Battle Frenzy
329 chapter 329 - Gui Xinying
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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329 chapter 329 - Gui Xinying

Chapter 329: chapter 329 - Gui Xinying
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People for the Gui Family?

Upon seeing this, the fatty climbing up from the door of the bar immediately fled away like a hyperactive rabbit. Only at this moment did everyone in the bar realise who they were dealing with. Within the Freedom Federation, the five upper families were that rampant. Speaking out that was already considered to be friendly by their standards.

Instantly, seemingly everyone took the initiative to stand up, pay the bills and leave. Despite that, Wang Zhong still sat in his corner, leisurely drinking his beer. Due to his location being on the corner, he didn't manage to catch the attention of those few people from the Gui Family.

On the contrary, it was Wang Zhong that was sizing them up. At this moment, the male that had spoken out to clear the bar walked to the entrance and spoke out in a respectful manner. "It's clean, mistress."

It's extremely rare for the word mistress to be used in the federation. Only those super aristocrats possess the qualifications to be addressed in such a manner.

Including the one that had smashed the beer bottle earlier, the few males that had cleared the bar were new humans that have awakened their soul power, and were rather strong. Although they weren't Heroic Soul Soldiers, they were approximately 30 years of age. This was precisely the age group where Casted Souls were rather valuable. They would have many choices in what they want to do, and would be able to live a rather comfortable life in any city. However, they were now working as servants for people. Within the entire federation, only a few great families possessed the qualifications to afford such extravagance.

Just as Wang Zhong was thinking about this, he noticed a lithe figure with a veil in front of her face walking in through the entrance. In a grand show of extravagance, the few men in black immediately bowed down in response.

Shooting an indifferent look across the bar, her eyes locked on to the man sitting at the dim corner seemingly in an instant, before a frown started to appear on her face.

As that happened, the hearts of the six men in black shudder slightly. They had really overlooked that figure. Although this was a small matter, if it had really caused their mistress to become unhappy, it might really become an extremely frightening matter for them.

The leader of the men in black gave a slight bow. At this time, there wasn't any use in scaring off the figure sitting in the corner. Like a leopard, he came leaping across furious, an ominous light shooting out from his eyes. Clenching his left hand, a punch shot out from him. If it was any ordinary person sitting in the corner, the slight pressure and wind coming out from his punch would be more than sufficient to end the person's life!

In the next instant, a BANG rang out.

The man at the corner was still drinking his beer, appearing to have not made any movement at all. On the contrary, the actions of the man in black had already ground to a stop. As his eyes bulged out, his mouth gaped open, before collapsing down like a pile of mud. All the way till his collapse, he wasn't able to get a single clue about exactly what had hit him.

Not a single fluctuation was present behind the black veil, as the girl stood quietly at the entrance of the bar.

Compared to her, changes appeared on the faces of the five men in black. This brat has some skill to be able to deal with our leader in a single blow! That's why we're not able to spot him!

"Go!" a soft roar rang out from one of them before all five men took action at the same time!

Clearly, this few people had practised collaborative fighting formations, as they were able to get a tacit understanding of each other just from a single look. In an instant, the five surrounded the beer drinking male from different directions. Akin to gusts of wind, five black shadows rushed forwards, gleaming daggers appearing in their hands!

Puff Puff Puff Puff Puff!

5 daggers fell to the ground, as the miserable shrieks rang out simultaneously from men in black.

Two of the men were struck by god knows what thing, causing them to fly backwards, striking a large pie of tables and chairs in the process. Two of the were crying out in pain, clutching their hands as they knelt on the ground. Both of their hands were pierced by wooden chopsticks, with blood flowing out from the holes created by them. The last man was in the most miserable state, laying on the ground, his chest being trampled by the beer drinking male!

What seemed like a casual step on the male lying on the ground felt akin to 3000 cattle pressing on his chest, causing an indent to form on the male's chest. Without talking about struggling, just the slightest bit of movement so much pain to the point of him squealing like a pig about to be slaughtered. Beads of sweats continued to stream down his forehead. Despite all the commotion, the beer drinking male continued to drink his beer, before slowly taking a seat once again.

