Battle Frenzy
333 chapter 333 - The decisive battle at Grozny City
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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333 chapter 333 - The decisive battle at Grozny City

Chapter 333: chapter 333 - The decisive battle at Grozny City
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This was especially true for academies like the Lightning Dragon Academy, who have long planned to form alliances and gain superiority in numbers. Part of their plans would require for the announcement of the testing method and rules of the elimination competition in the CHF opening ceremony. However, the committee had unexpectedly not revealed it at all. The only order given to all participating squadrons was to gather at the corresponding railway stations by 6 am next morning to set off towards their respective competition zones.

After stirring up the emotions of people, Dell proceeded to wrap up the opening ceremony, While this happened, the various participating squadrons have already started to discussed quietly amongst themselves.

"Why didn't they announce the rules and testing method of the round of elimination? Is it a 1 on 1 elimination style, or something else?"

"It can't be that the committee has forgotten about this, right? Did they make mistake?"

"You're an idiot. How can they make such a low-level mistake in a worldwide live broadcast? There's definitely something fishy about this."

"We're so dead. I feel that there might be a very high possibility that it will be a 1 on 1 elimination style like the previous CHF. Only then will there be no special need to announce the rules and testing method of this elimination round."

"That's right, you might be true about this."

"Sigh. I was hoping to find a shortcut for the first round of eliminations. Looks like its extremely hard to do so. The large group of C and D ranked squadrons can just pack their bags and get ready to go home."

"Counter soldiers with arms, water with an earth weir (different situations call for different actions)! Hehe! We, Wind God Academy have never, ever thought about taking any shortcuts in this CHF!"

"I don't feel the same way." sitting by Tianjing Academy's side, Dicaprio started to talk, though there were many times that he would talk to himself, " Any matter about this CHF has to be analysed properly. Even if they are to use the same rules as the past CHFs, the committee should have said something at the very least."

"Isn't that a bit far-fetched, captain Dicaprio? There's nothing strange about not mentioning the default rules of the CHF, right?" replied Hymin as she rubbed her chin and furrowed her brows.

"No." said Wang Zhong as he shook his head. Over the past few days, he too had brainstormed about this issue with Scarlet. With over a hundred squadrons being allocated to each competition zone, cruel or slow point elimination methods weren't suitable for this elimination round. What's more, what Dicaprio had said made a lot of sense. Although this was an extremely small detail, one could, in fact, be able to get a better glimpse at the real motive of the committee. Dicaprio was indeed a fellow that will not blow things out of proportion, and is very understanding about many matters. "What captain Dicaprio said is right. Other than being meticulous, I feel that the greatest possibility would be to allow for sudden sneak attacks, and to prevent the various powerful squadrons from making preparations beforehand. I believe that this elimination round will test the abilities and capabilities of the squadron to react to sudden changes in the situation, and use them to filter the number of participating squadrons for the second round."

Hearing Wang Zhong's words, Dicaprio pushed up his spectacles as a smile of appreciation appeared on his face. Having bumped into Wang Zhong for a few times during their stay in the hotel, he had come to appreciate the former, who was of the intellectual type, and was able to maintain his calm and use his brain during tough moments. "Great minds think alike. Just call me Popo, Wang Zhong. Naturally, you don't need to be jealous of me for being more handsome than you. Perhaps, this elimination round might start in a more sudden and earlier timing than we've expected. I also feel that this might very well be a survival type test. Therefore, it's extremely important to make preparations beforehand!"

The grand and magnificent opening ceremony had finally came to an end. At this moment, the various squadrons have already returned to their assigned hotels to start packing for tomorrow, apprehension and anticipation hovering over the heads of each and every one of them. This was even more so for academies like the Lightning Dragon Academy, who had to make use of what available time left to take action and pull in more allies. After all, the allocation of the various squadrons towards the 4 competition zones has already been confirmed. Regardless of whether what the rules there were for this first round of elimination, these groups of people have already decided on their "allies".

