Battle Frenzy
332 chapter 332 - Ruling Level
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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332 chapter 332 - Ruling Level

Chapter 332: chapter 332 - Ruling Level
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In the future, the Assassin Family will definitely become one of the 10 great families, while Wang Zhong will definitely become a 5 star general of the federation. Thinking about that, Ma Dong gave a furious clench of his hands.

It had already reached 10am before everyone has been seated, and the opening ceremony could finally start.

All of a sudden, 100 metal stands automatically appeared within the circular grounds of the plaza. Present on top of every single metal stand was the latest runic cannons of the federation. As musical tunes started playing across the main stand, the hundred runic cannons started firing in an incomparably orderly fashion, all of them aimed straight towards the sky.


The enormous roar of cannons instantly drowned out the chatter present within the plaza. The scientific and military might of the Freedom Federation had always been something that caused fear and dread within the various great empires. The commotion caused by the simultaneous firing of a hundred of the federation's latest cannons was earth-shatteringly frightening, causing quite a few of the VIPs hailing from the empires to jump in shock. However, the changes that followed suit caused the faces of quite a few of them to turn blank.

All of them noticed that those hundred runic cannons were just firing blanks for the sake of sound effects. Gigantic clumps of energy exploded apart in the air, transforming into bright and resplendent multi coloured shooting stars. Akin to goddesses tossing flowers in the air, a rich and diverse spectacle started to fill everyone's eyes.

What followed suit was the second round, then the third round...

As this extravagance continued, the 5 star general of the Freedom Federation that was in charge of the opening ceremony, Carlos had appeared in the plaza!

"Attention!" the voice of the 50-year-old general Carlos brimmed with confidence, giving off an awe-inspiring aura not one bit weaker than those of hot-blooded youths "Start the music!"

Everyone present in the plaza stood up at the same time. Amidst the cannon roars, the federation's "Freedom March" resounded across the entire Freedom Plaza. Regardless of the participants, hosts standing on the podium, citizens watching from all directions, all of them placed their fists across their hearts, singing along emotionally with the highly strung music resounding around them.

The roar of cannon fire continued for 25 whole bouts, all the way till the end of the "Federation March". At this moment, the words "Long Live the Freedom Federation" were spelt out by the multicoloured sparkles shot from those runic cannons.

The astonishing cannon roars, the grand and magnificent scene around, as well as the spontaneous singing of the "Freedom March" by everyone present shook the hearts of people from the various empires. Despite the few obstinate people that felt that the Federation was showing signs of decay to use such runic cannons for such a function, the majority of the people were still shocked by such a direct display put up by the federation. Such a magnificent and grand man-made spectacle, as well as the tone set up by it, was something that absolutely no empire was able to achieve. What's more, the unity of the citizens while singing the "Freedom March" had completely destroyed their image of the federation where they had gotten within their empires, where they were known to be disharmonious, gossipy, backstabbers,

This was undoubtedly the Freedom Federation's first grand display towards the rest of the world, showcasing its might and cohesiveness!

At the ending of this display, countless balloons were let loose into the skies. Only as the entire plaza sank into a celebratory mood did general Carlos slowly start the performances on display in the opening ceremony.

Other than the official address that was standard of every large-scale event, general Carlos didn't speak too much about any international issues, putting more focus and attention towards the participants of this CHF, bringing some gentle notes towards this otherwise solemn speech. Although there was definitely the need to show off the might of the Federation towards those delegates and VIPs from the various empires, there has to be a bottom line to this. This was especially true towards a tough, unyielding, iron-blooded general!

"....Although this world belongs to us and the old generation, the future will definitely be yours! At this unique stage, I hope that every single one of you will be able to show your splendour and magnificence! The mighty Freedom Federation needs you to possess the courage and intellect to become heroes! Naturally, what I hope the most from you all is that you all can take over and allow for me to retire earlier in life!"

As Carlos concluded his speech with a humorous joke, the entire plaza erupted in an intense bout of cheers and applause.

With a smile, Carlos spoke out once again before handing the podium over to another person, "Next up, let's invite the Chairman Dell of the CHF Great Competition organization committee to announce the region allocation for the competition as well as name list of the ten great seedling squadrons!"

A bald-headed suit wearing old man carried a bunch of information as he quickly walked towards the podium to begin his announcements.

Just as those public announcements before, the four regions where the competition will be held were at the Grozny City, Heaven's Fate City, Bella Dean City as well as Martial Emperor City. Coupled with the host, Stuart City, these regions were precisely the city domains under the rule of the five upper families of the federation.