Wang Zhong had originally planned to listen to the music playing in the bar whilst drinking his beer, allowing himself to adjust his emotions for the upcoming CHF. However, the feeling of a real fight caused him to feel exceedingly refreshed. All of a sudden, he felt that the reason for him feeling down the whole day was due to him needing a place to vent his frustrations.

It feels quite good to beat people up!

There are times that one cannot keep too low of a profile!

Noticing the scene before her, the veil wearing girl gawked for a bit, as indeed, the skills of the beer drinking male were something of a slight surprise to her.

The various social niceties and interactions she had gone through in Stuart City in the past few days had caused her to feel slightly irritated, causing her to head out to have a walk. For the sake of avoiding trouble and her dislike of the nonsense that follows after being recognized, she had taken the effort to head out further than usual. Despite this, she had never imagined that she would be able to bump into such an interesting fellow.

The beer drinking male didn't seem to be old, and should be able 17 to 18 years of age. He should be one of the participants of this year's CHF competition. He's indeed not weak to be able to instantly deal with her 6 Casted Soul servants with ease. If placed in the various strong squadrons, he should be an expert that could dominate an entire front. Despite that, she had never seen this male before.

A gentle snort rang out from under the veil, before her entire figure disappeared from her original position!

Seeing this, Wang Zhong's eyes immediately lit up. The instantaneous speed upon moving out had slightly exceeded his expectations. Expert!

A seemingly harmless small and soft fist had already flown towards him, its terrifying speed appearing to have broken the sound barrier. Wang Zhong was unable to even hear any of the supersonic crack of the sound barrier being broken before the threat of the fist arrived before him, targeting straight at his left temple.

At this moment, he can't deal with the little loli like how he had dealt with the 5 men earlier. Furiously standing up, Wang Zhong formed a claw with his left hand, launching it out at extreme speed to catch that incoming fist.

Faced against the claw, his opponent immediately changed her move. The most important aspects of her Gui Family's martial art were speed and variation. When one mastered world renowned Ghost Shadow Fists to the peak, one would be able to instantly transform one's fists into tens of thousands of asuras hailing from the purgatory!

There was without a doubt that Gui Xinying was an expert at speed and variation. A single fist turned into two, left changed into right, a smash turned into an upper, taking what seemed like an instant for the second wave of attacks to come barreling out towards Wang Zhong.

Nevertheless, despite her quick speed, her opponent was unexpectedly even faster than her! As though he had already made accurate predictions of the variations in the attack pathways coming from Gui Xinying! Blocking every single attack before it fully comes through, and unexpectedly not letting a single one land!

Gui Xinying was ever changing, while her opponent continued to block. In the blink of an eye, the two had already exchanged 100s of moves, their movements reaching a point where those few men in black were completely unable to follow with their eyes. To them, the two people appeared to have grown 2 heads and 4 hands, with hundreds of palms and thousands of fists flying out from them!

What's more mysterious was that off those hundreds of variating moves , not once did the fists and kicks of the two land on the opposite party!

The changes are truly too quick, appearing just like two bad friends causing a havoc while maintaining haughty attitudes. Nevertheless, not a single fire had appeared, while not even a single table or chair had been touched!

Now, Gui Xinying was really interested.

There were quite a few people who were able to match up with her in strength. Every single person on the Mo Family's top ten expert list could do it. However, this was the very first time she had bumped into someone that could block every single of her variating attacks and even match her rhythm.


All of a sudden, Gui Xinying's style change. No longer were her fists and kicks ever changing and voidlike. A faint jet black glow started to surface around her body, while her Casted Soul Stage Soul Power started to stir. Brimming with the Soul Power might of 200 Grassos, just the aura radiating out from her fists and kicks were now able to outright kick people by themselves!

This opponent of her was clearly the type that excelled in speed and moves. Types like him generally weren't too powerful in their strength. If not, the person before her wouldn't be any ordinary expert, and such an expert would definitely not be an obscure and unknown person.
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    《Battle Frenzy》