Battle Frenzy
327 chapter 327 - The arrangements of weaklings
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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327 chapter 327 - The arrangements of weaklings

Chapter 327: chapter 327 - The arrangements of weaklings
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Being evaluated as a B rank academy, the Lightning Dragon Academy was considered as the highest ranked academy staying in this hotel. Through this method, they were planning to exert a presence over everyone staying within this hotel.

Although such an evaluation didn't have any credibility like the Mo's lists. It's said that they were based on one's results from the past few years as well as the standards of the members that make up a squadron. Therefore, it can be considered to hold some weight.

Squadrons ranked A and above were universally considered to be able to qualify for the official competition, and truly possessed the strength to back that up. B rank squadrons would need to gamble their luck for a qualifying opportunity. Naturally, they possessed a certain level of the explosive factor. In simple terms, they have the potential to qualify. As for C and D ranks, they were here only to spice and enjoy the atmosphere, or in other words, side characters. Squadrons being evaluated to these two ranks basically don't have too good of a result in the recent years. However, the individual members of these squadrons might still be able to give a good performance in the CHF, obtaining a better future for themselves.

The Tianjing squadron wasn't considered to be the lowest ranking squadron living within this hotel, though they were far from obtaining the qualifications to be the main characters here. Furthermore, all of the information points to Tianjing not doing a good job in the recent years. Therefore, it's best for them to stop talking and start listening.

Many voices and discussions were going on in the surroundings, with the topics ranging from one end to another. Nevertheless, regardless of the topic, no one present here was silly enough to reveal the strength of their squadron. They would either boast or change the topic, though the topic being diverted to the most was about All Mouthy King.

It had to be said that the appearance of All Mouthy King on the Mo Family's list had indeed caused a huge ruckus within the various participating squadrons. After all, the information provided in the Mo Family's video was truly too little. Not even All Mouthy King's name, the academy he was attending and other details were not provided. Yet, they had unexpected placed him in the list of the top ten all rounded experts to appear in the CHF! This was clearly a contradiction.

How was the Mo Family so confident that the All Mouthy King would participate in this competition?

This doubt has always existed ever since the appearance of the video on that day. When the announcement was made in that video, even Wang Zhong couldn't wrap his mind around it. He had even assumed that the Mo Family had indeed possessed a heaven-defying ability that allowed them to obtain information about him. However, the result was clearly not what he had assumed.

The various squadrons that had attended the cold dinner meet were clearly extremely focused on this question. This was something that was bugging everyone that was attending this CHF.

"It's said that this was the verdict obtained through the use of the Heaven's Fate Master's ability of her highness Mo Xingchen. There's a 9 out of 10 chance that All Mouthy King will appear in the CHF."

"That's something that I too have heard. I feel that this is the most reliable explanation for this. Exactly which family does All Mouthy King come from? Tsk tsk. With him participating, which garbage squadron can change their fate?"

"Ha ha! You're too naive. I dare to bet that he's definitely a secret weapon of some big family. Furthermore, there are 9 out of 10 chances that its one of the 10 great families. I dare to use my stiff and giant little brother as a collateral."

"Scram off, you disgusting fellow."

"One of the federation's four princesses, her highness Mo Xingchen? The only Heaven's Fate Master of the federation! I've heard that its an existence that was hailed to a god like status within the dark era! I'll definitely not doubt her!"

"It's best to not have such blind fate, okay. If you're talking about the strength of the Heaven's Fate Master during the dark era, I'll consider it to be a piece of reliable news. However, her highness Mo Xingchen had treated the verdict of All Mouthy King participating as a challenge to temper the verdict strength of her Heaven's Fate ability. Compared to us, she has to use a different training method. For us, we have to train our bodies and soul power. As for her, what she needs to do is to train the strength of her spiritual soul."

"There's a 70 to 80% chance that its reliable."

"Right now, everyone is only curious to find out exactly who All Mouthy King is. Although there are lots of experts participating in this CHF, truth to be told, there's only these few people present at the top of the ladder. There are lots of people saying that All Mouthy King should not be a freshman."

