Battle Frenzy
336 chapter 336 : Strip naked!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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336 chapter 336 : Strip naked!

Chapter 336: chapter 336 : Strip naked!
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However, this was the first time that a "loss of contact" was reported.

There were 2 explanations that would lead to this kind of elimination. The first would be when one's token was destroyed, while the second one was when the receiver of one's token was turned off after being taken by someone else. Regardless of the explanation, that would mean that this was all the work of another squadron, as mutated beasts won't go all the way to destroy those tokens.

Wang Zhong and Grai exchanged glances.

"Looks like someone's finally taking action. It happened later than I've thought."

"During the earlier half of the journey, the various squadrons were more spread out. I feel that the majority of the squadrons have chosen to travel via this route. Regardless of how many forks there are on a road, people are bound to gather up at one point."

"Part of it is due to people feeling that they're unable to complete the competition via the normal way. There might be more C and D rank squadrons that are attempting this method, as the truly strong ones should have would have complete confidence in themselves to be able to complete this mission."

"That might not be the case." replied Wang Zhong with a shake of his head. "This is just the first round of eliminations. There are so many squadrons being allocated to every competition zone. Other than the two almighty squadrons from the Heaven's Fate and Torres Academies, there should not be many capable opponents that could match up to those A rank squadrons present here, right? If they have the chance, I'm sure that it'll be difficult to resist the lure of passing through this round by obtaining tokens."

Frankly speaking, the stronger one was, the greater one's ambition would be.

"In the end, what you're trying to say is that no one is confident of themselves," said Grai within a smile. "Such squadrons aren't worthy of being evaluated to be of A rank."

"Haha. With only documents for reference, there will be many inaccurate elements present in the evaluation process," replied Wang Zhong with a smile as he handed a piece of grilled meat to Grai. "Take a bite. My skill in cooking is absolutely not to be underestimated!"

"Oh?" Grai took a bite in anticipation before a slightly strange expression appeared on his face. "Senior Wang Zhong."

"How's the taste?"

"It's too gamey, and it's not grilled all the way through." Grai didn't even give the slightest bit of face to Wang Zhong in his reply. Cooking at home with all the various ingredients and spices available within reach was a completely different matter to cooking in the wilderness, where not even salt was within one's reach. Even senior Wang Zhong wasn't omnipotent.

Conveniently taking over the grilling fork from the slightly embarrassed Wang Zhong, he smiled while saying, " Just let me handle this small matter, senior!"


Divine Wood Academy, Forfeit, eliminated!

Belondo Academy, Loss of contact, eliminated!

Kamal Academy, Loss of contact, eliminated!"


As they began to converge, large numbers of squadrons started to butt heads against one another. At the moment, the real fight had begun.

On the icy plains, 40 plus people were currently surrounding a 10 man squadron. One could see that every single one from the 10 man squadron possesses extraordinary levels of combat prowess. These soldiers hailing from the northern reaches possess rather formidable combat prowess within this icy plains, especially their freshman, Lei Bing. Although he had lost to All Mouthy King in an OP match, his strength from then on could be said to have progressed at a godlike rate. Being evaluated to be of B rank, this squadron from the Extreme Light Academy was considered to be a strong one. Yet, at this very moment, solemn expressions were present on the faces of every single member.

The ice shield congealed by Lei Being sparkled with the radiance of his special ability. Forming it over the entrance of the cave, it had resisted quite a few volleys of long ranged fire attacks. If not for his defensive ice shield, the entire Extreme Light squadron would have already been completely defeated.

"Ha Ha! Everyone from the Extreme Light Academy, please hand over your tokens! Don't waste your time fighting like cornered beasts in a cage! The only thing you'll get is more injuries!" not wanting to waste time, the people who were caging the Extreme Light Academy up continued to throw taunts out while launching attacks at them.

"In your dreams!" a soldier that was trapped within the mountain cave clenched his teeth and growled in reply, "Come and take it from my corpse if you can!"

Extreme Light Academy!

