Battle Frenzy
326 chapter 326 - Let Down Everything
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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326 chapter 326 - Let Down Everything

Chapter 326: chapter 326 - Let Down Everything
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She had to be an evil person for today.

If this brat wasn't tactful, Divian wouldn't mind teaching him a lesson for the sake of her friend. Tianjing Academy, and such a male…the disparity was indeed too, too far apart. Truthfully speaking, Divian was curious as to how such an ordinary male would be able to cause a love story like romantic feelings to blossom within Carolyn? She had loads of imaginary thoughts before seeing him for the first time. However, upon truly meeting him in person, she felt that all of her hypotheses were completely impossible to happen.

At this moment, Wang Zhong was also sizing Divian up. Now being able to see her in person, he was able to sense the exuberant soul power and vitality radiating out from her body, despite her best attempts to suppress them. Indeed, she was very powerful. Looks like she did not even use 50% of her full strength during their fight in the OP.

Although she had yet to say anything about today's date, Divian did not feel the slightest bit of awkwardness as she spoke out, "Truthfully speaking, Carolyn had asked me to speak a few words to you, fellow student Wang Zhong."

"He he. Please, do say." said Wang Zhong after taking a deep breath. He did not wait to keep an act up, with him indeed not being calm at all.

Divian started to speak in an extremely cautious tone. "Carolyn had asked me to tell you that the period of time she spent in Tianjing had become a beautiful memory for her. Nevertheless, this isn't love. You two aren't compatible at all. I hope that we'll be passers-by when if we are to bump into each other in the future."

Truthfully speaking, Wang Zhong already had his suspicions when he wasn't able to spot Carolyn upon his entry into this room. Despite that, he still held a sliver of anticipation within his heart. After waiting for more than half a year, waiting a few minutes more for the result wouldn't hurt.

After remaining silent for a while, he said, "Are those her heartfelt words?"

With a smile, Divian replied, "I know what you're thinking about. You're worried whether its pressure coming from her family, right? I feel that you should be clear that you two truly have not reached to such a level yet. Furthermore, why do you think I'm here today? I'm her best friend, and I'm personally helping her to relay those words. She really wanted that period of time to become a beautiful memory. If not...there's truly no need to go through with so much trouble."

Faced with such words, Wang Zhong didn't give his reply immediately. He was extremely, extremely clear about what Divian had said, to the point of being incomparably clear. He was unable to find any fault with her words. The memories during that period were real. However, it was merely a small interlude in her rich and plentiful life, causing him to feel slightly bitter and astringent.

Divian could feel the change in the expression present on his face. At this moment, the enthusiasm and anticipation had already dissipated, appearing as though his hope had been destroyed.

It came to no surprise that Divian remain quiet within her seat, already prepared to accept the various changes that would come out from Wang Zhong. Her second objective coming here was to restrain any of Wang Zhong's harmful responses within this room. Being the successor of the family hosting the CHF great competition, matters like sex scandals must not happen to her.

With a bitter smile on his face, Wang Zhong shook his head as he took a deep breath. Exhaling deeply, a sliver of a smile appeared on his face as he said, "Thank you. Also, good bye."

So straight forward?

Divian was immediately stunned by Wang Zhong. She had imagined the various kinds of responses that would come out from Wang Zhong and had even prepared various kinds of ways to diffuse them. To her, she just wanted to kill this brat's heart, that's all to it. However, who would have expected that not a single one of her strategies would come into play.

Looking at the figure disappearing into the distance, a few points of admiration surfaced from Divian's original disdain for the former. At the very least, Carolyn's previous vision wasn't too bad, as this fellow was a man of disposition.

The air of Stuart City was clean and good, something that was hard to find in Tianjing. The levels of radiation within the city was also rather thin, causing the afternoon sunlight streaming down into the large streets to appeared slightly eye piercing.

Walking down along this luxurious and dazzling looking Imperial Flower Gardens and enjoying the exuberant summer weather, Wang Zhong removed the necktie that he had worn for the whole afternoon. Taking a deep breath and exhale, he casually tossed the tight western suit over his shoulder.

Was he sad?

Just a little bit. However, what Divian had said wasn't wrong. The reason behind the so called start of his relationship with Carolyn was mainly due to his own impulsive actions.