"That's right. I've heard that he seems to be a smurf of Gui Hao? Truth to be told, they had a slight similarity between their fighting styles. They're especially exquisite and meticulous in the littlest of things. As for those cross blades, what if they are a trump card that Gui Hao is creating?"

"It shouldn't be Gui Hao. After all, being a person of such a high profile, his style is completely different from the low profile actions of All Mouthy King. I feel that he's extremely similar to senior Rennes of the Stuart Academy. He's also an all rounded type that possessed absolute skill in long and close range combat. What's more, senior Rennes just so happened to possess a fire attribute special ability!"

"All of you are talking on baseless grounds! That's impossible! If he's Gui Hao, the top 10 soldiers will become the top 9 soldiers. If its Rennes, there will be one less from the 5 great long ranged soldiers. The Mo Family will never let the same person enter their lists twice."

"Even the Mo Family's doesn't know the exact details about All Mouthy King, so all of these can be possible explanations."

In such an environment, the people from Tianjing Academy generally kept a lower profile. To them, All Mouthy King was too, too far away from them.

"Everyone, please keep quiet. Everyone, please keep quiet." someone walked up the already prepared podium.

Appearing to be of 17 to 18 years of age, the person didn't have a tall or big stature. Dressed in the uniform of with the emblem of the Lightning Dragon Insignia emblazoned on it, a faint smile was present on his face while a glass of red wine was held in his hand. Facing the crowd of people before him, he appeared calm and composed. Looking towards what seemed like the place where a few leading figures were present, he spoke out. "Good evening everyone, I'm Casio from the Lightning Dragon Academy. Being able to stay with everyone that have arrived at this hotel from distance places can be considered to be a kind of fate. I've prepared a simple meal for everyone to share and eat together. First, let me offer a toast to everyone."


Quite a few responses rang out from the surroundings. Although he had spoken in a courteous manner, more people were currently judging him for his actions. Having created such a big event like this would definitely be indicative of him having some words to say. Therefore, it had attracted the attention the majority of the people.

"I believe that everyone present here should have already taken a look at the so called Internal Documentation that was being sold at the entrance of the hotel. Did any of you pay attention to some of the rules and special points within it?" with a smile, Casio started to speak out. "All of the squadrons being allocated to stay in this hotel are evaluated to be of B rank and below. I believe that everyone should understand what that means. Bluntly speaking, regardless of how the hosts and the squadrons that are sitting at the top of the ladder say, we all are considered to be cannon fodder, sheep waiting to go under the slaughter house to spice up the CHF. Therefore, they had allocated all of us together in one place. He he. We're really being looked down on."

Just the last sentence from him was able to cause everyone below to quieten down. Regardless of how unhappy one was, what he said was the truth. What's more, the "looked down on" was inclusive of his Lightning Dragon Academy.

"Even if we're cannon fodders, we too have our pride and dignity." Casio's words started to change direction. "Is everyone truly willing to become stepping stones for those elite aristocrats? I don't know what the thoughts of everyone are. However, at the very lease, our Lightning Dragon Academy and I, Casio, don't have such thoughts! Regardless of which competition zone our Lightning Dragon Academy is allocated in, regardless of what kind of opponents we come in face to face with, we will never give up without a fight!"

"Since everyone's over here, this can be considered to be sort fate playing in our hands. On the other hand, I hope that everyone can value this fate and for a degree of cohesion. In the eyes of those elite aristocrats, our individual strengths might appear extremely weak. However, when we come together, even they would not be able to underestimate us. From the information I'm able to obtain, there is 1 important challenge within the competition is a test for everyone to live out in the wilderness. As long as we group up, who knows whether we are able to create miracles or not!"

"Aren't you being slightly too unrealistic, captain Casio? As for your so called group, what is there to group about?"

"During the survival test, if everyone comes together to face our opponents, we will be able to defend ourselves from all sides. If we're lucky enough to eliminate a few well-known squadrons, it will allow us to spread out names out under the heavens!"

At this moment, quite a few people appeared to start to get the gist of what Casio was implying as they said, "What you're implying, captain Casio, is that…"

"Free for all elimination?"
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    《Battle Frenzy》