The people currently having them cornered were precisely the Lightning Dragon Academy's Casio and his alliance. At this moment, without his squadron members taking action, the endless firepower coming from the dozen ranged soldiers from the various squadrons under Casio's wing had already completely suppressed the group of people from the Extreme Light Academy, squeezing them to the point of having to defend from a mountain cave. Despite how formidable the ice shield's defence was, there was no way for 1 person's soul power to be a match against the combined firepower from a dozen ranged soldiers. What's more, after their close combat skirmish with the Lightning Dragon Academy and their alliance, the disparity in firepower and quantity of soldiers became exceedingly clear. Regardless of how much fighting spirit the people from the Extreme Light Academy had, from the looks of the current situation, it was only a matter of time for their defences to crumble. Regardless of what combat techniques of skills they use, it would be absolutely useless in the face of the numerical superiority their enemies possessed. Even an all-out brawl would be enough to completely kill their entire squadron.

This was where the genius of Casio lies. Despite it being a coincidence, the alliance that he had created was, in fact, most useful in such situations, where numerical advantage aided in the prevention of fatigue for the entire group. As long as they don't bump into any S or A rank squadrons, anyone else was fat sheep in front of them. In fact, A-Rank squadrons won't even stand a chance against them, with slight injuries being the best outcome they could obtain.

Within the snow forests of Dashiell, a fight had already ended. At this moment, 7 to 8 people from the B rank Campbell Academy laid on the ground. The entire fight had lasted more than 5 minutes. However, their opponents were too strong. Coupled with the disadvantage in terrain and exhaustion from their journey, they were completely unable to react and put up any defence in the face of a sudden sneak attack.

"WHY?!" roared Bei Beiqi as he clenched his teeth. Clenching the valuable token within his hand, he roared out loudly. "You're an A rank squadron and already enough tokens! Why do you still want to take from us!"

" Haha. The only thing I can say is that there's a problem with your IQ." within the shadows, a burly figure towering over 2 metres tall stood up. Although he possessed a gigantic figure, his footsteps were exceedingly light and fleeting. Extending his hand out to Bei Beiqi, he replied, " We've nothing to do for this moment, so taking you guys as training partners are quite a good matter. Hand over your tokens and scram off."

"In your dreams!" Bei Beiqi shot a reply back before Soul Power started to surge ferociously within his hand. A crack rang out, as the token within his and was crushed into bits."Even if I'm eliminated, I'll never give an advantage to you guys!"

The token was in his hand. With Bei Beiqi's strength, the people surrounding he wasn't able to react in time to stop his action. Seeing this, the giant male gave a sigh before saying. "What's the point of this. I've had yet to finish my words, and you angering us isn't going to do you all any good."

The captain of the Stowe Luge squadron, Bopa, was a well known rampant fellow whose interest lies in finding satisfaction from bullying weaklings, regardless of whether his opponent was a female or not.

"What's the matter? Are you going to bite me?" sneered Bei Beiqi. He was also another vicious and firm person. "Kill me if you dare. I'll make sure we perish together."

Hearing Bei Beiqi's words, the members of the Stowe Luge Academy burst out in crazed laughter. A B rank squadron was already able to pose as a threat to their squadron. However, their sneak attack was extremely successful, allowing them to defeat their opponents within even suffering any losses of their own. Just like birds of the same feather flock together, Bopa and his squadron members loved the feeling of being the victor extremely much, especially the part about seeing their opponents struggling before their impending death.

"Ha Ha! You truly are an idiot." a voice rang out, as Reeves sneered, "You're not even worthy of us taking action personally to kill you."

Kicking an injured squadron member of Bei Beiqi's that was lying on the ground, Reeves removed the tactical backpack present on the member while saying, "Strip them naked!"

Hearing that, the Bei Beiqi's expression instantly changed. Within this ice and snow locked region, 7 of his squadron members were injured, had no concrete positioning and no rescue teams waiting for them. Now, their tactical backpacks, the only things that were keeping the cold and death at bay, were being removed from them. This was basically forcing them to death's door! "This is murder! How dare you!"

"Tsk Tsk, You really are naive. You can't survive without clothes? What did your academy teach in their survival classes? You're lucky to be able to use your bodies to give it a test." said Reeves with a smile. Hearing that, yet another bout of laughter rang out from the rest of his squadron members. Bopa favoured Reeves extremely well, regardless of his background or his ability to come up with so many fresh and fanciful ways to spice up his happiness.
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    《Battle Frenzy》