Battle Frenzy
328 chapter 328 - Clear the grounds
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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328 chapter 328 - Clear the grounds

Chapter 328: chapter 328 - Clear the grounds
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"Did you manage to get some inside information, captain Casio? Is there any way to confirm this information?"

"That's not quite possible. With such high attention given to this CHF, a competition method where unfair conditions would be able to easily manifest would not be allowed to happen." even Milami was being drawn in by Casio's rhythm. One had to admit that there was indeed a possibility that what Casio said could happen. Nevertheless, it was still a warped and distorted view of reality.

Scarlet shook her head, not giving any comment about this. Recently, she had also been thinking about this exact problem and had even discussed it with Wang Zhong. With so many people participating in this CHF, the first round of challenges should have a quick and vicious way of elimination. Admittedly, the federation has placed its focus on squadrons. However, the truth of this matter was that the CHF was an elite competition that placed individual strength as the number 1 spot. This was truly a headache for the Tianjing Squadron, as the standard of their individual members was extremely uneven. Although they would be able to fill the gaps during group battles, there was a possibility of them being eliminated if individual tests were conducted. When that happens, losing just a single person would cause their combat strength to drop in the face of such multi-pronged attacks.

"Ha ha. I naturally don't have any inside information. Everything is based on speculation." replied Casio as he pointed to his head. " However, I hope that everyone takes some time to think about my suggestion. At the very least, there's no harm in doing so. Naturally, when enemies meet on a narrow path, each one for himself. I've nothing to say about that."

Hearing that, everyone nodded their heads in agreement. To be honest, they had indeed not been treated with respect and were looked down on. However, that didn't mean that they don't have any thoughts flowing within their heads. The weak should always group up. Who's to say that they won't get the chance to surge towards the heavens?

Casio's words were indeed rather provocative. In the beginning, everyone had only attended meet just to have a look and observe the general situation. However, every single sentence that Casio said had caused responses to come out from quite a few people.

"If you feel that what I said is reasonable, fellow friends who have the same thoughts as me can sign up over here to indicate your acknowledgement of joining this alliance. Naturally, I'll definitely not force anyone who doesn't want to. Regardless of whether you sign up or not, everyone here will be good friends!" said Casio as he raised his wine glass up, before closing his speech with "Let those fellows that treat us as cannon fodder and helpless sheep see how ghostly the faces of those haughty elite aristocrats will be when we collaborate and take action against them!"

Thunderous applause instantly filled the grand hall. Frankly speaking, despite not having seen through the Internal Documentation being sold at the hotel entrance, the majority of the people had a considerable level of understanding towards their own academies. There were truly very little enthusiastic C rank squadrons like Tianjing present here. With the majority being of C and D ranked, they had already festered the thought of treating this CHF as a full expense paid holiday trip.

However, this doesn't mean that they were thirsting for honour or glory. This was originally a hopeless matter. However, if an alternative elimination competition was enacted due to the overwhelming number of participating squadrons, and everyone had really grouped up...

What if, what if, by the off chance that our academy can truly achieve success?

To those ordinary C or D rank or even B rank squadrons, such possibilities were extremely lethal.

"What captain Casio said isn't wrong. For what reason do we have to be cannon fodders or fat sheep? Just for the sake of propping up those elite aristocrats, we've all come from distant places just to being tempering exercises and stepping stones for them! I, am, not, willing!"

"Group up! Group up! Everyone let's group up. If that situation truly appears, we'll do a reversal and step on those elite aristocrats!"

"What the fuck do those aristocrats think they are! It's us that are the greatest!"

At this moment, while the entire great hall started to brim with liveliness, Scarlet had remained extremely calm and collected. Frankly speaking, Casio thoughts and actions were correct in the face of the general situation. However, reality doesn't work like that. Unreliable teammates are generally more dangerous than facing one's opponents. This Casio's really formidable to achieve everything that happened today. At the very least, he has proved his ability to lead through his actions today.