Within the hundred cities of the federation, the regions ruled by these five upper families were also known as the "core regions". They were located in the central area of the federation, sharing borders with each other and forming the safest region within the Freedom Federation. Nearly 20% of the federation's population was located within this region, with it being relatively convenient to travel between these five territories due to their relative proximity. Due to the might of those few great families as well as it is the centre of the federation, the wilderness within those regions have been cleaned up and extremely safe to be in. Basically speaking, the armoured railways running through them would not suffer the attacks of mutated beasts. Truthfully speaking, these regions were one of the only places within the world that was ruled by humans. One could even see people travelling within the wilderness in these regions. Naturally, these five great cities were divided into northern, southern, eastern and western areas, the four great regions of the federation based on their geographical locations.

Dell started off his announcements with the allocation of the ordinary squadrons within the five competition zones, which was done so via a balloting machine whose results were displayed on the big screen located within the plaza.

Upon reaching Stuart City, every squadron had already been given a number when they reported their attendance. At this moment, 400 over numbers were being allocated by the balloting machine. Within a short span of a few minutes, all of the ordinary squadrons and the regions they were allocated to were shown on the big screen. At the same time, every member of the participating squadrons had received the same information on their Skylinks.

Low hums of people discussing immediately rang out across the plaza as everyone was occupied in seeing the balloting results.

The Tianjing squadron has been allocated to the Grozny Competition zone. By coincidence, it was also the same zone that the Giant God Peak Academy sitting beside them were allocated to. Seeing this, a glint flashed across Dicaprio's eyes as he said, "Look, what've I've said came true. We're bound by fate. Relax, we'll definitely pass through the elimination competition."

Wang Zhong had already no words left to say towards the overly friendly person.

Chairman Dell's continued to ring out from the stage. "Next up will be the name list of the ten great seedling squadrons as well as their allocated competition zones.

He cleared his throat, causing the humming noises present in the plaza to quieten down by quite a bit.

"Stuart Academy! Martial Emperor Competition Zone!"

As Dell's voice rang out, the group of people sitting at the foremost row of seats stood up, before bowing slightly towards their surroundings. Present within this group of people was Carolyn, with her empress-like aura of nobility, the little loli with a firm and unyielding gaze, Wu Li, the prodigal son of aristocracy, Rennes, as well as the terrifying heavy soldier lady that was more of a heavy soldier than others, Yiluo. They were precisely the ten-man squadron led by Carolyn that hailed from the Stuart Academy. A 3-dimensional projection of their figures immediately appeared on the giant Skylink screen with some cursory introduction about them, letting everyone see what it was like to enjoy the greatest honour and glory.

Roaring applause and cheers immediately erupted out from all directions, with quite a few people shouting the names of their idols.

Regardless of it being Carolyn or Rennes, the few people have always been the eternal idols present in the hearts of too many people. Just these few people were more than enough to obtain the heartfelt respect from seemingly everyone present in this plaza. What's more, they hailed from the host and the biggest overlord in the history of the CHF, Stuart Academy!

"Martial Ghosts Divine Emperor Academy! Bella Dean Competition Zone!" before the people from Stuart Academy had taken their seats, Dell had already announced the name of the next squadron.

The Martial Ghosts Divine Emperor Academy was the representative of the Gui Family, with members including the confident and heroic looking Gui Hao, the icy cold princess Gui Xinying, and the assassin with a murderous aura that floods the heavens, Gui Lie. This group of people were dressed in black cloaks with a dim red ghost head emblazoned on them, a unique outfit of the Gui Family. Standing ramrod straight, they proceeded to bow uniformly towards their surroundings.

"Everyone, what you're seeing now are the squadron members from the Martial Ghosts Divine Emperor Academy." in contrast to the crazy cheers and roars coming out from the plaza, Ruo Zhi's voice within the Skylink broadcast appeared rather clear and crisp. "The Martial Emperor City is the headquarters of the Gui Family, while the Martial Ghosts Divine Emperor Academy is also the most unique academy within the federation. This academy places those with families as their utmost importance, with the academy's most outstanding geniuses being cared for and nurtured meticulously by the Gui Family. This year, there are two members of their squadron that have been selected by the Mo Family to include in their list of the ten great experts. However, what's most frightening about the Martial Ghosts Divine Emperor Academy is their group cohesiveness and discipline, as well as their toughness, which is rated as being the number 1 in the federation. I hope that they would be able to obtain good results here within this CHF."

"Grozny Academy! Heaven's Fate Competition Zone!" Dell's voice continued to ring out within the plaza.

With Vladimir in the lead, the academy representing the Vasilyevich family had one person within the Mo's List of the top ten experts as well as two within the five great heavy soldiers. The might of the Grozny Academy was comparatively stronger than the previous years. Like the Gui Family, they occupied three spots within the Mo's lists. What's more, the Grozny City was located with the northern reaches of the federation, where everyone present there was as tough as nails. Due to the extreme temperatures present over there, the soldiers hailing from that region were more tough and resilient than others, whilst possessing astonishing strength and might to back that up. The Vasilyevich Family possess absolute authority within the northern reaches, with the Grozny Academy being undoubtedly one of the hottest candidates to obtain the CHF championship this year. Coupled with the Stuart and Gui Families, the academies representing these 3 great families possessed the strength and might that towered over the rest of the competition. Therefore, they were evaluated by the organization committee to be of the highest rank, "S+".

