Battle Frenzy
337 chapter 337 : Demon
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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337 chapter 337 : Demon

Chapter 337: chapter 337 : Demon
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"Come, captain Bei Beiqi! Its time for me to personally help rid you of your clothes!" all of a sudden, Bopa felt that getting Bei Beiqi completely butt naked was an extremely satisfying matter.

"I'll kill all of you!" Bei Beiqi jumped up in fury as he attempted to give up his life to fight and struggle. However, what greeted him was a fist that instantly grew rapidly in front of his eyes.

Being the captain of a B rank squadron, Bei Beiqi could be considered to be an expert. However, he did not even dare to meet the incoming fist head on. Even evading it was difficult for him, as the pressure radiating from it was more than enough to squeeze out the breath from his lungs. Nevertheless, before he could gasp for air, the back of his head slammed all the way back like a whip, causing his entire vision to turn into a blur. As the giant fist opened up, it easily grabbed his neck and lifted him up like how it was for a person to hold a little chick, causing Bei Beiqi to start suffocating.

Under the mocking laughter coming from the people of the Stowe Luge Academy, Bei Beiqi was subsequently stripped from all his clothes, revealing his bare butt cheeks to the icy winds that howled around.

"Ha Ha! Look at how small that thing is! Just a gust of wind would be enough to make it freeze and drop off!"

Every single member of Bei Beiqi's squadron clenched and gritted their teeth, balling their fists as hard as they could. Nevertheless, all of them were too tired and exhausted. Of course, they had thought of the possibility of sneak attacks heading their way. However, not a single one of them had expected an A rank squadron to be the one using this tactic. A loss was already bad. Now, they even had to suffer such humiliation by that same squadron who had left them in such a disastrous state.

"Kill me if you've the guts to do so! If not, all of you will definitely pay for what you've done today!" growled Bei Beiqi as he clenched and gritted his teeth. At this moment, all the pride

"Ha Ha! You're still quite spicy, I see. Let me flip you around for a bit." said Reeves as he sent his pole striking out, causing Bei Beiqi to faint immediately in pain. After returning to Stowe Luge City, Reeves had completely removed his faux gentlemanly demeanour and revealed his true self. Due to the humiliation he had received in Tianjing, it had made him even more extreme. Only through such extreme methods was he able to find any joy or happiness. After experiencing the Dark Era, mankind had not only obtained peace and strength, it had too gained many different levels of emotional connections and influences. These did not disappear with the creation of the Freedom Federation, but quietly grew strong and powerful. Even a city like Stowe Luge was just the tip of this massive iceberg.

"Ha Ha! These fellows really have quite a bit of supplies! They actually that many grilled meat!"

"There's no need to go hunting today! Everyone, let's get a good rest!"

"Your hunting can be classified as textbook ready, captain." said Reeves as he walked towards the side of his captain. Regardless of the short duration since his admission into Stowe Luge Academy, he and this captain of his both had a slightly perverted way of thinking. For the sake of victory, there was nothing that they wouldn't do!

"What refreshing one that was. Since we've obtained enough tokens, we can let the committee send us to Grozny City when we have enough fun." replied captain Bopa in a lazy fashion. He loved talking to Reeves, as this fellow with noble background was especially good at sucking up to people, unlikely other idiots who only knew those few sentences.

"You know about the grudge I have towards Tianjing, captain. With the pathetic speed of those wastes, I don't wish to give up on such a good chance. As long as you allow me to take revenge, I'll accept any condition you want!" said Reeves. In the Stowe Luge squadron, Bopa was the one making all the decisions.

With a grin, Bopa looked towards Reeves before replying, "Hmm, if we do that, it'll slightly damage the reputation of the squadron. You do know that there will be some variables if we stay here for too long."

Hearing the reply of his captain, Reeves clenched his teeth. This fellow, Boqa appeared brainless and brutish in his actions. However, truth to be told, he was extremely good with his schemes and mind games. "Lan Si admires you very much, captain. After this CHF, I'll definitely let her accompany you for a good while."

Lan Si was his new girlfriend. With his status and appearance, it was too easy for him to acquire a pretty girl to be his girlfriend. Being someone that loves anything that was thrilling and spicy, Bopa had long gotten interested in Lan Si. However, to Reeves, she was was just a woman that he could dispose of after finishing with her.

Hearing those words, Bopa gave a faint smile as he gave Reeves a pat. "You really do understand me. However, Lan Si's quite feisty. At that time, you should also come over, as it'll make it much more interesting."

