Battle Frenzy
330 chapter 330 - My Trea
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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330 chapter 330 - My Trea

Chapter 330: chapter 330 - My Treat
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Regardless of how much Soul Power she used, her opponent was always able to completely block it! They weren't blocked through the use of ordinary moves or skills, but by using the exact amount of strength and Soul Power to counteract the incoming force!

Gui Xinying was getting more and more curious about her opponent. Exactly which academy does he come from?


As yet another fully countered collision of fist happened, both Gui Xinying and Wang Zhong took 3 steps back in retreat, staring at each other from the two sides of the little bar table.

So happy!

Wang Zhong felt rejuvenated. Indeed, fighting was his true love. The veil wearing girl before him was truly too strong. Although the two had restrained themselves during their earlier exchange, they had been increasingly using more and more of their full strength. From their earlier exchange, the feeling his opponent gave him was that she was no weaker than Divian. Furthermore, being a member of the Gui Family, her identity was close to being revealed.

"Let's stop fighting." all of a sudden, Gui Xinyin opened her mouth and spoke out. "You are qualified to sit and drink with me."

In an unorthodox manner, she completely ignored any intent of Wang Zhong, proceeding to find a place in front of the bar table before sitting down.

Just like this?

Wang Zhong felt a little bit regretful, as he had just managed to get excited about their fight. Nevertheless, pushing the fight on against such women wasn't an action too suitable for him to do.

Shrugging his shoulders, he brought his cup to the bar table before saying, "Another glass please."

Only at this moment did the service staff and manager managed to muster their courage to stand up. Regardless of a member of the Gui Family, or an expert like the male before them, both were existences that they can't afford to provoke.

A few waiters proceeded to help those men in black bodyguards that did not dare to make a single noise, while the manager nodded his head and bowed his body as he served the lady.

Appearing as though the earlier fight have never existed, Gui Xinying started to casually order a few items, before removing her veil in an extremely natural fashion. Upon seeing her face, the waiters and manager were so astonished to the point of their mouths turning agape. Such a beautiful lady! Nevertheless, the icy cold gaze shooting out from her scared them to the point of them immediately lower their heads. Who's to say that their heads would be removed if they were to take another look!

Gui Xinying turned her head back just to take a look over at Wang Zhong, only to see that the mysterious male did not show any signs of astonishment in response to the reveal of her face. Continuing to drink his cheap beer, a carefree expression on his face, he didn't even take a second look at her!

It has to be said that Gui Xinying felt extremely comfortable with the response of that mysterious male. Ever since from young, what irked her the most was the housefly like attitudes, humming and chattering incessantly around her upon the reveal of her true appearance. To those guys, there was only one thought that Gui Xinying had towards them, which was to slap them away!

Even those who were slightly more gentlemanly or those there weren't as irritating as those houseflies would always be unable to resist taking a few more looks at her, revealing the special attention that males had towards women.

Nevertheless, the gaze coming out of the mysterious man was something that Gui Xinying rarely, rarely saw from males. This wasn't some kind of a deliberate feint, as such a natural response couldn't be faked.

The dim lighting present in the bar created a chill atmosphere, with the soothing music causing the atmosphere to be even more relaxed. The few bodyguards crying out in misery were sent packing to the hospital. At this moment, Gui Xinying was enjoying a rare moment of peach of silence.

Having drunk finish his beer, Wang Zhong felt happy, free from his earlier worries. The crux was the battle he had with Gui Xinyin, causing him to achieve clarity in his thoughts and emotions. Why do I always feel that I'm a bit unhappy at something?

From the beginning till the end, Divian and Carolyn had both assumed that it was his glory and honour for them to be speaking to him, that he should be grateful, and even kneel down to accept it. Never, ever did they once look eye to eye with him. It was exactly this point Wang Zhong couldn't accept. On the contrary, everyone was equal in a battlefield. During those moments, Wang Zhong felt extremely free and devoid of shackles.

"Boss, the bill please."

"Okay. Okay, mister. 3800 credits." the manager nodded his head and bowed down in haste as he walked over.