This announcement was met with roaring applause and cheering coming from the audience as well as the participants present within this plaza. While ordinary squadrons would have a competitive heart when faced against other ordinary squadrons, faced against squadrons hailing from the likes of the Stuart and Gui Families, there were only worship and admiration present within their hearts. They didn't even have the qualifications to be envious or jealous of them. They only opponents that could match up against the 3 strongest families would be themselves. It's said that both the Gui Family's Gui Hao and the Icy Prince Vladimir have feelings towards Carolyn. God knows what kind of sparks would happen when the most outstanding youths of the federation cross paths.

"Seer Academy! Heaven's Fate Competition Zone!"

With Divine and Jormungar in their ranks, the Seer Academy squadron was undoubtedly a first-class one. However, they still felt slightly lacking when compared to the perverted squadrons from the top three academies, resulting in them receiving the evaluation of Rank S.

"Heaven's Fate Academy! Grozny City Competition Zone!"

As Mo Wen led Mo Ling, Napier Mo and the rest of his squadron and stood up, they were greeted by roaring applause and cheers from the audience. Within the federation, the Stuart, Gui, and Vasilyevich Families undoubtedly possessed the greatest fame and grandeur within the federation. However, it was the Mo Family that the unquestioned overlord with regards to appeal and public reception. They had never once joined in the internal struggles and conflict happening within the federation, something that everyone tacitly knowing as it being a rule of their family. What's more, the bloodline of the Heaven's Fate Master in the Mo Family, gave them an influential and critical status within the federation. The reason behind their rank S evaluation was due to the fact that their strongest youth, Mo Xingchen, who was the only inheritor of the Heaven's Fate Master bloodline in the federation, will not be participating in combat. Within the younger generation, there was not a single doubt that Carolyn, Gui Xinying and Divian had countless suitors chasing after them. Any young genius with the slightest bit of self-confidence would hope to obtain good results in this CHF that would allow for them to obtain the attention of one of these goddesses. However, there was not a single person that dared to lust and covet for Mo Xingchen, as a Heaven's Fate Master can never marry. Therefore, admiration was the only feeling people could have towards her. Although each of the four great Freedom Goddesses has their own merits on the aspect of appearance, none of them could match Mo Xingchen in the aspects of temperament and personality.

Although she couldn't participate in combat, Mo Xingchen has still graced the plaza. As she stood up, she was immediately welcomed by even greater applause and cheers. That's because everyone knew that the verdict of the Heaven's Fate Master would steer mankind towards the right direction in times of danger. What's more, with the hottest new topic being All Mouthy King's participation in the CHF, which was personally predicted by Mo Xingchen, this caused the entire competition to pay even greater attention to her. Although just an All Mouthy King wouldn't be able to change the general situation of the CHF, he has indeed caused many changes within the entire competition.

"Divine Dragon Academy! Heaven's Fate Competition Zone!"

"Torres Academy! Grozny Competition Zone!"

"Copperfield Academy! Bella Dean Competition Zone!"

"Bella Dean Academy! Martial Emperor Competition Zone!"

"Fiery Arrow Academy! Martial Emperor Competition Zone!"

As Dell continued to read the names of the ten seedling academies, the corresponding academies would stand up in the face of the roaring applause and cheers from the audience. At the same time, Ruo Zhi and Little Yu'er would give some slight analysis and introduce the splendour of those squadrons. The strength and might of the ten great families were well known within the entire world, especially in places like the Tutankhamun Empire. The fame and military deterrence these federations great aristocratic families possessed have at a certain degree even exceeded that of the government of the Tutankhamun Empire! While giving a commentary of these great families, with his skill in articulation, Ruo Zhi had said some subtle sentences that caused the blood of people to boil.

The only regret present in the hearts of quite a few of the participants was that all of the spots for the ten great seedling squadrons were occupied by the ten great families. These families have at least a person present within the lists of the Mo Family, with the greater majority having two people present on the lists.

Its only reasonable the cities under the personal domains of those great families were able to prosper and flourish. However, academies like Copperfield, Divine Dragon and Fiery Arrow who were representatives of the Potter, Zhao and Musk Families did not use the cities under within their territories to develop the strength of their families. Nevertheless, they were given the evaluation of rank S-, which truly gave those A rank academies a chance to showcase their abilities. Naturally, the academies representing the ten great families will give their all to protect their honour and dignity, their positions in the top ten places would be replaced by others if they were to get eliminated in such an important competition.

When all of the ten great seedling families have received countless honour, applause and cheers, the entire opening ceremony had gradually reached its end. However, what caused people to be surprised was that Dell did not publically announce the testing method of the first elimination competition for the CHF. Although the audience might not be aware of this issue, many of the participating squadrons felt slightly apprehensive and confused about this.
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    《Battle Frenzy》