Reeves immediately gawked upon hearing Bopa's reply. He could toss Lan Si out to the latter as a bargaining chip. However, won't it be a smack on his face if he was to be present when Bopa has his way with Lan Si?

All of a sudden, Reeves started to laugh once again, before saying. "What a creative plan, captain! Indeed, it's more interesting when we're doing it together!"

Bopa immediately jumped up as he spoke out in delight "You always have such bright ideas, brat! It's decided then. As long as Tianjing comes over, I'll definitely let you have your fill. When we return, let's have fun together!"

Hearing that, a smile present on Reeve's face turned radiant. One would be able to see the light in many matters if one was to change the angle in which one viewed them from.

Fights had broken out in all corners of the icy plains, as the strong squadrons were clearly not willing to traverse the long distance required to reach Grozny City. Just the thought of going through that was truly too tormenting. Compared to that, fighting other squadrons were more thrilling and direct.

As of now, Tianjing's journey had been peaceful and quiet. Although Emily had bumped into a few other scouts, they would always retreat away after crossing hands with her. Once discovered, there were very few people that were willing to choose the head front approach method to progress along their journey. After all, there was a possibility for them to become the hunted if they were to take action. This further proved the importance a scout was to a squadron. Within the past few days, Emily had also accumulated a wealth of experience from her brushes with other scouts.

"Come on. There's a little forest just after this mountain valley. All of us can rest for the night over there."

"Thank god. We finally don't need to sleep on bare snow." Hymin was already slightly out of breath. Among the squadron, she was absolutely the weakest person in terms of physical strength. For the past few days, Wang Zhong, Grai and Barran had to take quite a few turns to carry her. Fortunately, her spirit and attitude were still quite positive, though her body had already reached the limits of her ability. "After running here for the greater half of this month, I'm really starting to miss my little dorm room."

"Don't mention a little dorm room to me. Once we reach Grozny City, I want to sleep for the whole day and night!" within the squadron, Lily's character was rather carefree and straightforward. Being older than Hymin, she would often give off a little flavour of being a big sis to the other members of the squadron. "When the time comes, do you wanna roll around with me, Min Min? Just thinking about that warm feeling already makes me feel so good."

"I sense adultery!" Colby added an extra sentence in an ambiguous manner. There was nothing better than such an environment to strengthen the friendship and intimacy between the entire squadron, thus even such crude words were acceptable.

"Oh? Are you jealous?" Hymin rolled her eyes towards him while saying, "Do you want me to hand over Lily's bed to you? You must be thinking about it for a very long time, right?"

The matter about Colby crushing on Lily wasn't some fresh and spicy news within the squadron. Nevertheless, being revealed in such an open fashion caused everyone to let off some involuntary hearty chuckles. A rare smile had even appeared on the face of Emily, who had become slightly solemn and quiet as of recently.

Fortunately, due to everyone having ample rest in the mountain cave a few days ago, they were able to recover quite a bit of their spirit and physical strength. If not, without even mentioning about Hymin's ability to joke out like that, even Scarlet wouldn't be able to endure the harshness of the trek towards Grozny City. It's fortunate that everyone had continued to find topics to chat and discuss throughout this journey. Despite the fact that talking was a slight expenditure of their strength, it had helped stray everyone's minds from the fatigue and exhaustion that continued to build up as they moved along. Without these conversations and chats, all of them would absolutely be unable to endure this dead and quiet trek.

Laughing and smiling along with everyone, Wang Zhong was able to speak a word or two when all of a sudden, he felt a wave of danger appearing in their vicinity. What's more, it wasn't any killing intent but something undeterminable coming from something as mysterious as a 6th sense. Ever since coming back from his training in the hyperdimension, this sense of his has been getting increasing clear and distinct.

He instantly turned vigilant and surveyed his surroundings. As of now, they were within a mountain valley. Although it was wide and spacious, the mountain cliffs of both sides were slanted, creating the perfect place for a burial to occur. As the icy cold northern winds howled across the mountain valley, whooshing sounds could be heard everywhere, making it hard to distinguish anything else by sound.

However, while everyone's laughter continued to ring out, Wang Zhong could already hear faint rumbling sounds suddenly ringing out from the mountain cliff.

What a read from his 6th sense. If not, it was extremely easy for him to neglect the strange sounds coming from the mountain cliff under the noises from the howling winds and everyone's laughter. Wang Zhong furiously issued a stop command while shouting out. "Retreat!"
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    《Battle Frenzy》