Regardless of that overbearing kiss, or that declaration style of confession he had said to her that she was his girlfriend, his thought processes then were too childish and immature. Although he was an idiot then, those were indeed his most true and sincere thoughts then. Therefore, there was of no worth for him to regret about it.

There was a phase from Ma Dong that perfectly describes this. One's first love is there to be discarded, or perhaps be thrown away.

"Ma Dong Dong, I've lost my first love! Come over and drink with me!" said Wang Zhong after opening his Skylink.

"What a trivial matter, bro! I'll give you a piece of true advice. Today, she had ignored your love. Tomorrow, you'll make sure that she cannot climb up!" replied Ma Dong, his voice sounding exceedingly resounding. That's because Ma Dong was already at the entrance. He had been waiting for Wang Zhong all along. Regardless of the result, Wang Zhong would always need a brother by his side

Upon waking on the next day, Wang Zhong was unexpectedly feeling happy and free from worry. He had drunk with Ma Dong to the dead of night, rambling incoherently to the point of not even knowing about what he was talking about. Nevertheless, he felt exceedingly happy, with his emotions being much, much better than yesterday. In the end, the CHF great competition was what he needed to face, with the hopes of his academy resting on his back.

As he reached the dining hall, Scarlet and the other girls were in the midst of having their breakfast.

"Ha, its so rare for our righteous great captain to engorge in a drinking session." said Hymin with a grin as she looked towards Wang Zhong.

"I don't know what the hell is going on with you and ma Dong." Milami chimed in. She was also confused while Ma Dong would go crazy and have a drinking session with Wang Zhong. To her, the latter had always been extremely rational. This was an especially sensitive time for the entire Tianjing squadron. It was fortunate that no one cared about their Tianjing Squadron, if not other people would definitely assume that the Tianjing captain was letting himself go.

Hearing their words, Wang Zhong felt embarrassed and guilty. Indeed, he knew that he wasn't firm and resolute enough in his heart. Feeling concerned, Scarlet asked, "Are you out of your hangover? From the looks of it, you don't seem to be all too good."

" I'm already fully resurrected. I need to relax from time to time. I'm also an ordinary person, okay. Just treat it as me letting blowing off some steam."replied Wang Zhong with a smile.

Hearing his reply, everyone present didn't reply with any ridiculement. Even they were feeling the pressure on their shoulders, what more about Wang Zhong being the captain. It would be abnormal if he doesn't. Letting off some steam once in a while would make people feel that Wang Zhong like any ordinary person. Naturally, everyone here would freak out if they were to know what really had happened, Although Ma Dong had a loud mouth, he would definitely not speak about this matter to anyone. Only Scarlet had sensed a bit of the underlying matter. Nevertheless, she did not ask anymore than that. With Wang Zhong's character, he would absolutely not feel any pressure towards incoming challenges. On the contrary, he would get more and more pumped up. Clearly, yesterday's matter was due to some other issue other than the CHF. 9 out of 10 chances, this had to do with Wang Zhong's emotional matters.

Could it be that mysterious girlfriend of his?

To this day, even Scarlet didn't feel that the possibility of this wasn't too high. This was absolutely not the way to love someone. With her level of intelligence, Scarlet clearly didn't want to do something like sprinkling salt on his wounds. There were many times were the truly smart people weren't as smart as they would be.

After having his breakfast, the whole day passed by in an extremely busy manner, with the registrations of the various great squadrons and other trifling preparations being started. Due to the the huge number of participants, the various designated hotels have been taking in the squadrons via batches. After a whole day, the registration process has yet to end. It was only at night did the basic matters were finally sorted out. At that time, the classy cold dinner meet held in the hotel was about to start.

This cold dinner meet was hosted by the Lightning Dragon Academy. With more than 400 squadrons participating in this CHF, it was natural that not everyone could fit in this hotel. There were approximately 30 odd squadrons staying in this hotel, comprising of 2 to 300 people, with basically all of them attending this meet. The atmosphere appeared rather lively, with unfamiliar people surrounding everyone from all sizes. However, one point to take note was that everyone present here was of a high standard, as everyone present here were outstanding people in their respective regions and districts. Being able to participate in this CHF, was already something to be praised about. Therefore, everyone wore their "I'm an elite" smile on their faces.
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