Nevertheless, the Tianjing Squadron were any fat sheep squadron. With trump cards like Wang Zhong and Grai, Scarlet had evaluated themselves to be of a B rank squadron at the very least. Therefore, they simply don't need to mix around with the people around them.

Faced with Scarlet's graceful decline, Casio returned it with a faint smile, before symbolically speaking some courteous words.

Not all of the squadrons present in the great hall were interested in such matters. Although Scarlet's way of finding an excuse was relatively okay, the B rank Extreme Light Squadron hailing from the northern regions who had been showing off their relatively smelly attitude had given an outright refusal in response to Casio's invitation, and had even left immediately after that. Their smelly attitude was especially true for a little brat by the name of Lei Bing, which just so happened to be the fellow that was taught a lesson by All Mouthy King in the OP. The cold gaze of disdain shooting out from his eyes caused Casio to become slightly unhappy.

As for a C rank squadron like Tianjing, they were dregs in his eyes. To him, one more or one less wouldn't really matter at all.

Nevertheless, their captain had actually not come for his dinner meet. Just this no show equated to not giving him face. Even though they were only a C rank squadron, they already had a problem with courtesy.

As the Tianjing Squadron left the venue, Casio rubbed his chin, before immediately informing Carmell to cross out Tianjing Academy from his list.


Wang Zhong did not know that he had been added into Casio's "blacklist". At this very moment, he was having a drink. Naturally, it wasn't as crazy as yesterday. To him, he just wanted to calm his heart down from the surging emotions he had experienced yesterday. The matter about Carolyn has been tossed aside by him, though he still needed to deal with the repercussions present in his heart. Therefore, he had proceeded to walk out, all by himself, covering a long distance in the process. He did not know where he was heading to, walking along until he discovered this bar. Walking inside, he had started to drink. There were times were drinking was indeed a way to allow people to become clear headed and find relief.

Naturally, he did not need to call Ma Dong to accompany him for today, and won't head to the point of being dead drunk like yesterday. Having found a rather clear and neat little bar, he ordered a few glasses of beer and some accompanying dishes. Hearing the smoothing music playing within the bar, he felt his emotions turning better and better. The Tianjing Squadron aren't participating in this CHF just to mix around and have fun. Their goal was to enter the quarterfinals of the official competition at the very least. Although people would laugh their teeth off if they were to hear it, being All Mouthy King, such a low goal wasn't considered as anything to him. What he needed to do was to be confident with his strength. As Wang Zhong's gaze gradually regained their normalvy, the surging hot bloodedness started to roar out from his bones. Let's treat today as the last day of my rest. Tomorrow will be the start of my all out fight. I really have to thank Scarlet. Regardless of how irresponsibly I am, she would always handle every matter well. If it was any other squad mate, that person would have rebelled long ago.

As such thoughts flowed through Wang Zhong's mind, the large door of the bar was shoved violently open by someone.

A cold and cruel looking male dressed in a black western suit walked and shouted out, "We've reserved this entire place. Everyone here scram out immediately!"

His tone and words were slightly too rampant and overbearing. Although Stuart City wasn't some imperial capital, there were truly many, many people with money and power. If one was to head to any big street, one would be easily able to meet 1 or 2 famous people originating from some aristocratic family. What's more, from the looks of it, this fellow appeared to be somewhat of a barbarian. Can he even appreciate alcohol? The items sold here weren't cheap. Therefore, the people that were able to eat and drink here were ordinary people at all.

A fatty sitting in the middle of the bar wasn't happy with this development. Hugging the waist of his female companion, he shouted back in reply. "Who the hell is so rampant! Don't you know what place this is? Those that are able to enter here…"

Before he could finish his sentence, what awaited him was the clear sound of a beer bottle breaking, before he was quickly tossed out by people.

The person who took action was precisely the male that had barged into this bar. Without a single word, he had walked forward and stood there, with quite a few people dressed similarly to him walking in from behind.

Under the dim lights of the bar, everyone could see the insignia of a dim rim ghost head surrounded in flames present on their outfits, appearing exceedingly eye catching.
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    《Battle Frenzy》