basis.

"There are a lot of rules present in places like the Imperial flower gardens. When service is provided to you, you definitely have to give a small tip, therefore you have to always have money in your suit pocket. I've helped in this aspect. Just a single bill per time will do. When you're ordering stuff, you might get confused with those messy and ridiculous names. Just react in a gentlemanly manner and let Carolyn order. Just choose the same items as her will do. And this…. And that…"

Whilst helping Wang Zhong with his necktie, Ma Dong continued to chatter and jabber on in the former's ear.

"Where the hell did all these complicated stuff pop out from? Isn't it just a coffee shop?"

"Yeah yeah yeah. I've already informed you about the things you should know. It's up to you whether or not if you want to feint it or not. I'm still hoping for you to bring the goddess back to our hotel, okay. I estimate that it will immediately cause those bunch of fellows in this hotel to get shell-shocked, haha! If that happens, I'll join in the fun with you!"

Hearing Ma Dong's words, Wang Zhong could not help but laugh out loud. Sorting out his outfit, he tugged at the corners of his suit before said, "I'm going!"

this was the first time Wang Zhong had accepted Ma Dong's style of wearing a pure egg white suit. Everything was for the sake of Carolyn. Perhaps I might look slightly smarter.

"Good luck!" placing his hands on top of his head, Ma Dong proceeded to draw a heart shape with his fingers.

Upon Wang Zhong leaving the room, the smile present on Ma Dong's face slowly disappeared. At this moment, he could not help but sigh. He was indeed…scared shitless.

Was there any use in the stuff he had taught? Truthfully speaking, they weren't worth a shit. Compared to Carolyn, a mere son of the Assassin Family's investigator was no different to a beggar. Frankly speaking, with Wang Zhong current level of strength, there still might be a show that could play out if Carolyn was from a branch family of the Stuart Family. However...there's not even a single bit of possibility with her. It was precisely due to Wang Zhong being his brother that caused Ma Dong to stay even calmer and collected. Nevertheless, he did not speak out to Wang Zhong about this in the end. Only Wang Zhong himself could settle this matter.

If such a girl was to have any interest in him, she would absolutely not wait more than half a year without making any contact at all. Such a situation would absolutely not happen in any ordinary relationship of love. Ma Dong knew all too well about Wang Zhong's personality and character. With regards to combat and fighting strength, he could fight a hundred by himself. However, he was absolutely unqualified in his understandings towards women.

A true aristocratic family held status, family history and position with importance. With many capable youths within the federation, these aristocratic family would seek out to attract them with a rather enthusiastic attitude. However, they would absolutely hold a different attitude when it comes to the seeking of marriage for their successors. Even with the pressure coming from within the family, from the information Ma Dong could obtain from the most recent of news about Carolyn, he could tell that she was absolutely not a simple lady at all. She absolutely not just a beautiful lady, possessing strength and status to match. Within the entirety of the federation, the number of people that could compare her could be counted with one's fingers. She was definitely a towering figure amongst women and powerhouses.

However, such a woman would definitely not forsake her everything just for the so-called love. In fact, Ma Dong felt that something like love would simply not exist in the eyes of a woman like her. If not, just a slight thought about Wang Zhong's status and she would not let their date be located in a place like the Imperial Flower Gardens.

Perhaps I'm thinking too much into it. Ma Dong could smell the flavour coming out from any little sliver about this date. However, he could not make himself speak out in the face of the enthusiasm shown by Wang Zhong. There were times where reality was much more useful than advice. Naturally, it would be for the best if his assumptions were wrong. It's a pity though that he was completely unable to aid Wang Zhong in any way for this matter. Therefore, being a brother, the only thing Ma Dong could do was to pray for his brother within his heart.

Being a coffee shop, the Imperial Flower Gardens had slightly overwhelmed the mindset of Wang Zhong. To him, a coffee shop was a place to drink coffee and other drinks. However, as entering the grounds of the Imperial Flower Gardens, dazzling sights filled every inch of his view. Upon entering, a waiter wearing white gloves gave him a 90-degree bow, causing Wang Zhong to start doubting if he had walked into the right place or not. Furthermore, according to Ma Dong, the coffee served here are all 100% natural and organic coffee, produced solely from the Zhao Family's coffee gardens, and not the blended types that comprise of ordinary coffee.