The spectacle shown during the opening ceremony was just a small show the federation had prepared for the sake of showing their consideration for the energy and effort put in by the various participating squadrons for this CHF. It's considerably simpler than usual and thus did not take up much of everyone's time. After all, all of them had to set off early on the next day. As for Stuart City, the real carnival had just started, where one could hear the salute of cannon fires and splendid fireworks going off through the night.

It's said that the carnival happening throughout the city continued on for at least 3 days, with various grand and magnificent celebrations and activities occurring all around the clock. Ignoring the question about the why these magnificent celebrations have been going on before the start of the CHF, the live broadcast on the Skylink had showcased to the entire word the outstanding material lifestyle and splendid world present within the federation. This was an all-rounded display, therefore the short opening ceremony spanning only a few hours long was clearly not enough to accomplish this goal the federation had.

During the night, the 10 man squadron from Tianjing Academy had gathered for an emergency meeting. The main goal was to prepare for the possibility of any sudden changes to the situation in tomorrow's elimination round. If the first elimination road was a survival or squadron level mission type of test, the test might start all of sudden upon their arrival at Grozny City.

"This is the map as well as the geographical terrain of the areas around Grozny City, as well as the locations of some special places." Said Wang Zhong as he handed out the information present in his hand to the others. These had been collected by him and Scarlet in the train right as they started to head back to their hotel. Any matter that might happen during the competition had to be made known, with preventive measures being taught and prepared for. It was extremely rare for a true powerhouse to get sneaked up upon. However, this did not mean that they were omnipotent and invincible. That's because the majority of them possessed intellect and rationality while knowing how to make ample and proper preparations for any given situation. "Everyone please take a close look at them."

"Grozny City is located within the Northern regions. Although it isn't the northern pole, the temperatures are extremely cold and harsh." Scarlet started explaining. " There are many parts within that region which are covered in permafrost, while the degree of radiation in the wilderness areas is considerably more serious than Tianjing. Basically speaking, we won't be able to see both the sun and the stars. Coupled with the distortion of the magnetic fields, it's also extremely hard to find one's bearings within that region."

"Other than that, there are also 5 large scale dimensional restricted areas in the surroundings of Grozny City, of which 2 are of A rank and 3 are of B rank. Among the safe regions around the five core cities of the federation, the mutant beasts present within here are of the greatest quantity, and are also the least controlled."

"If any survival style missions are assigned to us that requires us to enter the wilderness, the best solution for us is to find the armoured railways and travel along time. After all, the areas in close proximity with the armoured railways are the safest areas within the combined region of the five core cities. Everyone, make sure to pay special attention to the arrangement and locations of the rail lines. If any of you gets separated from the everyone else, finding the rail lines will be the safest way of survival."

Everyone paid close attention to what they've heard and seen during the meeting. The person that might have the greatest experience in this aspect would be Grai. After all, he had just finished his "backpacking tour" in the northern region, and thus have a considerable level of familiarity with the surrounding terrain of Grozny City.

All of this was somewhat of a headache for Barran, as matters requiring memorization were the most difficult tasks for him to accomplish. Compared to him, Emily remained quiet throughout the meeting, appearing rather attentive from the start till the end.

Ever since her return to her family, the little lass had become exceedingly quiet, completely unlike her bubbly and chatty previous self. Everyone in the squadron regardless of Wang Zhong or Ma Dong could feel the change in her character. Nevertheless, due to the CHF, they were unable to have a chat with her about it

On the second day before daybreak, the various squadrons have already headed out towards their respective destinations. Of the squadrons staying in the same hotel as Tianjing, there were a total of 13 that were allocated to the Grozny City Competition Zone, sitting on the same train towards the indicated railway station.

A crowd was already present in the station, with over a 100 squadrons consisting of thousands of members allocated to the Grozny City Competition Zone being present here. The majority of the squadrons have formed many small cliques based on the locations of their academies or the hotels they were allocated to stay in. Among these cliques, the Lightning Dragon Academy had the most number of people under their wing, with 11 squadrons having entered in a so-called alliance with them. The majority of them were squadrons living in the same hotel with them, with 3 other squadrons having entered due to the presence of friends. Of the hundreds of small cliques present here, they appeared considerably eye-catching among the crowd.
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    《Battle Frenzy》