"Combine the bill." said Wang Zhong as he pointed towards Gui Xinying. Hearing that, she immediately started frowning. Do I, the big miss of the Gui Family, need you to treat me?

The atmosphere immediately turned slightly chilly.

Feeling the change, a faint smile appeared on Wang Zhong's face as he replied, "There isn't any other meaning to this. Your fists and kicks have helped me solve a very big problem of mine. Just treat this as a little thanks in return."

As Gui Xinying was slightly stunned in response, the other party had already waved his hands and left...

In the next few days, Wang Zhong had more or less kept up an appearance of being a captain. Although Ma Dong was still a little worried about him, he felt better upon seeing the exuberant and endless vitality brimming out from Wang Zhong. Matters like these would cause more troubles the longer they weren't dealt with, therefore it was for the best that Wang Zhong was able to break out from it. He wasn't undermining the fact that his brother was outstanding, but that this world doesn't give special favours to outstanding people or heroes. Nevertheless, focusing on the concrete issues beforehand, they should be placing their attention on the CHF. Scarlet was always by his side, appearing to show not much of any change. However, Ma Dong was able to sense acutely that Scarlet appeared to be taking good care of Wang Zhong. Such an intelligent and good-hearted girl was truly too hard to find even if one was using a spotlight to shine out everywhere. The most critical point was that she had already acknowledged him before he had shown any kind of public performance. This was the most valuable point. It's a pity that his brother seemed to not have too much of any male and female type feelings towards Scarlet.

Being the bosom friend of Scarlet, Milami was feeling slightly impatient for her. Nevertheless, Ma Dong had advised her to not interfere in the matters of the two. Frankly speaking, when the spark of love wasn't strong between the two, it would result in awkwardness to develop between Scarlet and Wang Zhong. Why not let nature take its course! This was a topic that our fellow student Ma Dong was known to be an expert in.

There was another good news for the Tianjing Squadron, which was that Emily was sort of able to rush back in time. This meant that the Tianjing Squadron was finally in full fighting force for the upcoming CHF. There seemed to not be too much of a change in Emily, though a cold and calm shade was present on the forehead of the little lass. From the information that Ma Dong had received, Emily was really able to pass through the tests conducted by the Assassin Family. Although he didn't dare to place her on the level of the 5 great assassins, she absolutely wasn't the newbie that she was once before.

Every participating squadron was given a serial number, which would allow for them to obtain the region they will be allocated to for the elimination competition on the actual day of the opening ceremony. At the same time, it was confirmed that the top 10 squadrons with great potential will be scattered amongst 4 great battle regions. In reality, the opening ceremony of every CHF was the performing stage for the ten greatest academies of the federation.

There wasn't much to nitpick towards such arrangements. However, it was without a doubt that being chosen as one of the 10 great seedling squadrons by the official was by itself an extremely high honor. As of now, the majority of the people were rather interested towards the namelists of these seedling squadrons. Under normal situations, this list would be completely hoarded by the squadrons from the 10 great families. However, squadrons like the Fiery Arrow Squadron with Tianqiong Musk, or the Bella Dean Squadron with Gordon would be unlikely to make it into this list. Squadrons like the Blazing Angels Squadron with Papada and Oli, Brooks Musical Soul Academy with Eddie, Saint Mongols with Yingmei Assassin possessed the qualifications to challenge those squadrons.

As for the hotel the Tianjing Squadron was residing in, the number of squadrons residing in it had now reached 46, reaching its full capacity.

At this time, there was an obvious separation occurring among the squadrons residing in the hotel. With Casio in their lead, the Lightning Dragon Academy had managed to pull approximately 30 over squadrons to their side in the name of providing assistance in the form of a group. Academies that didn't "group up", like Tianjing, Extreme Light and Giant God Peak were naturally ostracized by these people, thus forming 2 entirely different factions. What's more, the separation between the factions continued to grow even more and more distinct. It appeared as though anyone that weren't friends with them would immediately become their enemies. In the past two days, one would already be able to feel the isolation between the two factions while entering and exiting the hotel.
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    《Battle Frenzy》