How is this a coffee shop? Indeed, the aristocrats really know how to enjoy life. Having just entered this place, he was already able to smell the unique scent of coffee that was able to refresh one's mind.

"Miss Carolyn's private room is located at room number 1." said the waiter in a rather courteous manner. Upon hearing Carolyn's name, his attitude become even more courteous as he said, "This way please."

Thinking about the fact that he was about to see Carolyn again caused emotions to surge within Wang Zhong. Despite it being half a year, the feeling of first love that had appeared within him had always be locked firmly within his memories.

Using the words of Ma Dong, Wang Zhong was a deadbeat otaku, often living within his own world. While he was putting effort into his training, time didn't come to a stop. Time was also continuing on for Carolyn, who was living an even richer and splendid life. Naturally, in view of how outstanding Wang Zhong is, Ma Dong felt there still might be a 1 in a 100 chance for a sneak attack to succeed, as after all, Wang Zhong was All Mouthy King!

Pushing the door over, a beautiful figure appeared before Wang Zhong. However, upon taking a closer look, Wang Zhong gawked in response.

It's actually...not Carolyn.

Wang Zhong was stunned, to the point of even forgetting of giving a tip to the waiter than had guided him here. There was a female present within the room, possessing a similar kind of youthful beauty and heroic aura. In fact, she was someone that Wang Zhong knew about.

Divian waved her hand towards the waiter, causing the latter to tactically retreat back in response, before respectfully closing the door.

In an extremely respectful manner, Divian stood up, smiling towards Wang Zhong before saying. "You must be Wang Zhong, right? I'm Divian, and I'm Carolyn's best friend. Due to some matters, she's unable to make it today, so she had let me come here as her representative. You wouldn't mind, right, fellow student Wang Zhong?"

Hearing that, Wang Zhong gave a faint smile in response. Despite feeling slightly surprised, his mind was still within reason. Sitting before Divian, he looked straight towards her. After their fight in the OP, he did not have sense of unfamiliarity with Divan anymore.

With a smile, Divian asked. "Is there anything you want to drink?"

"Anything will be fine. You should know that I'm not familiar with these things." replied Wang Zhong with a shrug. He's wasn't comfortable of acting pretentious at all. To him, being straightforward was much better.

"Waiter, give me 2 cups of Icy Dragon Extreme Island." pressing the button on the table, Divian causally ordered 2 cups of coffee, before starting to size Wang Zhong in detail. Upon entering the room, he had clearly appeared slightly nervous. However, upon seeing herself, he had turned calm and tranquil.

This was slightly strange in her eyes. Carolyn, Mo Xingchen, Gui Xinying and herself were given the titles of The Four Great Princesses by the younger generation of the Freedom Federation, with some calling them the Goddesses of Freedom. It was extremely rare of a male of her age to appear that natural before her.

Frankly speaking, Wang Zhong didn't give her a considerably favourable first impression. In the first place, he wasn't handsome, appearing exceedingly ordinary look. Dressed in a fresh suit that clearly appeared to be newly bought, the tight necktie had caused him to feel exceedingly uncomfortable. The surprise and awkwardness he had displayed upon stepping into the Imperial Flower Gardens had caused him to radiate an uncouth and commoner-like aura. He was absolutely an ordinary person. It wasn't that Divian had any discrimination towards ordinary people, but taking into consideration of Carolyn, such an image was a complete mismatch if placed besides her. In truth, she was unable to imagine the image of the two standing together in the public.

The only thing that caused a deep impression within Divan would be the sincerity and self-confidence Wang Zhong extruded from his eyes. However, truth to be told, such things were the most cheaply priced and completely useless in the eyes of aristocrats, to the point of being able to be judged by the phrase "a frog within a well".
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